Brigade Of Martyr Nubar Ozanyan: Nubar Ozanyan is İmmortal!

Nubar Ozanyan is İmmortal!

Today we commemorate our comrade Nubar Ozanyan which fell in martyr 5 years ago. Since 5 years the  revolution still going on but a lot of things  has changed, Sere Kaniye, this city he knew so well, in which one so many people met  him and could appreciate his value, is today under  occupation of the  Fascist Turkish State, like Afrin and Gire Spi. With the comradeship relation he  built  with  the  Armenian  of Sere  Kaniye, we could have some basis  for the foundation of our own  self-defence forces, h is martyrdom has been  for  us as Armenian an enlightenment about the necessity of organizing and defending ourselves,  rejecting the victim position and the assimilation pol icy of the Turkish State, with the possibility that gave us the revolution here we began to organize the children’s of the Genocide, fighting to assure unity between Christian Armenians and  assimilated-Muslim Armenians, fighting to defend our land  and our right to leave peacefully in Rojava and Syria, fighting for not being just a passive component of this revolution but for being an active part as our Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs and Assyrians comrades, and fighting for equality between genders.

It is a pride for us to walk on his path, to fight under a banner that carry his name, because the struggle of Nubar Ozanyan was a raising against the Turkish State. He was  what  the Turkish fascism hate the most: Armenian and Communist, and it is with this identity that he struggles in an internationalist way against oppression, in Karabagh, in Palestine, In Turkey and in our land, Rojava, where he fell martyr.

Today the Turkish Fascism with the support of imperialist States continues to threat our land with a new invasion, prevents any kind of stability in the area by bombing all the front  lines and even bombing cities that  are not at the front line, without making distinction between civilians and fighters and it should be clear and known that all of this happens with the agreement of NATO and Russia. As Fighters of the Brigade of Martyr Nubar Ozanyan, we declare that will never go away from the path Nubar Ozanyan showed us, the path of the Revolution, of resistance, of struggle against fascism, against capitalism. We confirm that we  will  without doubt continues his fight, no matter what can be the obstacles the enemies will put against us, we will continue to develop ourselves, to develop the  revolution. Because  it is what Nubar Ozanyan would like to see and what the Turkish State doesn’ t want  to see: organized Armenian women and men  armed and fighting for their freedom, equality and  justice. So we can clear l y say that we will oppose all kind of aggression or invasion against the people and the  revolution here in North East Syria!

Martyr Comrade Nubar Ozanyan is immortal!

Brigade Of Martyr Nubar Ozanyan