Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan: Down with imperialist and reactionary wars!

Down with imperialist and reactionary wars!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Russia’s imperialist, reactionary and criminal invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing global crisis has once again highlighted the fundamental incompatibility of the capitalist-imperialist world-system with the general interests of humanity. This reactionary war of invasion has already caused enormous human suffering and destruction. Seizing on this, the imperialist governments, the media, and their intellectual mouthpieces are constantly and irresponsibly blaring war hysteria and preparing to escalate the military conflict with Russia that could potentially spiral into a nuclear holocaust, and thus the end of life on earth.

Even after a month of the devastating war, NATO, and particularly US officials, are showing delight at the possibility of a long-drawn-out war in Ukraine, that would bleed and weaken Russia. In his tour of Europe to mobilize his allies, Biden publicly announced his government’s desire about the war by saying: “[w]e must commit now to be in this fight for the long haul.” All factions of the imperialist bourgeoisie are rallying behind the call for the escalation of conflict with Russia and are advocating and increasing their military spending. The US has announced an 813 billion budget for 2023, an increase of 31 billion from the previous year. Germany has tripled its military budget, announcing a 100 billion Euro on new military spending. This tripling of the war budget in one year is unprecedented in German history and is said to not have happened even under Hitler.

This militarist madness can only be understood in the context of inter-imperialist competition. The US/NATO wants to consolidate their global hegemony by containing Russia and China. The Biden presidency started with clear overtures of the intensification of confrontation with Russia and China. The Biden senior cabinet officials have all served like a revolving door between the state and war departments of the US government and the hideous security industry. Therefore, the major US newspapers interpreted Biden’s cabinet picks as preparation of a team for confronting China and Russia. It was the prospect of a clear militarist bent of the Biden presidency that his election victory soared stock prices of military industry.

The US led NATO imperialist alliance and their mouthpieces are presenting the situation, as a conflict between “democracy” and “autocracy.” In this account the autocratic Russia has launched an “unprovoked” war against Ukraine to prevent their western aspirations of becoming a NATO member. This is part of the war propaganda to distort reality and hide the ugly US/NATO involvement in perpetuating the current crisis.

After the collapse of Soviet social imperialism, the US imperialists pursued a policy of establishing a unipolar world under US hegemony. NATO’s expansion into East Europe was an important geostrategic pillar of this objective. Ukraine emerged as one of the main points of contention between the US/NATO and Russia since early 2000s. The track record of the US in persistently working to concoct a pro-US/NATO puppet regime in Ukraine is very well known. As part of this effort, the US, and its allies, supported a whole host of reactionary elements including right-wing and fascists forces. This policy encouraged and strengthened reactionary ethnonationalist and chauvinist sentiments that led to reactionary civil war in Ukraine. The acme of this policy was the 2014 coup that toppled a pro-Russian government and installed pro-US-NATO cabal into power.

Putin and his coteries are representing the parasitic oligarchic capitalist and Russian imperialist interests. They are fighting this criminal war to preserve their position at the table of global imperialist plunder. In his war speech, putting on full display the reactionary essence of his regime, Putin poured chauvinistic venom to weave historical justification for violating the right of self-determination of Ukraine.  By denouncing Lenin and the Bolshevik policy of defending the right of nations to self-determination for the creation of Ukraine, he justified his “special military operation,” the name that he gives to his criminal war.

Russian imperialism invaded Ukraine to gain military leverage against NATO/US in the bargain for imperialist plunder, and the US/NATO has enthusiastically rushed in to wage a proxy war against Russia. In fact, Putin’s crimes in Ukraine pales before the crimes of US/NATO in recent history. At least more than a million people have perished in the US/NATOs wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. In pursuing a proxy war against Russia, the US/NATO has poured in billions worth of weapons to Ukrainian armed forces to weaken and bleed Russia at the cost of Ukrainian people. The consequences of the war have already been catastrophic for the people of Ukraine in particular, and for the wretched masses in general, worsening the global refugee crisis, famine, hunger, and destitution. It is the very nature of the capitalist imperialist system to cause war, racism, poverty, and environmental destruction. The irrational war drive of the imperialists governments is just another reminder of how obsolete and dangerous the capitalist imperialist system is.

Amid this crisis, the international proletariats must follow Lenin’s teaching in striving to turn the imperialist wars of annexation and plunder into revolutionary class wars. We must defend the right of Ukrainian people to self-determination on the principles of proletarian internationalism and peoples’ right to resist imperialist occupation and domination.

In Afghanistan, it is the responsibility of the communist, revolutionary and progressive forces to hoist the red flag of the revolutionary people’s war in Afghanistan against the Taliban’s inhumane regime as part of the global struggle against capitalism and imperialism for socialism and marching towards communism.

The international proletariat must internationally intensify organizing against the imperialist and reactionary wars and organize and prepare for revolutionary civil war to bury the capitalist imperialist system and save the planet.

Down with imperialist and reactionary wars!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Long live communism!

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

7 April 2022