Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan: Ukraine,the center of intersection of contradictions of the imperialist Bilateral

Ukraine,the center of intersection of contradictions of the imperialist Bilateral

On February 24, 2022, Russian imperialism launched a massive land, air, and sea invasion of its southwestern neighbor (Ukraine). This war is rooted in the crisis of capitalist structure and the result of the intensification of the differences between imperialist poles for the redistribution of the world and the expansion of their areas of influence.

After collapsing of the Soviet Social-Imperialism Empire, American imperialism, as the only superpower in the world, declared its 100-year-old undisputed government. US imperialism believed that no one could stand against it, so it invaded Eastern Europe and expanded NATO. The main goal of NATO, led by the United States, was to isolate Russia completely. During this period, NATO, under the leadership of US imperialism, became a military aggressor and interventionist force. The aggression and occupation of Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Syria … expressed the brutality and absurd belief of the imperialist occupiers, led by American imperialism, in their undisputed 100-year government. But this undisputed and absolute government of American imperialism did not last more than two decades. Occupying US imperialism faced stiff resistance in these countries. During the endless war, Chinese social-imperialism grew so economically that it became an important source of financing and investment for the occupied countries, and it is going to push back US imperialism for a few more years, and Russia used this opportunity to become stronger during the Occupation Wars of US imperialism in Afghanistan and Iraq, And got closer to Chinese social-imperialism and established friendly relations, And stood by Hafez al-Assad in the occupation war in Syria, This situation shows that US imperialism and its allies are now weaker than in the past, and Russian imperialism and Chinese social-imperialism are stronger.

Lenin wrote on the highest stage of capitalism (Imperialism) in 1915: “Uneven economic and political development is an absolute law of capitalism.” This is stated by Lenin when imperialism had replaced pre-monopoly capitalism and the division of the world between the imperialist countries have ended. Under such circumstances, Lenin’s thesis means that the capitalist countries no longer are grown in rhythm, but the countries that have gone ahead of the rest are now pushed back and replaced by new ones, even weakening, and collapsing the imperialist empires. This uneven economic growth inevitably leads to the escalation of conflicts and ultimately to clashes and wars between the imperialists over the redistribution of the world. This uneven economic growth led to the first World War and Second World War when the United States made a sudden leap forward from England imperialism. This uneven economic growth led to sharp divisions between US imperialism and its allies on the one hand, and Soviet social-imperialism and its allies on the other, which eventually because of these conflicts led to a confrontational war in Afghanistan and the collapse of the empire of the Soviet social-imperialism.

Soviet imperialism, using the abnormal situation of US imperialism and its allies, was able to overcome its weaknesses and confront US imperialism as a superpower. The attack of Russian imperialism on Ukraine shows the intensification of the conflict between Russian imperialism and its allies (Chinese social-imperialism) on the one hand, and US imperialism and its allies on the other.

Russian imperialism and Chinese social-imperialism are trying to establish a new imperialist discipline to confront US imperialism and its allies, but US imperialism and its allies are trying to maintain the current discipline. The attack of Russian imperialism on Ukraine is due to the creation of a new imperialist discipline. In this house-burning war, the main loser is the oppressed Ukrainian masses.

The scheme of the right sovereignty of Ukraine by imperialism of the United States and its allies is an absurd slogan because imperialism does not recognize the sovereignty of any country except for its own interests. Similarly, for Russian imperialism, the independence of the Luhansk and Donetsk republics has no meaning and only seeks to consolidate its interests in Ukraine.

A few days before the invasion of Russia on Ukraine, Joe Biden announced that in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, American troops would not be stationed in Ukraine. The announcement was in fact a green light for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The US rulers wanted to consciously drag Russia into the Ukraine war. They are likely to have concluded that national resistance to Russian aggression in Ukraine will Soar, and it will challenge Russia, and the NATO alliance, especially European countries, will be strengthened with the United States, and China will be forced to impose sanctions on Russia. On the other hand, the economic sanctions of the United States and its allies will bring Russia to its knees and its defeat will be inevitable. That Russian imperialism came into play without delay is likely to have been considered by Putin and the Russian rulers.

As the evidence shows that the economic sanctions of US imperialism and its allies have not had an effective effect on Russia, because on the one hand, Russia’s economic situation has improved and it has one of the largest financial reserves in the world, and on the other hand, Russia imperialism and Chinese Social-Imperialism have established treaties such as the Shanghai and the BRICS Treaty, thereby creating an international institution structure that is beyond the control of US imperialism.

As stated, the war in Ukraine reflects the contradictions of the world imperialist system. With the start of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, the current world discipline seems to be under serious threat, with the decision to relocate borders and redistribute the world through military force. In other words, this situation shows that the world imperialist system is moving towards polarization, which is impossible to control by American imperialism.

Many believed that with the end of the Cold War and the challenge between the Western and Eastern blocs, the possibility of a global military confrontation had disappeared, but the start of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine put an end to this dream and cast a shadow over the war. This is to be emphasized as long as imperialism exists, war is inevitable. With Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania in the Baltic region, and Eastern European countries such as Poland and Romania, find themselves in serious danger despite NATO membership.

War is a continuation of policy by other means. Therefore, every country enters the war according to its political goals and objectives, as stated earlier, Russian imperialism has launched this aggressive war only for the sake of the new world discipline and the redistribution of the world, and the expansion of Russia’s borders. The goal of Russian imperialism in launching this war is to bring to power a regime in Ukraine that does not allow anti-Russian movements to rise up and prevent the expansion of NATO, on the contrary, US imperialism tries to prevent Russia from achieving its goals in Ukraine.

When Ukraine gained its independence from Soviet social-imperialism, it turned to the worst kind of national chauvinism and promoted national chauvinism. This chauvinism went so far as to ban the Russian language and even Russian cultural and musical activities in Ukraine, while Russian speakers in Ukraine call themselves Ukrainians, meaning Ukrainian identity is an identity that belongs to Russians and Ukrainians in Ukraine. Russian language and culture are also not considered a foreign language for the people of Ukraine, People have suffered too much from this chauvinism and consider the forced separation of the two languages against their national interests which is why anti-war demonstrations are taking place in Russia.

The current war in Ukraine has nothing to do with the interests of the oppressed masses and the proletariat. This war is being waged by the aggressor imperialism of Russia and the ruling classes of Ukraine, headed by Zelensky as an infantry of American imperialism, so the current war is a war against the interests of the toiling masses of Ukraine. This war will strengthen the chain of oppression on the hands and feet of the Ukrainian toilers. The revolutionary, national and democratic forces must express their sympathy and solidarity with the Ukrainian people, and expose the aggressive war of Russian imperialism and the behind-the-scenes games of US imperialism and Zelensky, and call for an end to this aggressive war. Meanwhile, the revolutionary, national and democratic forces of Ukraine must raise the flag of their independent struggle against this war and call for a revolutionary war for the establishment of socialism and the complete overthrow of the class system.

Lenin’s thesis of uneven economic growth, which intensifies conflicts and eventually leads to imperialist wars, remains strong. This thesis well showed that in the current conditions of capitalist growth, the chains of imperialism are not broken in countries with advanced industry, but are possible in countries that are backward, as in Russia, China… this happened. Even today, the chains of the imperialist front will be possible in countries like India, the Philippines, Turkey … where the proletariat has an important ally like the peasants by its side.

The Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan is committed to working in solidarity with the anti-war imperialist movements and calls on all the masses and workers to strengthen the cry for freedom against the imperialist war.

“The communists are the strongest opponents of unjust wars and must mobilize the masses and lead them in the struggle against third World War preparations, which will be the greatest crime in human history. Marxists-Leninists-Maoists will never hide from the masses the fact that only a revolution and a revolutionary war led or prepared by the MLM can prevent these horrific crimes. The MLMs must not lose the rapidly growing revolutionary possibilities and lead the masses in advancing the revolutionary struggles on all fronts, start the revolutionary war wherever possible and where the conditions for such a war are not yet ready, intensify the process of preparing it. In this way, the struggle for communism will progress and the victory of the proletariat and the oppressed peoples will disrupt the current imperialist preparations for world war in decisive battles, establish a working-class government in a number of countries and a general situation will be created in the world that is more conducive to the progress of the revolutionary struggle. On the other hand, if the revolutionary struggle is unable to prevent the Third World War, the communists and the revolutionary proletariat and the masses must be ready to mobilize the flames of this war and the sufferings that will inevitably accompany it, and realized against the source of the war mean Imperialism, and take advantage of the weakened position of the enemy, thereby turning the reactionary imperialist war into a just war against imperialism and reaction.”

Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan

29 March 2022