CPI (Maoist): Intensify the movement of International Solidarity for the release of Political Prisoners!


Central Committee 

Press Release 

16 December 2021 


Intensify the movement of International Solidarity for the release of Political Prisoners!

Condemn severely the draconian Acts of the Indian state!

Raise voice and fight for the withdrawal of Bhima Koregaon case! 

Dear friends and comrades of Indian Revolution! We convey our gratitude and revolutionary greetings to the ongoing commendable movement and effort for the past more than 8 years in solidarity at the international plane for the release of political prisoners languishing in Indian jails. In conditions of intensifying imperialist financial, economic and political crisis, there is a rise in fascist attacks on the revolutionary people, leaders and activists of revolutionary, democratic, secular, patriotic, antiimperialist national movements. The Central Committee of our Party appeals to international friends and comrades of Indian Revolutionary movement, especially the organisation for solidarity to Indian People’s War to severely condemn the same and to fight in a much stronger manner for the release of the questioning voices imprisoned on several false accusations.

You have been building up the movement in solidarity for the past few years for the unconditional release of the leader of Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) Comrade Professor Saibaba, intellectual Professor Anand Teltumbde, Revolutionary Writer Comrade Varavara Rao and other activists falsely implicated in Bhima Koregaon case. You are aware that Father Stan Swamy one of the accused in the infamous case said to be ‘BK-16’ was murdered by the Hindutwa state on 5th July by depriving medical facilities. Comrade Milind Teltumbde, a member of our Central Committee laid down his warm blood for the sake of New Democratic Revolution of the country heroically fighting with the police in an encounter in Gadchiroli of Maharashtra on 13th November along with 26 other guerilla comrades. Comrade Milind was alleged to be the main person in the destruction in Bhima Koregaon and murder of Modi. The allegation was in the interests of Hindutwa rulers and to protect the evil fascists. The Hindutwa rulers are conspiring to murder the rest of the comrades too in the same manner. It is our responsibility to protect all of them. All of them are relentlessly fighting for democracy for the oppressed people of social communities such as the people of Dalit, tribal, religious minorities and women. Our Party appeals to put up firm fight to protect them from the conspiracies of the fascists by intensifying the people’s movement for their release.

Comrade Varavara Rao in his eighties was granted bail due to ill health but the court did not allow him to live together with his family in his residence. This is another kind of prison. Gowtam Navlakha and Sudha Bharadwaj are suffering from several problems of health and applied for bail. But the court agreed with the police and did not grant. Judicial experts of the country and other countries criticize it to be nothing but an insult to Indian Constitution. Our Party opines that the opinion of the court that the 17 false allegations on Anand Teltumbde in the charge sheet are correct is nothing but to support the police. This is unjust. In such conditions all the international democratic forces must take up struggle to unconditionally and immediately release all the senior citizens in the false case and to totally withdraw it. Our party demands the Indian judiciary to immediately arrest Hindutwa teacher Milind Ekbote and Anil Bhide initially registered accused in the case and investigate, to speed up the investigation and enquiry of Maharashtra SIT and release the facts and to rigorously punish the accused Hindutwa forces that attacked lakhs of people.

The Jharkhand police arrested a veteran leader of our Party Comrade Prashant Bose. He has been severely tortured in police custody and there is a false propaganda that he agreed to have been the main person behind the plan for Modi’s murder. The allegation on martyr comrade Milind Teltumbde until now has been diverted to Comrade Prashant Bose. Our party condemns this. The US digital analytical institution Arcenal of international recognition revealed with evidences that all the documents in the case have been introduced through malwares through digital surveillance despite which the Indian police are making great effort to make true a lie. Our CC appeals to the democratic and revolutionary forces of the world to fight for the immediate release of the veteran revolutionary Comrade Prashant Bose suffering with several health problems and to release all the cases foisted on him.

Nearly 1888 persons have been murdered in the police lockups in all the states in the country in the past 20 years. Only 26 ordinary police were identified guilty in these murders. Years passed without the arrest of a singly police man after Justice Agarwal revealed the report finding fault with the police in the massacres in Sarkenguda and Edsametta of Chhattisgarh. The whole world including the UNO condemned the murder of Father Stan Swamy but the Indian government did not take up any action on the accused. Chief Justice of India L.V.Ramana openly stated that Section 124A (Sedition) has become outdated and that the Legislative bodies must annul the Act. But the law makers are least bothered. The voices that question the state are put behind the bars in the name of these draconian laws. They are put in solitary Anda cell. Many journalist organisations such as the Press Club of India, The Editors’ Guild of India, Press Association, The Indian Women Press Corps, and The Delhi Union of journalists condemned the sedition on pro-people journalists and intellectuals and are fighting to withdraw the Act. In December Ganatantrik Adhikar Suraksha Sangathan came forward condemning the lynching of the leader of ‘All Asom Students’ Union’ Animesh Bayan. Armed Forces Special Powers Act-1958 had been being implemented for many decades in Nagaland, Asom, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh (in the jurisdiction of 8 police stations) for the past several decades that gave way for uncontrolled murders, atrocities and tortures of the people of the area by the Indian Army. On the 5th of December 13 people were killed in firing in Voting village in Mone district of Nagaland. This triggered another spate of struggle to withdraw the Act.

Indian state is becoming more and more fascist under the rule of Hindutwa forces. The CC of our Party appeals to the democrats, judicial experts, civil rights organisations of the world, especially friends and comrades of organisation for solidarity to Indian Revolutionary movement and the International League for People’s Struggles (ILPS) to fight with the demand to release all those implicated in Bhima Koregaon case and to annul the draconian Acts. It appeals to take up various programs together with Indian origin people in front of the Indian Embassies on the 1st January 2022.



Central Committee

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