CPI (MAOIST) CC: Celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Baba Saheb Ambedkar with the determination of elimination of caste and in opposition to capitalism-imperialism and Brahmanic Hindutva Fascism!


Central Committee

Press Release

10 April, 2022

Celebrate the Birth Anniversary of Baba Saheb Ambedkar with the determination of elimination of caste and in opposition to capitalism-imperialism and Brahmanic Hindutva Fascism!

The CPI (Maoist) calls upon to understand the fakeness of the announcement of Prime Minister Modi on behalf of Bharateeya Janata party and its government of the Brahmanic Hindutva diehard Rashtreeya Swayam Sevak Sangh to grandly celebrate the Anniversary of Ambedkar on 14th April and to celebrate it with the determination of elimination of caste and in opposition to capitalism imperialism and diehard Brahmanic Hindutva.

We must expose the conspiracy of the Hindutva Fascist forces in celebrating Ambedkar’s birth anniversary with false consciousness and in fact depriving the Dalit people of the actual essence of the teachings of Ambedkar – eradication of caste and to oppose Hindutva religious diehard (Manu Dharmasashtr) and capitalism.

It is clear that the RSS and BJP are Hindutva diehards since its birth. Apart from theoretical sense, these severely oppose the thought of Ambedkar in daily life too. The diehard Brahmanic Hindutva ruling BJP has been going forward step by step in building India in a fascist manner for the past 8 years. It gave this a popular name ‘new India’. BJP government had been following anti-Dalit-tribal-Muslim-women policies and this apart, it unceasingly and unprecedentedly intensified anti-peasant-worker-middle class policies during the period. This is in fact LPG policies in a saffron color.

On one hand they are making the law of triple talaq; dissolving Article 370 and 35A; laid foundation stone for Rammandir in Ayodhya; making vain attempts to bring several laws openly violating the constitutional rights of Dalit and tribal people; ending reservation or conspiring to deprive the beneficiaries of reservation in various ways; mob lynching in the name of protection of Cow; attacking, banning and insulting the food habits, living, customs and traditions, beliefs of Dalit and tribal people; depriving the Dalit, tribal and religious minorities, especially the girls of education in the name of intensifying blind nationalism; vain attempt to destroy the agriculture of the country through anti-farmer, traitorous three agriculture laws; and other such anti-people, anti-country policies.

On the other hand, they are celebrating the birth anniversary of Ambedkar and making severe attempts to make the oppressed people, especially the Dalit people part of Hindutva. Ambedkar struggled all through his life against this. Manuists are trying to fit in Ambedkar who burnt Manu Dharmasashtr in their framework and we need to severely oppose the attempt.

The BJP government is not only intensely violating the Constitution through which Ambedkar provided few rights for the Dalit and tribal people, but also constantly trying to end it. In the present background we need to respect what Ambedkar said. He stated that, if the Constitution is not implemented in the correct manner and if Constitutional rights are violated, he would be the first person to burn it. It would be justified to say that several Dalit leaders speak about Ambedkar but take the side of BJP in vested interests. They become part of the government and are engaged in the service of oppressed castes and classes. They are also becoming part of the exploitation and repression on the oppressed. It is the need of the time to expose and oppose such persons.

Our party calls upon the entire oppressed classes and social sections, especially the Dalit people to oppose in all possible ways the attempts of Hindutva diehard elements to fit in Ambedkar in their framework; to stop the spread of Brahmanic Hindutva Fascist forces; to not confine to eradication of caste but to become part of the anti-comprador bureaucratic capitalist, anti-feudal and anti imperialist class struggle and People’s War in order to root out the present caste based semi-colonial, semi-feudal system and build New Democratic state power that would be a strong basis to end caste order. It also calls upon to fail the attempts of the various opportunist political parties and elements that come forth in electoral politics in their vested interests to put the Dalit people in illusions and to stop them taking up the correct path to go forward.



Central Committee

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