CPI (Maoist) CC: Condemn the brutal attacks on the Indian revolutionary movement by Hindutva Fascist State

Condemn the brutal attacks on the Indian revolutionary movement by Hindutva Fascist State

Dear Friends and Comrades, Red Salutes

Last   Year on 26th September   Indian   Home   Minister   and   his cabinet colleagues   were conducted   a jumbo   meeting   at Delhi   with   10 states   Chief Ministers and Ministers, Police officers. Security forces chiefs. At that meeting he has declared that they will eliminate the Indian Maoist Movement with-in one year. Now the   time   period   has completed   but   Maoists are   still continuing their revolutionary activities with the masses popular support in spite of some big losses to the Party. Home Minister was not succeeded in his one-year mission. So, now he is shamelessly in hasty to show some wonderful achievements before the people.

Our CC conveying its revolutionary greeting to all the friends and well-wishers of Indian People’s War those are very seriously involved to protect and support the Indian Revolutionary movement. This achievement is not only ours. we achieved this with all your great appreciable efforts’. We expect the same from you in future.

On 26th Aug 2022 (completion of one year) Home Minister Amit Sha visited the Chhattisgad state’s capital Raipur and conducted a meeting with police and security forces officials and asked the state government to cooperate with Central Government to liquidate Maoists from the State.  But within an hour he shifted his position and has given an open call to the people to qui ck out the State’s Congress Party Government in the fourth-coming elections and elects the BJP. People were enjoyed with this election stunts and learnt that no revolutionary movement will be eradicated with such childish statements.

On the same time Amit Sha visited the Jharkhand state and declared that the state is now Maoists free one. Just before his visit the state police including central para-military forces were conducted intensive operations against Maoists on the name of “Operation Octopus” and declared that the Budha Pahad (Big Hill) is now under their control after 32 years. This is nothing but hype of the police to show their achievement to their boss. Actually, our PLGA lighters ferociously confronted with them and some casualties are there for police.  We lost our beloved two comrades in that confrontation. Our revolutionary activities are going on as usual in that state till today.

Before completing their one-year Prahar-3 mission they are very eager to show somewhat more tremendous results on mass front activities also. The NlA (National Investigation Agency) came with one more fabricated case like Bheema Koregoan. Now they are saying that they have picked up a 63 pages secret file of Maoists. Really this is a cruel joke. On this pretext hey are tightening their belts to conduct widen arrest across the country to shut the mouths of democrats and intellectuals and every anti Hindutva element. One thing I want to clear that out politics are very open to everyone. Our CC kept our all-political documents at internet. In Bheema Koregoan case even international investigation agencies were brought fact before the people. In 2017 the Maharashtra police were created the mischievous papers about Prime Minister’s assassination and implicated o many people’s intellectuals in that false case. At present the same police created the 63-page secret file. Another side the NIA is being continuing its raids across the country on the houses or democrats. intellectuals, patriots, writers, artists, lawyers and social activists. Now with this so-called secret file the police will implicate each and every one as urban Maoist and incarcerate them. The false surrenders arc continuing in hundreds. Arrests, False encounters, atrocities, rapes, drone strikes are continuing on our areas. So. our CC appeals all or tJ1e supporters or Indian People’s War abroad to condemn this secret file and tight your belt s to propagate the machinations of Hindutva Indian State.



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