CPI (Maoist): Condemn the murder of Ka Oris


Central Committee

Press Release

5 Nov. 2021

Condemn the murder of  Ka Oris, Spokes Person of the NPA of Philippines hailing is Martyrdom and pledge to fulfill his ideals as internationalist and fight up to the end!


Dear comrades,

The fascist government of Duterte in Philippines has been attacking the revolutionary movement from 2017 the fascist government is pertaining to air strikes and using drones. Hundreds of red fighters, peasants and other sections of the people were arrested and keeping in jails. So many people were kidnaped and killed. The Outerte government is destroying the Philippine society and working in the interest of American imperialist. Our party confidenttv believing that the Philippines revolutionary movement will give a fitting answer to those robbers. We are condemning seriously those murders and air strikes. CPI (Maoist) appealing to all Maoist parties, anti-imperialist forces, peace loving people. democrats, revolutionary sympathizers and all the people world give support to the Philippines revolutionary movement and show solidarity.

On December 26th. 2020 revolutionary leaders Antonio Cabantan were captured, tortured and thrown away their dead bodies by state sponsored killer gangs. On March I5th. 2021 comrade Rosalino Canubas who was a Philippine Party second central committee member was killed in an encounter. Pastor Dan Balucio who was a Philippines national churches council member and a Mas leader, Jovenes Anakbayan, Sasah sta. Rosa were arrested in May. Philippines journalist unions ex director john Heredia was murdered on May 2nd. that one day before world press freedom day. On May 14th. peasant leaders Marcela diaz and Virgilo Lincuna were arrested. On May 28th. National democratic front advisors Fr. Rustico Tan and Reynaldo Boca’a were murdered. On June 7th. from different towns three farmers Ailyn Ekit Bulalacao, Ramon Boy Valenzula Brioso, Antonio Poligrates were arrested and killed on morning of June. Besides that so many areas surrounded by the army and arresting people en masse and murdering the people. In Philippines Duterte’s period attacks were done on 60 journalists and 21 were murdered.

From 2017, bombing was continuing on revolutionary areas. On august 16th 2021 bombing took place on Barangay Osmena, Dolores and Eastern Samar as a result 19 people lost their lives. On September 21’st the Philippine air force dropped bombs on crops of Barangay and habitat. On September 16th they bombed 7 hours continuously on North Samar- Evacuating the people from towns, injuring people and threatening’s are increasing day by day. The combing Operations of various Philippine armed forces and genocide are increasing. On September human rights activist, advocate and national lawyers union member In Juan Macababbad was murdered and also women guerilla fighters Ka Ella and Ka Pabling were murdered. In these dreadful conditions another murder was took place in Bukidon. NPA Spokes Person was murdered while he was going on his motorcycle with his medical assistant. This was announced by his life partner. To nullify the truth the armed forces concocted an encounter story which took place two hours in that besides Ka Oris, Ka Pika was also killed.

They released a false report to the media to cover their cruel genocide. We are condemning alt these things. We are supporting the demand of medical tests raised by the friends and relatives of martyred comrades. We ate demanding that hand over of the corpses to relatives and friends of martyrs. We are expressing grief and sorrow to the friends and relatives of martyred comrades.

The on-going fascist repressive activities in Philippines are increasing and also continuing on anti-imperialist people movements particularly revolutionary movements alt over the world. Today arresting of pro-people activists, torturing the raising voices, sending to prison and lastly killing them are the common ‘feature of ruling classes. The ruling elite of right wing forces in so many countries are not tolerating the leftist ideology and revolutionary movements. This is the reflection of financial, economic, political crises of the capitalist system. But these repressive policies can’t stop the revolutionary movements anywhere. It is a historic reality. Our party confidently believing that Philippine people and people’s war wilt definitely counter the repressive fascist policies of Duterte and his master American imperialist. We believe the Philippine people and revolutionary movement will definitely advance and fulfill its task and stood on the row of world proletariat as in the component part of world socialist revolution.


Spokes person

Central Committee

CPI (Maoist)

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