CPN (Revolutionary Maoist): “Unite The Revolutionary Communists Scattered In Different Groups And Go Along The Path Of New Democratic Revolution!”

“Unite The Revolutionary Communists Scattered In Different Groups And Go Along The Path Of New Democratic Revolution!”

April 22, 2022 is a day of historical significance. Exactly 73 years ago, on the birthday of Lenin, the great leader of the world proletariat, the Communist Party of Nepal was established under the leadership of Comrade Pushpa Lal. Consequently, this day has special significance for the Nepalese Communist Movement, and the World Communist Movement as well. On this occasion, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the entire party ranks, martyrs, wounded and disappeared warriors, the revolutionary masses and the international fraternal parties, and the world proletariat.

Today the Nepalese Communist Movement has completed 73 years and entered the 74th one. Nepalese Communist Movement has arrived here today, undergoing a process of unity, struggle, transformation, and attaining a higher level of unities or splits, on a new basis. In this course, there have been many people’s movements, the people’s wars, and various kinds of resistant struggles in Nepal; the Nepalese people have exercised the people’s power defended by the People’s Liberation Army. But the dream of the Nepalese people to be free from exploitation, suppression, and oppression of comprador and bureaucratic capitalism and feudalism, imperialism, and Indian expansionism is still unfulfilled. Right-wing revisionism has been the main obstacle to the Nepalese revolution.

The so-called communists have a majority in the Nepalese parliament. Pseudo-communist parties have formed governments, sometimes alone and sometimes in an alliance with other reactionary parties in the past. It is ironic that several anti-people and anti-national accords have been signed either in support or under the leadership of the phony communists. The Nepalese parliament has ratified the anti-national compact, the MCC, which the so-called communists tabled and supported. No government has, so far, spelled a single word against the Indian encroachment in Kalapani, Lipulek, and Limpiadhura region. Limited democratic rights of the masses founded on the people’s war and enforced by the second people’s movement are being snatched away gradually. Unemployment is high, inflation is skyrocketing, and the economic crisis is deepening in the country. Not the diehard bourgeois parties only, but the so-called communist parties also have handed over Nepal’s economy to imperialism under the patronage of neo-liberalism. The country is becoming poorer and more dependent day by day. Corruption has no limit in Nepal. Government ministers and high-ranking officials are the ones who are most corrupt. It is the objective reality of the country.

The main organs of the parliamentary system: the executive, the judiciary, and the legislature are in chaos in Nepal. The fallacy of the so-called separation of power has been open. The parliamentarian parties have started building heterogeneous alliances to grab power, contrary to the bourgeois concept of party competition. The so-called communists are at the forefront of this phenomenon. Parliamentarian parties in Nepal have been working to replace politics based on ideology and ideals with imperialist consumerism. It denotes the bankruptcy not merely of right-wing revisionism and the bourgeois democracy but of the parliamentary system as well.

The objective conditions are becoming favorable for the revolution in Nepal, it has become an urgent necessity, and the communist sympathizers are the overwhelming majority in the country. But the right-wing revisionism and splits among the revolutionary communists have been obstacles to the success of the Nepalese revolution. On this day of party formation, we heartily appeal to the entire revolutionary leaders, activists, and people to fight right-wing revisionism, which is deep-rooted in the Nepalese Communist Movement; unite the revolutionary communists scattered in different groups and go along the path of new democratic revolution.

22 April 2022                                                                                           


General Secretary

CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)   

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