Communist Party of the Philippines: II. Rejecting and resisting Mark's illegitimate regime

II. Rejecting and resisting Mark's illegitimate regime

Communist Party of the Philippines

May 13, 2022


One of the most arrogant forces in recent Philippine history, the Markos-Duterte clique stole the May 9 national elections with Comelec's automatic election system, vote-buying, armed pressure, systematic disinformation, mind manipulation, political deception and historical distortion, usurpation of power and manipulation.

The campaign has been driven by Markos' ill-gotten wealth and Duterte's state-funded media campaigns and financial contributions from big-ticket PR firms and big business people, big landowners, political dynasties and warlords who run social media troll farms. Under the pretext of the Counter Uprising, military and police units were used to actively campaign for Markos and Duterte.

The dictator's son Ferdinand Jr. As she prepares to assume the presidency, the tyrant's daughter Sara Duterte is poised to become vice president. In the eyes of the Philippine people, the new Markos-Duterte regime is an illegitimate regime founded on electoral fraud and deception.

The Philippine people, like their tyrant father, predict that Markos Junior will establish a despotic and corrupt regime under imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism that will cause great suffering to the broad masses of the people. He is preparing to become chief of the neo-colonial state under US imperialism and to oversee the further aggravation of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system.

The Markos-Duterte clique represents the worst of the tyrants, fascists and corrupt bureaucratic capitalists of the ruling reactionary classes. Markos Junior is an unrepentant beneficiary and defender of the 14-year Markos fascist dictatorship (1972-1986). Ruling Davao City with military and police force is joined by Sara Duterte, a hungry authoritarian.

To clear the way back to Malacañang, the Markos had to seize their billions of pesos illegally acquired wealth, seize local political power in Ilocos Norte and Leyte, run for and win seats in the reactionary congress, re-establish political allegiances and financial ties with the big bourgeois compradors and foreign banks. and used to improve. Their steady return to power has been permitted by successive reactionary regimes, under the advice of their US imperialist masters, in order to wage factional conflicts since 1988.

The Marks used their renewed political influence to wage a widespread disinformation campaign to distort or erase historical records. Over the years, they have tried to justify crimes of looting and corruption and gross human rights violations committed during the Markos dictatorship. Markos' plan to return to Malacañang has been stepped up over the past six years under Duterte, who allowed the hero to be buried for Mark, repeatedly praised his dictatorial rule, claimed Markos had no ill-gotten fortune, and eventually condoned election rigging.

The results of the elections were manipulated to make it seem like they had won a "crushing" victory to overshadow the fact that millions of people across the country took part in mass demonstrations to reject Markos and support the political opposition. He aims to give his regime a cover of "legitimacy". In classic Hitlerian fashion, the lie of Mark's "overwhelming victory" was deliberately made too big to make the public think it couldn't be such a gross distortion of the truth.

In order to preserve the stability of the dominant system, the majority of the reactionaries, their political parties, the US imperialists, the army and the police, and the big bourgeois compradors condoned the systematic theft of elections and won the Second World War. They recognized the presidency of Markos. They all want to stabilize the ruling system and protect and promote the interests of the ruling classes under Mark.

II. The Marcos regime is a continuation of the past six years of tyranny, state terrorism, and puppetry against foreign imperial powers, and promises to return to Markoist levels of corruption and plunder, 1972 years after the Elder Mark declared martial law and established his one-man rule in 50. Its emergence through deception and fraud is a clear indication of how the moribund dominant semi-colonial and semi-feudal system is rotten to the core and dominated by the most despicable of the reactionaries.


Prospects Under Mark II

Markos Junior is the biggest advocate of his father's one-man dictatorship and his family's corruption. No less tyrants and thieves are expected. He and his family belong to the upper echelons of the ruling classes of bureaucratic capitalists and big bourgeois compradors and big landlords who have amassed scandalous amounts of wealth by serving as agents of the imperialists.

For the Philippine people, the upcoming six years of Markos rule is set to be a time of rapid socioeconomic deterioration, intense hardship and repression, and growing political repression. They have no choice but to defend their democratic rights and interests through all kinds of struggle.

The six-year threat under Markos Junior is forcing the Philippine people and their democratic, progressive and patriotic forces to strengthen and multiply their ranks. At the same time, it creates conditions for strengthening the revolutionary armed struggle, as the people, especially the youth, rise up to join the New People's Army.

  1. Once Markos Junior comes to power, the Filipino people will completely lose the money they pocketed during the Markos 14-year reign. As President, Markos Junior will have all the means to release from foreclosure the property and money claimed by the Marks, end the government's policy of unjustly acquired wealth, order the abolition of the Presidential Good Management Commission, or simply neutralize it.
  2. Markos' presidency would effectively make all 10 civil cases related to their illegally acquired wealth estimated to be at least $40 billion, but less than half seized and returned to the government, effectively controversial and academic. Markos Junior himself has been convicted at least twice for failing to pay taxes and faces a tax payment of 203 billion pesos.
  • He also faces contempt charges in the United States for refusing to cooperate with the Hawaii court, which in 1995 ordered the Markos to pay $2 billion to human rights victims. His mother, Imelda, has been found guilty in at least seven bribery cases, each 11 years in length, and has so far escaped jail time. He will probably live the rest of his life without ever going to jail.
  1. Markos wants the next generation of Filipinos to grow up with zero knowledge of the unprecedented scale of corruption, looting and abuses committed during the 14-year Markos dictatorship and to believe in the legendary "golden age" of martial law. Mark can mobilize the vast resources of the government to completely clear all traces of martial law truth from schoolbooks and further increase the review, distortion, or erasure of the historical record. He even asked the government to buy the area where Bantayog ng mga Bayani (a monument, museum, and historical research center located in Quezon City honoring the martyrs and heroes of the struggle against the 21-year dictatorship of Dictator Ferdinand Markos) is located and a form of government infrastructure. may order him to use it for his project.
  2. Markos points out that Duterte's Build Build program (the infrastructure program the Duterte administration claims to have launched under the slogan "Build, Build, Build") has served as one of the biggest ill-gotten gains by corrupt government officials and the main reason for the doubling of the country's indebtedness under Duterte. ) announced plans to continue. Besides unnecessary bridge and road construction, there is also land reclamation. Markos has forged ties with Chinese authorities and financial institutions and will likely push the implementation of the Kaliwa Dam, Gened Dam, Chico River dam project and other infrastructure projects that have been opposed by the public due to their detrimental effects on the environment, people's livelihoods and land rights.
  3. Markos Junior is preparing to establish an authoritarian government that is intolerant of opposition and criticism, in the mold of his dictator father and the template set by Duterte. He will enforce the brutal Anti-Terrorism Act against anyone who dares to stand up and oppose his regime. The policy of red and terrorist stigma will likely intensify under Markos Junior, as his father used communist vengeance to justify the declaration of martial law in 1972.
  • Markos plans to maintain the National Task Force-Elcac or establish another similar agency to consolidate military support. Markos is likely to continue to conduct militaristic and pseudo-localized peace talks, aerial bombardment campaigns, and brutal counter-insurgency warfare as central state policy, under the rule of military generals who have pocketed billions of dollars in arms purchase contracts with the United States. The chances of Markos entering serious peace talks with the National Democratic Front are zero or close to zero.
  • Political opposition was destroyed. The Senate and Congress are now filled with Mark and Duterte's allies and, as before, are likely to serve as stampers on Markos' authoritarian rule.
  • Freedom of information and press will be less as Markos shows no interest in answering critical questions from journalists. Instead of truth, Marcos will continue to feed the public with fake news and false imagery as part of staging his administration, just as his mother Imelda uses government money to build structures and walls to hide society's grave ills and Markos' ugly secrets.
  1. The Markos return to power is poised to further intensify the contradictions between rival factions of the ruling classes. Markos will take full advantage of his six-year tenure to claim control of the operations of the big bourgeois compradors, either by demanding a percentage of the profits or by threats of legal or unlawful action, as Duterte did to Lopezes and other major corporate interests.
  • While the Markos and Dutertes project themselves as allies, they are also fierce rivals due to their mutual theft, betrayal and mistrust. The Markos also resent Duterte's refusal to help in the six-year electoral protest over Duterte's loss in the 2016 vice presidential race, even though he owes Markos Senior the burial of a hero. Duterte, on the other hand, is disgruntled about how Markos Junior and Gloria Arroyo kept their daughter Sara from running for president and has refused to accept "power-sharing" offers. As Markos sits on the throne, he also realizes that Duterte may stab him in the back.
  • To protect their alliance, Markos will likely block the investigation and prosecution of crimes against humanity charges brought against Duterte by the International Criminal Court (ICC).
  1. Markos is poised to bury the country even more deeply in debt in the face of a growing fiscal deficit as a result of rampant government corruption, overspending by the military and police, over-expensive infrastructure projects and corporate tax cuts. To pay off his huge debt, Markos is poised to continue following the policies “recommended” by the International Monetary Fund and other financial institutions to “expand the tax base”; that means imposing more and more taxes on the people. He is determined to continue decades of policies of import and investment liberalization, low wages, land use transformation, cuts in social spending (education and health), and other neoliberal measures that have dragged the country from one crisis to the next.
  2. Markos Junior will continue his policy of wage pressure and the suppression of trade unions and workers' unions in return for the support given to him by the big businessmen. The Philippine working class will suffer even greater exploitation and hardship amid rising prices, low wages, unfair working conditions and loss of income.
  3. In return for the support of the big landlords, Markos Junior will continue to suppress real land reform demands, ignoring the plight of the peasant masses and minority people who are suffering from land grabs and forced displacement.
  4. Markos Junior is poised to continue Duterte's policy of double puppetry or double obedience to the US and China. On the one hand, in exchange for Chinese loans and bribe money, it will not challenge China's military aggression and intervention in Philippine waters or withdraw from China to the exclusive economic zone and territory, as defined under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and the International Court of Arbitration decision. will not demand recognition of Philippine sovereignty over the expanded continental shelf. Like Duterte, Markos retracted this claim on the grounds that China did not recognize UNCLOS or the UTM's decision.

On the other hand, in order to consolidate the support of the Philippine Armed Forces (FSK), Markos will continue to implement the economic neoliberal policy dictates of the US-IMF-World Bank (which also benefits Chinese big monopoly companies). Additionally, the Mutual Defense Treaty, Visiting Forces Treaty, Enhanced Defense Cooperation Treaty (EDCA) and other unequal military agreements with the United States, along with Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines, allow the U.S. military to use the country as a major military base to pre-position troops and weapons. will continue to support it.

Markos' policy of dual puppetry will serve to turn the country into a magnet that will draw him into the midst of an increasingly possible armed conflict between the US and China.

Missions under Mark II regime

Markos-Duterte's seizure of power through deception, fraud, and automatic stealing of the May 9th election encourages the Philippine people to stand up and defend their democratic rights and well-being through all forms of struggle. The party calls upon the people of the Philippines and their revolutionary forces to fulfill the following general tasks.

Conduct broad democratic resistance against the illegitimate regime of Markos Junior, founded on systematic fraud and violence. Build a broad united front of all democratic forces against Markos and Duterte. II. Conduct an international campaign to expose the Mark's government as an illegitimate regime.

Resist all policies of the Mark II regime that promote authoritarianism, state terrorism, corruption and puppetry. Freedom of association, peaceful assembly, freedom of the press, academic freedom, etc. Resist all policies that affect the basic democratic rights of the people, including

Campaign against disinformation and attempts to reverse the historical judgment of the people against the Markos dictatorship. Conduct an educational campaign and cultural revolution to help your people, especially the youth, remember and never forget the crimes committed against the Philippine people by the 14-year US-Markos dictatorship, and how the people bravely and militantly resisted through all forms of struggle.

Advance the fight for justice for the victims of all human rights abuses under the Duterte regime. Support the press for Rodrigo Duterte to be investigated and prosecuted before the International Criminal Court and his demand to be punished for the numerous cases of extrajudicial killings, kidnappings and torture by police and army forces during the mock war on drugs and the brutal counter-insurgency war in the countryside.

Fight to end the militarized state and push for the disbandment of NTF-Elcac. Demand the dismissal of all ex-officers in the bureaucracy.

Strengthen the local and international campaign to end the US-sponsored campaign of aerial bombardment, its military presence in communities, the effort to "surrender" and other tactics that systematically target civilians.

Build and strengthen labor unions and all other democratic mass organizations in schools, offices, workplaces, urban and rural communities to collectively enforce their democratic rights and well-being.

Wage increases, better working conditions, an end to contracting and other forms of flexible labor, genuine land reform, increased government spending on public health and education, liberalization of bulk imports and smuggling of agricultural goods, respect for ancestral lands and the right to self-determination of national minorities Raising awareness, organizing and mobilizing the broad masses to raise the demand for mining, ending the aggressive entry of mining activities and expansion of farms, etc.

Fight to defend the country's national sovereignty against US and Chinese interference. Demand an end to China's attacks on Philippine maritime waters. Demand the withdrawal of all American military forces and advisers, the dismantling of US military facilities, and the removal of all US pre-positioned military weapons across the country.

The conditions have become extremely favorable for the further intensification of the people's democratic revolution through protracted people's war. In this civil war, the enemy wants to crush the armed resistance of the people against fascist oppression. The people and the revolutionary forces have no choice but to do their best to defeat and destroy the armed counter-revolution.

The Party cadres and all revolutionary forces must persevere and tirelessly strengthen the Party, the New People's Army and all other revolutionary mass organizations to advance the struggle for the national and social liberation of the people.

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