HBDH: Afyon Undertook the Death of TEM Branch Manager!

HBDH: Afyon Undertook the Death of TEM Branch Manager!

To the public;

"We Greet our Immortals ...
We warn the Enemy of the Torturer Police Chiefs and the Confessor, the betrayers, you are in range.

Arif Alpaslan, who was the Manager of Afyonkarahisar TEM Branch on 15 October 2019, was executed and punished by our forces in his own vehicle near Çatören Dam, near the Seyitgazi district of Eskişehir. Some of the tools and equipment in and on the torturer enemy of the public were also confiscated by us.

The torture files of Arif Alpaslan were tried to be covered up by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the judiciary of fascism, as usual, but our forces, who would provide true justice, had their crimes read in front of him and his file was completely closed. There are dozens of files of those who have adopted torture as a profession based on the power of the state and tortured revolutionaries, peoples, mothers, women and youth in branches, dungeons, squares, and torture. Now we will see who is and which of you living together.

You should know that our goal is not limited to torturer police chiefs, the files of confessers, betrayals who wish for mercy, kneel in front of them to save themselves, confessors and betrayers are in the hands of our powers, they are targets. Based on the statements of these despicable, confessional freaks, dozens of revolutionaries are targeted by these torturers and fall into prisons. The end will be the same as the fate of the anti-people forces to which they surrender. Everyone who protects, watches over and tries to show them innocent should know that they have a hand in the recently increasing fascist operations, executions and massacres and they will be asked to account.

We present this action to the memories of our comrades Fırat Yıldırım, Muhammed Tiril, Umut Özsepet, Fırat Çaplık and Kerem Pehlivan who have been immortalized in the recent attacks of fascism. And we salute the resisting peoples, especially the Kurdish fighters, who have been heroically resisting the Turkish state's colonialism in Rojava for days.

Victory Is Near!
Rojava from Turkey to the United Will Win Our Fight! "