HBDH Andok Eris Militia: "Long live Imrali and Zap Resistance" 

 Long live Imrali and the Zap Resistance

On June 25, at around 23:00 in Izmir/Limontepe, HBDH Andok Eriş (Murat Tüm) Militia saluted the heroic resistance of the guerrilla in Medya Defense Zones. Our militiamen, who hung banners with the words "Long live Imrali and the Zap Resistance", saluted the guerrilla resistance with fireworks and slogans.

The AKP-MHP fascist government continues to make attempts to invade guerrilla areas. However, these attacks are defeated by the heroic resistance of the guerrilla. With each defeat, they increase the chauvinist rhetoric and threaten to 'invade'. His threats are in vain. The fascist government and its gangs will not win this war. The united revolution with its guerrilla, militia, people and everything will crush fascism and win the victory.

The fascist government is afraid of a great popular uprising, of the serhils that turn into a flood of people. For this reason, it continues the isolation on Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan. However, that isolation is breaking down every day. The Kurdish people and the leader of the Kurdish people are breaking that isolation. While this resistance against isolation continues, it also inspires peoples from all over the world. That's why everywhere from Zap to Imrali Dungeon is a field of resistance. Every place is a field of action. Everywhere is a space of freedom.

It is our call to our peoples; AKP-MHP fascism is weak. What is strong is the united struggle and the organized struggle of the people. Turkey and Northern Kurdistan are turning into a place of great fire. It is time to direct that fire to fascism and bury it in the dustbin of history. It is the time to liberate workers, laborers, women, youth, nature and land from Zap to Imrali.

Let's organize in the united struggle, march to victory! We will win! 

Long live HBDH 

HBDH Andok Eriş (Murat Tüm) Militia