HBDH Aziz Güler Militia: “We Sabotaged Drug Dealers”

We Sabotaged Drug Dealers

As HBDH Aziz Güler Militia, we burned the drug centers in Gazi District!

Our units carried out a sabotage action on two separate houses used by drug gangs in Istanbul/Sultangazi on September 20 at 17:XNUMX. Both houses burned down with the drugs inside.

Capitalism is a decaying, dying system. It's falling into pieces all over the place. It rots the entire society along with itself, dragging it to extinction! The fascist tyranny, on the other hand, is doing its best to lure our young people into corrupt swamps and drug traps in order to survive. Wherever there are degenerate, corrupt elements, it supports them and paves their way.

Revolution is not just about a better future. Revolution is the struggle for survival of a society that is wanted to be refute and destroyed. It is an effort to stand on one's own feet. Revolution is the war of existence and non-existence of our peoples! All workers who want to hold on to life, who want a happy future, who want to take their own destiny into their own hands, should unite in the ranks of the revolution.

Young people who are condemned to darkness and have their future stolen from them! The united ranks of the revolution are waiting for you to put on hope and freedom!

HBDH Aziz Guler Militia