Bomb Action by HBDH Binevş Agal Militia

 Bomb Action by Our Militia

Our militia continues to strike the enemy in Amed. On June 1, at 02.10, we organized an action against the police, who was on guard duty in the state armored vehicles and construction equipment park, with hand grenades during the shift change. Half an hour later, the armored police vehicle sent to the scene became the target of our hand grenades again while patrolling with the thought that our militia were not there. The fascist occupation forces were stunned by the audacity of our militia.

The continuous actions of our militia forces the enemy to always be on the alert. They are in a constant state of tension, fear and panic. They never feel safe, they never will! They will not be able to walk comfortably on our streets! They will not be able to harass our people in the middle of the street as they please. They will act with the trepidation and fear of not knowing from which corner or at what hour our militias will leave. Our actions will continue without slowing down until this fascist persecution order is destroyed and our streets are free!

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom!

Long live the United Revolution!

Forward, Further!

HBDH Binevsh Agal Militia