HBDH Cafer Cangöz Militia: “We Sabotaged the Police Vehicle”

We Sabotaged the Police Vehicle

HBDH Cafer Cangöz Militia carried out a sabotage action with a special technique against the Ural brand armored police vehicle in Sarıyer on Monday, May 2nd. As a result of sabotage, the police car overturned. 1 policeman died, 2 policemen were seriously injured.

The fascist state has recently increased its pressure. The militia has mobilized all its means against our forces. The enemy has supposedly taken us into their hands. It's after us. About to take over!

This is how the fascist Minister of Interior Soylu talks morning and night. He's making threats. He keeps talking about how strong they are, how no one can get rid of them. Fascist Nobleman talks too much, he talks nonsense!

We repeat as the HBDH militia. Do not look for us far. We are right under your nose! We are close enough to reach your vehicles. As the bodyguards of our united revolution, we are at the back of all fascists, torturers and oppressors of our peoples! We are as close as a breath!

We remind all torturers, fascist police and their leader Soylu that you will not be able to stop us!

With the strength we draw from our peoples, we will bring you and your owners to their knees. We will destroy this fascist system of exploitation.

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom!

Forward, Further!

HBDH Cafer Cangöz Militia