HBDH Garibe Gezer Militia: We destroyed the vehicle of AKP administrator Mustafa Yıldıztekin

 We destroyed the vehicle of AKP executive Mustafa Yıldıztekin

On 18.12.2021, at around 01.00:XNUMX, the vehicle belonging to AKP member Mustafa Yıldıztekin, located in the Fevzi Çakmak neighborhood of Kocaeli/Darıca district, was targeted and the vehicle became unusable.

Mustafa Yıldıztekin, who has been working actively in the AKP since 2002, has served fascism with his AKP candidacy, provincial and district administrations. This element, which our militia forces followed, was punished by destroying his car.

This action of ours is a warning to the prison directors, administrators and guards of the AKP-MHP fascist government, which does not give medicine to sick prisoners in prisons and normalizes isolation and torture. Deaths in prisons are not suicides, but murders as a result of fascist policies. No revolutionary prisoner will be held accountable to you, we will certainly hold him accountable.

With this action, we announce that the revolutionary prisoners are not alone and that we will break the hands reaching out to them one by one. Prison managers, administrators and guards are the targets of the HBDH Militia. We will hold the account of all the immortalized revolutionary prisoners, especially Garibe Gezer.

HBDH Garibe Traveling Militia