HBDH Mehmet Candemir Militia: We Hit the Military Service Branch in Amed!

We Hit the Military Branch in Amed!

Our actions to salute the 15 August Resurrection Campaign, which is the rebirth of a people from the ashes, continue! Our militia, with the strength it draws from the history of the united revolution, strikes the enemy incessantly.

The enemy is cruel, ruthless, cunning. It implements an uninterrupted policy of oppression and massacre. But our working people do not bow down. He learns from his own history of struggle, from the persistent actions of revolutionaries. It escalates the fight.

HBDH Mehmet Candemir Militia carried out an action against the military branch in Amed with the determination of victory. Yenişehir Military Branch was hit with cluster bombs, fireworks and firearms by our militias at around 14:23 on XNUMX August. The enemy, stunned by our action, cowed and made no response. Our militia returned to their points without any problems after this successful action.

The determination of our people to fight gives us strength. Struggle is being waged in every inch of Turkey and Kurdistan, which have turned into peoples' prisons. The glorious history of struggle of the united revolution is growing day by day. Therefore, our united revolution is not a juxtaposition. It is to raise the struggle that exists wherever our people are. On the streets, in the squares, in the campuses, in the dungeons… everywhere is to raise the struggle and to direct it against fascism.

The tendency of AKP-MHP fascism towards prisons is also increasing. Arbitrary decisions, torture and killing people, deprivation of the most basic rights, and non-fulfillment of evacuation decisions are not independent of the occupation and exploitation policy of fascism. We bid farewell to Mehmet Candemir, who raised the people's rightful struggle in prisons in such a period. We will hold accountable for fascism that killed and tortured him and many revolutionaries!

As Mehmet Candemir Militia, it is our promise to our people; With the strength and legacy we received from the 15 August Resurrection Campaign, we will take our comrades out of the dungeons of fascism!

Long live our 15 August Resurrection Move!

Long live the United Revolution!

HBDH Mehmet Candemir Militia