HBDH Militia: “IED action against the police in Mersin/Karaduvar District”

 Action against police with IED in Mersin/Karaduvar District

On 24.11.2021, around 22:00 in the evening, hundreds of police officers carried out an operation against the İsa Öner park and the neighborhood in the Karaduvar neighborhood of Mersin Akdeniz district, and our unit carried out an action against the police with the IED.

Shocked during the action and not sure what to do in a panic, the fascist police saw that they could not enter or walk around the neighborhood of Karaduvar easily.

Karaduvar neighborhood is the prototype neighborhood of Mersin, where Arab, Kurdish and Turkish peoples are integrated. AKP-MHP fascism is trying to break the solidarity power in these neighborhoods with the police force and to corrupt the neighborhood. Karaduvar neighborhood is the neighborhood of those who do not kneel to jihadist gangs or fascist police.

With this action, we salute the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of the PKK, one of the components of our united revolution movement. In the new year of struggle, HBDH will destroy fascism with all its might and gain freedom.

Forward, Further….

HBDH Militia