HBDH Ramazan Çıralı Militia: "We Will Destroy the Villas of Those Who Wash Our Houses" 

Wash Our House, We Will Destroy The Villas

Our HBDH Ramazan Çıralı Militia carried out a sabotage action against the workplace of a supporter of the fascist government, which sells textile products, in Istanbul/Esenyurt/Barbaros Hayrettinpaşa Mahallesi/13 Sokak around 3 am on 582 June. The shop was completely destroyed as a result of our action.

Those who support him in the fascist AKP-MHP rule, those who are fed by his being in power, make the workers work for hours and brutally exploit them. The lives of the workers are disregarded, and the rich grow their wealth. And again, those who build villas for these rich people, plant shopping malls, repair their vehicles, paint their houses, are all workers and laborers. Workers and laborers are those who recreate life. And they will establish a new world.

Ramazan Çıralı lost his life by falling from the 3rd floor to the concrete floor while laying the water system during the construction of the villa. Let no one forget the name of Ramadan. Because, while the capitalist system makes him forget his name, the name of the rich person who will buy that villa will be written in newspapers and websites every day. We are the militia of our working class. We will not make you forget the nice Ramadan. While the working class dies while you build your villas and sweat in your workshops, we will destroy your villas and companies. You will have cameras installed in those villas for your safety, it won't work. You will put guards over him, his spirits will not even hear. We will come one day. We will destroy both your villas and your power!

With this action, we salute the history of a great struggle stretching from the 15-16 June Great Workers' Resistance to today. We will raise the struggle of the workers who died on June 15-16, the workers who resisted torture, and those who lost their lives while waging today's struggle, with our flag of united revolution, with the bullets of the united revolution.

Wash Our House, We Will Destroy The Villas! 

Long live the United Revolution! Long Live Victory! 


HBDH Ramazan Çıralı Militia