HBDH: The Rojava Peoples Are Not Alone!

The Peoples of Rojava Are Not Alone!

The people of Rojava are once again facing the threat of invasion and massacre in their struggle for freedom under fire. The fascist Turkish president, the bloody dictator Erdogan, drooling for months, has taken a serious dimension in these days, the threats of occupation and massacre. The Rojava Revolution is once again facing the threat of invasion and colonialism by the Turkish fascism!

The Rojava Revolution, in its shortest and most concise definition, is the land in the Middle East where the dream of freedom of the oppressed is tried to be cultivated. It has been won with the hard struggle of all the oppressed people living in this geography, especially the Kurdish people, and the great prices paid. With all the achievements he has achieved and the distance he has traveled in the path of freedom of our peoples, he has feared both the reactionary forces of the region and the blood-sucking imperialist masters of the world. Despite the extraordinary conditions it is in, the Rojava Revolution has provided an example of resisting the exploitation and savagery order that dominates the world and does not promise any future for humanity and to create the new. With these features, the Rojava Revolution, which won the sympathy of all the oppressed and sparked their hope, set an example in which all reactionary fascist forces and imperialists all over the world see their own ends.

In this critical period we are in, we shout once again and with our loudest voice, the practice of the Rojava Revolution is a beacon of hope for the oppressed peoples! This light should not be allowed to be dimming, but protected and magnified!

As the Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement, we will stand by the people of Rojava with our entire body against this invasion attempt. HBDH will resist this invasion attempt with all its might and will take action in every field it exists to protect this revolution, which is the sweat of its immortals in its yeast. All our forces will be in constant motion to create a resistance line that covers all areas against the invasion attempt.

The occupying Turkish state and all fascist institutions should see that the people of Rojava are not alone and the occupation they are trying to carry out will come at a great price. Those who think that they will burn and demolish the place they occupied and live comfortably in their palaces are wrong. In this direction, all military elements, logistic or financial support institutions and the entire press that support the occupation are our targets!

all the oppressed in Turkey and Kurdistan,

Oppose the occupation! Your destiny is not independent from the destiny of the Rojava Peoples! Your hope for the future that is wanted to be destroyed by the Rojava revolution is your dream of freedom! Own this hope, this dream!

Workers, Laborers, Women, Youth,

Those who darken your tomorrow, those who mortgage your future, are attacking the oppressed peoples of Rojava for their own survival, that is, this tyrannical order to continue this pessimistic reign. This invasion attempt has nothing to do for the benefit of the oppressed. All their efforts are to get rid of their own ends they saw in the Rojava revolution. Their end is your salvation! Raise your voice against the occupation.

Resist the invasion attempt wherever you are and with every vehicle you have, take action!