HBDH Martyr Helmet Militia: “We burned the vehicle belonging to spy Abdürrahim Özdemir in Adana”

We burned the vehicle belonging to Abdürrahim Özdemir, who was an spy, in Adana.


Around 24:04 on June 00, the vehicle belonging to Abdürrahim Özdemir, who was an spy for the fascist state, was burned by the HBDH Martyr Helmet (Diyar Xerib) Militia in Adana Seyhan. The vehicle in question is a doblo/kangoo style civilian commercial car used by the fascist intelligence for surveillance. Our militia, taking all kinds of risks, carried out the action while these listening devices were inside the vehicle.

Anyone who informs or spies on the state should know that if you continue to be hostile to the people, our target will not be only your tools and equipment. We are burning your vehicles for now. Our next target will be you directly. From now on, everyone who acts as an informant and spy for the state, the tortured police and the MIT should think once again about the end of their baseness. The fire of our united revolution is enough to incinerate all this filth!

Let no one be misled by the threats, pressures and rumble of the enemy. In reality, his knees are shaking with fear. The fire of our people's anger will burn them all to ashes, that's why they're afraid. The heroic resistance of our guerrilla takes away all the will of the fascist gangs, they are afraid of it. Their morale is so low that they throw their own corpses off the cliffs in the Medya Defense Zones. They are afraid of the workers and shopkeepers who shout their revolt in the street. They are afraid of the Saturday Mothers who do not stop searching for the fate of their children. They are afraid of Emine Şenyaşar, who is on the watch for justice in snow, winter and scorching heat.

That's why we say it over and over. The enemy is actually powerless. It is the struggle of our peoples that is strong, our united revolution. Young people, workers, join the ranks of HBDH to speak to the enemy in a language they understand. Come to the ranks of our militia. Let's grow this fire.

The heroic struggle of our immortals continues to guide us. We will walk in their footsteps until victory.

Long live HBDH! 

HBDH Martyr Helmet Militia