It has been exactly 5 years since the bomb, which was placed in the hope of peace and democracy of our people in cooperation with the state, once exploded in front of the Ankara Train Station. In the last 10 years since the Peace Rally, which thousands attended on October 2015, 5, was turned into a bloodbath, all kinds of actions and activities that were intended to keep the memory of what we lost were banned and attacked.
The fascist Turkish state attacked our people in accordance with the fascist state mentality in order to remove the obstacles to the massacre it organized and knowing that it will be asked to account for this massacre. In order to prevent the solidarity of our people who were injured after the explosion and the emergence of the truth, the fascist law enforcement force of the state organized a gas attack and drove their vehicles on our people. It is clear that the state carried out the massacre by the bloody fascist gangs. While the wounds of our people were still fresh, it was a different embarrassment that fireworks were detonated in various places, especially in Keçiören Municipality of the time, to celebrate the massacre. A year later, the monument erected in front of Ankara Train Station and those who attacked our people were hidden again so that the October 10 massacre would not be forgotten. It is clear that the Ankara Police Department was aware of the attack and those who carried out the attack. No veil of shame can cover the revelation of the state's dirty collaboration with fascist murderers.
The fascist Turkish state and its spokesperson, the AKP government, did everything in their power to hurt more in this attack, which took place with its own organization. The fascist Turkish state knows well that it will of course pay the heaviest price for what they do. We will make him pay this price. The murderous mentality at the Ankara Train Station yesterday is attacking Rojava with new scenarios on grounds that it cannot convince anyone.
We did not bow to the massacres of fascism yesterday, and today we will not bow to the threats of attack and occupation. What do we do if a fascist state, our people will continue to resist in Rojava in Turkey. It will continue to protect its land, people and honor. Today, more than yesterday, there is a need to embrace the united revolutionary struggle of the peoples to defend free Rojava lands. We are faced with the task of opposing imperialism to the invasion threats of the fascist Turkish state with mass demonstrations everywhere, resistance everywhere. Free Rojava lands belong to the oppressed working people. Defending freedom is defending Rojava. To stand against Rojava's invasion and attack threats is to defend freedom.
Today, everyone who stands for freedom and honor should defend Rojava lands. It is our duty to strengthen our positions and to popularize our resistance. We are able to fulfill this task. We will achieve this.
With the determination and courage we take from the righteous anger of the people, we ask and will ask to account for all the massacres organized with the dirty cooperation of the state before and after 10 October. On that day, when we gather the dreams of our people who lost their lives in front of Ankara Station for Peace, we will come together again and complete the unfinished smiles, aunts and slogans of our people. We will ask for all our lives who lost their lives for a dignified peace and a just life from 10 to 5 to account for the policies of massacre, denial and destruction that have been going on in these 7 years since the 70 October massacre, so that their dreams come true.