HBDH YK: “From Gezi to the Present… From the Rebellion to the United Struggle… Glory to Those Who Created Gezi!”

From Gezi to the Present… From the Rebellion to the United Struggle… Glory to Those Who Created Gezi!

When an uprising started 9 years ago, the endless attacks of the AKP, which came to power with the support of the imperialist states, against the oppressed peoples of Turkey, aroused great discomfort in the eyes of the oppressed. During that period when the rebellion was brewing, the environmental massacre he started against Gezi Park was the last straw. The grumbling of the masses eventually turned into a great revolt.

There is no salvation on its own and this is the beginning of the Gezi Revolt, which was the name of our slogans that circulated from generation to generation, from one language to another.

It is known that the rise of the peoples of Turkey greatly frightened all the sovereigns, especially Erdogan and his fascist clique. The united rebellion of the oppressed, which was the deepest fear of the oppressors, showed itself again with Gezi, and gave hope to our peoples. With the growth of the Gezi Uprising, the fears of the fascist state resurfaced. The fascist Turkish state apparatus has gone the way of redesigning itself, and the balances between the cliques have been reshaped.

The Gezi Uprising is a great anger against the fascist state system, which is covered from head to toe in the blood of the peoples. It is the expression of people's deep-rooted demands for rights/law/justice/equality/freedom. The Gezi Uprising is an indication that the fascist system has not found a base. It is a great desire to live together on the basis of full equality of rights.

The Gezi Uprising showed that the struggle for rights cannot be waged within the system, and how the demands and demands of the masses shattered the thoughts and borders within the system.

The Gezi Uprising, in which the broadest segments of the masses and the broadest demands met, where the united struggle took root and great lessons were learned from its outcome, continues to be the biggest fear of the fascist state and its number one chief Erdoğan today. In the course of 9 years, the fascist Turkish state has gradually increased its attacks against our oppressed people of various nationalities and nations.

While the fascist state launched an all-out attack against the oppressed with the Suruç, Ankara massacre and the suppression of self-government demands with blood, on the other hand, the most fascist cliques within themselves united in the person of Erdoğan and Bahçeli, thus ensuring the restoration of fascism.

While the Great Gezi Uprising offered great lessons in terms of the united struggle of the oppressed, it also brought great attacks on our oppressed peoples and freedom forces. Great attacks contain great resistance. As HBDH after the trip, our emergence on the stage of history, the great resistance of the guerrilla, the effect of the Rojava Revolution despite all the invasion attacks are among our great achievements.

Yes, the leaven of our united struggle is the Gezi Uprising. The Gezi Uprising, in which all the demands of workers and laborers, women, oppressed sexual identities and youth were voiced, sowed the seeds of our united revolution struggle in our country.

In order to nullify all the attacks of the murderous state, the only guarantee of fulfilling the democratic demands of our people is the disintegration of the fascist state apparatus. Without this, it is not possible to fulfill the rights, equality and all other democratic demands of the oppressed. The state's response to the Gezi Uprising did not go beyond massacre, oppression, intimidation and the development of their own fascist organizations for 9 years. Despite all these years, the reflex of the fascist state under the name of the Gezi trials is to suppress the slightest claims for rights, suppress them and sentence them to life sentences.

However, although fascism calculates that it will feed on war both in the region and inside, a new rebellion continues to be brewed in the eyes of our peoples. The days are not far away when the rebellions of those who do not even have bread to eat, our people who are condemned to misery every day with raises, Kurds whose national rights have been usurped, Alevis whose faith is banned, women who face violence and massacres every day, oppressed sexual identities, and youth whose future is usurped will meet with the glorious resistance of the guerrilla. . The place where all those who stand for labor, rights and equality will meet in order to turn the cries of all the oppressed into great series of revolts, is in the ranks of our united revolution struggle. Neither the dressing efforts of reformism nor the "right-law" discourses of other cliques of the state can be a solution to our problems. The only way to end our oppression is revolution. Let them deal with the flies around the swamp, the goal of the united revolution is the swamp itself. The salvation of our peoples is only in the revolution!

While we commemorate Sinan Cemgil and his comrades with respect on the anniversary of their immortalization in the Nurhaks, we promise that their struggle will continue to live on in the rebellion of the peoples, in the spirit of revolt of Gezi and in new Gezis. We continue to fight with all our determination to move forward our struggle, which is made of steel with the strength we receive from our immortals.

Our war is a war of the right against the wrong, the oppressed against the oppressor, the exploited against the exploiter. Our war is a war of liberation from the yoke of the oppressors.

There is no salvation alone, either all together or none of us!

This is the beginning continue to struggle!

To the united struggle against fascism with the strength we got from Gezi!

Long Live Our Unified Revolutionary Struggle!

We will overthrow fascism, we will win freedom!


HBDH Executive Committee