HBDH YK: “We Will Demolish the Dungeons, We Will Win The Victory!”

He'll Break the Dungeons, We'll Win the Victory!

Wherever there was oppression and persecution, there was also rebellion, and the oppressed were able to perpetuate their struggle. The capital state increased the pressure, made detentions, murdered and imprisoned the oppressed peoples in order to stop their struggle, to intimidate them and to subdue the oppression.

Dungeons are the places where the revolutionary struggle takes place in the hardest way. As the social struggle rose and spilled onto the streets, the dungeons became one of the most important areas of the struggle. Fascism tries to spread the isolation even more in order to intimidate the society and cut the pioneers from the working people. Revolutionaries, on the other hand, are constantly fighting to break this isolation and reach the workers. Dungeons are full of struggles against historical isolation. Prisoners exposed to F-types and severe isolation have always struggled and are.

On December 19, 2000, the fascist Turkish state attacked brutally simultaneously in 20 dungeons under the name "Operation Back to Life". The operation was as much outside as it was inside. Fascism wanted to intimidate workers and laborers before making heavy economic decisions in the future. The state of the bosses would make a stand-by agreement with the IMF, and as always, it would put all the burden on the workers. Unemployment and poverty were inevitable. The most authoritative mouth of the state: "He who cannot dominate the prisons cannot dominate the street!" he was saying. It was necessary to give a message to the workers immediately. By their own admission, they attacked revolutionary prisoners "to maintain control". Fascism was saying, "If you try to oppose me like the revolutionaries here, you will end up like this." The revolutionaries were calling out to the oppressed peoples with their struggles and were responding to fascism. Fascism could not take the revolutionary prisoners and encountered an unexpected resistance.

Despite their limited means for days, the revolutionary prisoners did not stop heroically defending the revolutionary front. In this unequal war that lasted for 4 days, 28 of them were immortalized and hundreds were wounded. They took their place in the deep memory of the struggle of the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan.

Despite those who say that everything is over, the revolutionary prisoners, who were forcibly transferred to F-type dungeons and never accepted the isolation, once again stood up against fascism. After the massacre, hundreds of revolutionary prisoners began a death fast. This action, "the war is not over, it's just beginning!" It was an announcement. The epic war of those who used their hungry bodies like a weapon against the oppression and massacre policies of the Turkish fascism was witnessed. 122 revolutionaries who loved to die for their life became immortal in their death fasts. It was proven once again that fascism could not take the revolutionaries over.

Those who carried out the 19 December massacre suffered a heavy defeat in the face of the revolutionary will. Acting with a strategy of constant attack for the fear of losing their power, Turkish fascism continues its attacks against the dungeons, one of the most important positions of the struggle, today. Nude search, ban on meeting and telephone, solitary confinement, harassment, rape, physical violence, psychological pressure, etc. employs all forms of torture. Garibe Gezer in Kandıra, severely ill Abdülrezzak Şuyur in Şakran, Halil Güneş in Amed and İlyas Demir in Bolu were murdered by the Turkish fascism.

Monopoly capital and its representative, fascist power, are looking for ways to get rid of the economic and political crisis. But this quest brings him even closer to his absolute end. No effort of fascism will be able to change the result anymore! Let's make a promise to each of our murdered comrades; “They will make them pay for everything they have done, we will not let them go even for a day that we did not hold them accountable!”

As the People's United Revolutionary Movement, we commemorate our comrades who fought with revolutionary will in the dungeon wars of December 19 and became immortal, and we salute all our comrades who still increase the struggle in the dungeons and do not surrender to the enemy. We promise that; “He'll Break the Dungeons, We'll Win the Victory!".

Destroy the Dungeons, Freedom to the Prisoners!

Revolutionary Prisoners Are Our Honor!

We Will Win the Freedom to Overthrow Fascism!