“HBDH Zeynep Kınacı Militia: “We Target the Economic Sources of Fascism!” 

We Target the Economic Sources of Fascism!

On 21 June, the HBDH Zeynep Kınacı militia carried out a sabotage action against a cosmetics factory in Istanbul. As a result of the action we carried out to the factory that produces cosmetics and chemicals in Hadımköy Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, great material damage was caused. While our sabotage action was directed against the trucks and vehicles in the factory garden, the flames affected the entire factory. Trucks and cars in the factory yard are completely unusable and a certain part of the factory is unusable.

Today, workers and laborers are struggling with difficult living conditions. Inflation is rising every day, purchasing power is falling, workers are living in scarcity. While Turkey and Northern Kurdistan have turned into hell for the oppressed and working people, they have become a paradise for the rich, bosses and fascists. Dozens of workers' strikes continue, workers are fighting for their rights against harsh conditions. Many workers die because a few lira measures are not taken, they are worked for hours on labor exploitation. We are in the neck of the rich, bosses and fascists who created this situation. We are always after them. They will not escape. They will not get rid of us. We will set fire to these factories, which are the sources of money spent by fascism for further exploitation, occupation, rent and war crimes!

This fascist government commits war crimes every day. The fascist government, which was defeated in the invasion attempt attacks against guerrilla areas, commits war crimes, especially with the use of chemical gas. We will hold them accountable for their crimes and make them pay the price. We repeat this action; We take our practice from Zeynep Kınacı's self-sacrificing spirit and our consciousness from the great resistance of the oppressed and workers. We are marching towards victory.

We will win the victory! We will establish the power of the workers and the oppressed! 

Long live HBDH! Long live the United Revolution! 

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom! 


HBDH Zeynep Kınacı Militia