CPI (Maoist) MK: Agnipath is part of a plan to impose fascist Nazism in India

 Agnipath is Part of a Plan to Impose Fascist Nazism in India

(Explanation: Communist Party of India (Maoist) Central Committee Spokesperson Abhay's statement on the Agneepath plan, the full text of which was submitted by the Central Government…)

Let's fight against the anti-democratic, unconstitutional and brutal plan of the central government that militarizes the army and militarizes civil society!

Warangal-born Rakesh was killed and several injured in a shootout in the Secunderabad district of Telangana state over the central government's new “Agneepath” plan to recruit youths into the Indian Armed Forces. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) strongly condemns this. This is a plan to fascist the military, fragment and militarize civil society.

The fascist Brahminic Hindutva Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been fascistizing all segments of the country in the last two years of the Modi government, which has been in power for eight years. Announced as a recruitment plan on 14 June, “Agneepath” is a tool of fascist pressure on the country's population in the name of job creation.

Unemployment is increasing day by day in the world and in the country due to anti-people and pro-imperialist policies. There are no permanent jobs. Under these circumstances, participating in the "vocational program" initiated by the Modi government would be a forced replacement of young people. As part of LPG (Liberalisation Privatisation Globalisation), the World Bank wants to reduce government spending, subject to the terms of the International Monetary Fund. The government has publicly announced that it will introduce the external shift system to reduce the huge cost of military and pensions.

The central government drew up the plan at a time when competition among imperialists around the world took the form of armed conflict. This shows how active India will be in international politics. This became part of the consequences of Russian aggression in Ukraine. The government devised a highly conspiratorial plan to suppress the growing unrest among the people, workers, peasants, Dalits, Adivasis and ethnic strife, especially in India, to eliminate the class struggle and civil war along with the increasing problems of daily life due to financial crises. The process of recruiting tribal youth into the Chhattisgarh Police Force has already begun as part of prioritizing local youth. This is an attempt at fascism by Nazi India.

The government announced that with four years of specialized training, 90 people will be hired in the first 46.000 days, of which 25% will be hired, and the remaining 75% will be paid about 1,2 million rupees without a pension. The government will add the same amount to the 500 rupees deducted from their salaries over this four-year period. The trainees of this plan are called “Agniveer”. It is nothing but forces like DPT, DRD, which exert brutal pressure on the people. In response to the opposition to the rulers, the Union Ministers make various statements that these 75% of the youth will operate in various sectors in order to be motivated, and that a well-deserved army will be created in the country with this plan.

The plan will help Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) establish the ideology and vision of the BJP in its program of making India a "Hindu state" under the name of "Naya Bharat". With the slogan of 'One Nation, One Whole', a large army is being formed to suppress the oppressed sections of the country such as workers, peasants and the middle class, the revolutionary party leading them, the revolutionaries and the opposition of all voices. Now this plan will lead the country to One Nation, One Police.

The Brahminic Hindutva forces, which implemented their agenda most aggressively, announced the plan by considering its minimally republican nature, without complying with the constitutional rules of the country or the rules of the parliamentary system, at least without consulting the opposition. This will affect relations between the center and the states. The Central Committee of our party calls on the oppressed sections of the country to understand the depth of this fascist plan and to spread it, and demands the government to withdraw the “Agnipath” plan. We appeal to the oppressed classes. We call on the youth of the country not to participate in the 'vocational program' against the people of the country.



Central Committee

Communist Party of India (Maoist)