TIKB: Hello Comrades, Our Trench Comrades

Hello Comrades, Our Trench Comrades

We are in a phase where, after the war in the Middle East, Russia opened a new front with the attack on Ukraine. Conscious of our duties, we promise to keep Comrade Kaypakkaya and all our other immortals alive in our fight, and we salute the 50th anniversary of your Party!

Today, it is our responsibility to shoulder the revolutionary tasks with its spirit, just like the 71 Movement. Because the 71 Movement symbolizes a revolutionary break in the history of the Turkish revolution. If his existence was created by challenging the outdated, established habits, including the traditional left understanding and political style, today there is a growing need for renewal in the tools and methods of struggle with the same spirit. It is inevitable to pave our way with revolutionary courage and determination that makes death nothing for the establishment of a world of freedom, limitless, classless communism without fences.

When the 71st Revolutionary Movement is mentioned, three immortal names: İbo, Deniz and Mahir come to mind. Like Deniz and Mahir, in the creation of İbrahim Kaypakkaya and the party he led, a daring and breakthrough that is not a prisoner of established patterns symbolizes the revolutionary break from the traditional, obsolete and rotten. At the same time, they are the pioneers of creating a new one to be built in its place and being a pioneer in this.

Kaypakkaya is intertwined with the workers and toiling masses, even under the conditions he was sought by the March 12 fascism. It does not make a revolution that is detached from the masses, distant from them. Like all the immortals of the 71 Movement, Kaypakkaya is the symbol of insistence on revolution, persistence in being revolutionary. In addition to this common feature, the unity of revolution in Kaypakkaya and the insistence on this integrity are remarkable. It is in a revolutionary relationship with theory as well as practice. That intense practice also played a leading role in theory, even in grappling with the onslaught of fascism.

Today, the liberation struggle of the labor and the oppressed peoples, as the revolutionary, patriotic and communists of both peoples, once again intensifies our need for each other, the partnership in our fight, and the necessity of fighting shoulder to shoulder.

embodied in Kaypakkaya; The insistence of our comrades, whom we bid farewell to immortality in March and May, in the revolution and the revolutionary, the daring and boldness of not only the imperialist capitalist system, but also the struggle with outdated understandings and habits continues to guide us.

We promise to keep Comrade Kaypakkaya and all our other immortals alive in our fight, and we celebrate the 50th anniversary of your Party again.

With our Communist Greetings

Either extinction in barbarism or socialism!

Long live our United Revolutionary Struggle!