TKP-ML European Committee: “Our European Conference Was Successfully Held!”

Organized with the slogan "Let's Take Bigger Steps with a Strong Organization"

Our European Conference Was Successfully Held!

Our 24st Party Congress, announced by our party on April 2019, 1, decided to organize conferences for the reorganization of all fields of activity.

This decision was handled in our field as the beginning of work to discuss, develop and strengthen our activities with broad participation and in the most democratic way, and the discussions that started in accordance with the Congress decision eventually resulted in a conference.

Our party has held many meetings, discussed, operated the criticism-self-criticism mechanism, taken decisions, entered into practice, and has come to these days with the experience it has accumulated in its 50 years of European activity. Our European Conference, which was held in the light of this experience, has been a historical step in this sense.

With this conference, we will discuss and raise awareness of the problems related to our understanding of organization and working style in Western Europe in general; to see our shortcomings by discussing the problems, blockages and criticisms of areas-locals with large organized forces; we have taken an important step in improving our political level and ensuring the contribution of organized comrades at all levels.

Party Work in Europe; Definitions and duties of “Fan”, “Militant” and “Advanced Militant”, security issue and mass work, women and youth work etc. Discussions about it were published in our internal organ, Communist; Internal discussions were made over these articles and our Conference was held with the elected delegates. All female comrades in the Regional Committees and young comrades in the youth committee directly participated in the conference without participating in the election of delegates.

Our conference started with a minute's silence in memory of all party and revolution martyrs after the delegation was determined. Then the message of our Party Central Committee was read. In the message “All in all, we greet your conference, which is an extremely important work for our Party. As it is known, the will of our Party's 1st Congress brought the slogan 'Party First' to the agenda, and as a concrete orientation to our organization, 'Ideological Clarity and Political Depth; Organizational Strength and Military Determination!' laid the fundamental ring. And it has been decided to organize conferences in order to embody this orientation by taking into account the unique aspects of its fields of activity.


It is important in all these respects that the 1st Congress orientation of our party is discussed and concretized in the field of Western Europe. This is also a way of understanding the reality of our Western European activity, seeking solutions to its problems, magnifying its positivity, etc. It will be a preliminary step in aspects.

Your conference will be successful to the extent that it takes decisions that concretely reveal the dialectical relationship between the aspects of our Party activity that binds all our Party areas and the specific features of the areas. Once these decisions are clarified, they will pave the way for our Western European activities and pave the way for us to take further steps.”It is called.

In our conference that started after the message “the role and importance of the communist party in the class struggle","the role of the party in the class struggle”And”What should our party activity be like in Europe?” his ideas and questions formed the basis of our discussions.

The second agenda of our conference; “Supporter","Militant”And”Forward MilitantThere has been a debate about the rights and duties of naming and definitions.

One of the main discussion topics of our conference is security is the handling of the problem.

Our last agenda item is "Our mass work in Europe” was the title.

The sub-headings of this agenda item are labor migration from Turkey to Europe, organization of Turkish people in Europe and what kind of mass work should be done.

Our conference was concluded successfully with discussions on all these topics, summarizing the issues and reading the decision headings one by one.

Of course, we are aware that all the problems, deadlocks and troubles in the field will not be solved and not all the steps we want can be taken with a conference. However, we are also aware that; The rapid collective implementation and continuation of the decisions taken after the discussion process is important and "Near and Forward” will be a step in the right direction and will strengthen our organization. Our conference is a place where different ideas clash, suggestions are enriched and a certain level of clarification is experienced.first stepAs ”, it should be seen as a tool where the next process is opened in the political sense, a certain competence is achieved in the organizational sense, and all our comrades should quickly grasp the results and engage in the practice of putting them into practice.

We can and will do this!

Long live our 1st European Conference!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long Live the Right of Nations to Separate Freely!

Long Live the 50th Struggle Year of our Party!

Forward with a Strong Organization!

TKP-ML European Committee

December 2021