TKP-ML Central Committee: We Commemorate İbrahim Kaypakkaya on the 49th Anniversary of His Murder!

Statement No: 2022/6

We Commemorate İbrahim Kaypakkaya on the 49th Anniversary of His Murder!


We are on the 49th anniversary of the murder of our party's founding leader, Comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya, in the Amed dungeon. He is the founder of his party, which is the apple of his eye; We commemorate communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya once again in the 50th year of war and struggle of our party, our apple of the eye, source of inspiration and strength. We reiterate our commitment and determination to fight for his ideal of the People's Democratic Revolution and the struggle for communism.

The conditions that revealed the communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya were not independent of the international and national developments and class struggles at that time. The call of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution led by Chairman Mao in China to bombard the revisionist and bourgeois headquarters has swept the world; In our geography, in the historical section where the struggle of the peasantry and youth, especially the working class, has risen, İbrahim Kaypakkaya has been the communist response to this rise.

The fact that Kaypakkaya formed the communist face of the 1971 armed revolutionary exit within the Turkish Revolutionary Movement is one of the reasons that makes him "special". The meaning of its "special" is that it takes part in the struggle of the masses and is firmly committed to the "principle of being revolutionary in practice". As İbrahim Kaypakkaya took part in the mass struggle and learned from them, he used MLM science as a revolutionary action guide and formed his theory. For this reason, even after half a century, their theses are still valid and their views still shine as a weapon in the hands of the working class and our people, women and youth from various nations, nationalities, beliefs.

This is exactly why our class enemies still fear him. At his grave in a deserted village cemetery in Anatolia, the gendarmerie station continues to persecute the people. They are afraid of his picture. They fiercely attack the banners with his capped picture, and they define commemoration of him as a crime. Because they can't find anything to compromise on Kaypakkaya. Because Kaypakkaya, despite the 49th year that has passed, for our class enemies. “To be the representative of revolutionary communism in our geography” continues. With its clear definition of the class essence and counter-revolutionary reality of Kemalism, its defense of the Kurdish nation as a nation and the Right to Leave Freely, it continues to intimidate the Turkish ruling classes.

In the 49 years since the murder of İbrahim Kaypakkaya and on the 50th anniversary of the founding of our party, we have experienced countless defeats and won countless victories in the fight against our class enemies. We can easily say without hesitation; by a limited number of staff in our geography under the leadership of İbrahim Kaypakkaya. “The flag hoisted in front of everyone” was never dropped. It continues to fluctuate depending on the concrete analysis of concrete conditions. This flag is used in the People's United Revolutionary Movement and the Women's United Revolutionary Movement, in the realization and defense of the Rojava Revolution; In our geography, the struggle of the working class, peasantry, women, LGBTI+'s and youth continues to fluctuate in prisons.

Although 49 years have passed since the murder of Comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya, it is clear that he is still "alive" and is right next to us. As a matter of fact, with its 1st Congress, our party has once again confirmed the scientific validity of the theses put forward by İbrahim Kaypakkaya. Our 1st Congress was not satisfied with this, it took an important step by turning the "programmatic views" of Comrade Kaypakkaya into a program.

Our 1st Congress has analyzed the current forms of the class struggle in our region and clearly defined its goals and duties for the future. He determined the struggle against oppression and massacres on oppressed nations and beliefs, the exploitation and oppression of the patriarchal system on women and LGBTI+s, and the capitalist system's massacre of nature and the environment as the revolutionary tasks of the moment.

At the same time, she announced the establishment of the Communist Women's Union, saw the deficiencies in the patriarchal system and the women's and LGBTI+ struggle, and took steps of historical importance. With the TİKKO Conference and the European Conference, which were organized with the motto of "deep in the people's war, specialize in the guerrilla" decided at our congress, practical steps have been taken to deepen ideologically and to become competent in politics and MLM science in order to achieve the revolutionary tasks of the day and win the future.

Today, 49 years after the murder of Comrade Leader, our geography has been turned into a complete hell for the peoples. The people of Turkey have been faced with the most severe economic crisis in the history of the republic. The masses are in great danger of impoverishment, hunger and misery. Millions of people are unemployed. Women and LGBTI+s continue to be slaughtered. The futurelessness is imposed on the youth of the people. The attacks against the Kurdish nation continue at full speed inside and outside the border. The pressure on oppressed beliefs, especially Alevis, continues. However, despite all these attacks, the resistance in every field does not leave the street and anger accumulates. The actions carried out by the working class since the first months of 2022 are the harbingers of this anger and a new storm.

On the 49th anniversary of his murder, comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya commemorates once again, "Greetings, I Kiss Your Eyes Warmly… I wish you a harder, stronger, more determined war. Goodbye" in accordance with your wishes; We continue and will continue to take steps closer and forward towards a firmer, stronger and more determined war.


İbrahim Kaypakkaya is Immortal on the 49th Anniversary of His Murder!

We Will Win With the Experience and Accumulation of the 50th Year!

Long Live Our Party TKP-ML, Our People's Army TIKKO, Our Women's Organization KKB, Our Youth Organization TMLGB!

Long live Marxism Leninism Maoism!


TKP-ML Central Committee

May 16 2022

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