"Nubar Ozanyan's dreams will be our guide, his struggle will be our determination!"

Nubar Ozanyan's dreams will be our guide, his struggle will be our determination!

On August 14, our party, TKP / ML, comrade Nubar Ozanyan (Orhan Bakırcıyan), the devoted commander of our army, TİKKO, joined the caravan of martyrs by raising the hope of freedom and liberation of the oppressed in Rojava, where our party was positioned with great efforts. Comrade Orhan, a great loss of our party, became the bearer of the flag of freedom and liberation raised by Kurdish, Arab, Turkmen, Yazidi and other oppressed nations and beliefs in Rojava, where he went with his Armenian identity, took over the dreams of the 12s who became epic and immortal in Aliboğazı and fight in Rojava. in their positions.

We will defend the Rojava Revolution to the end!

The Rojava revolution develops and gets stronger despite the various attacks and invasion attempts of the imperialists and their henchmen in the region. Although the fascist Turkish state occupies the Jarablus and Al-Bab regions, it also threatens to occupy the liberated regions. Despite all these threats, the fascist Turkish state is not seen as an invader in the region by the peoples of the region and the Rojava revolution is embraced.

Rojav revolution with growing fear that can not hide the equivalent of fascist Turkish Republic government, Turkey has imposed almost genocide of the people of Kurdistan to attack. Developments both within the country and in Rojava serve as a cornerstone, which is against the Republic of Turkey, shaking its power and eventually destroying it.

In this sense, the developments in Rojava are important and valuable for our party. It is a priority for us to enlarge and develop the revolution itself, instead of making only pages of evaluations on the Rojava revolution, in which we position both military and political.

A revolutionary adventure from Armenian orphanages to Rojava

Comrade Nubar, who made this thought the priority of his life, was one of the first fighters sent to Rojava by our party. Comrade Orhan, who was always a bouncer fighter of the oppressed throughout his life and who carried out his duty for this purpose, took his place in the war positions as an international fighter of our party TKP / ML in Palestine, Hayastan, Iraqi Kurdistan and Rojava. Comrade Orhan, who grew up in Armenian orphanages after losing his mother at a young age and came from a very poor life, made the characteristics of his class position an unshakable character in his life. Comrade Orhan is sharing, modest, hardworking and devoted to the cause, and this is what his class stance reveals.

Comrade Orhan, who showed a great sacrifice in the face of the problems of our party, especially in the face of the problems of up to 2 years, undertook various duties in the solution of the problems. Especially, the bureaucrat, who appeared in our party, responded to dogmatic and war evasion with the slogan "the commander is the commander at the front" and took his place in various war fronts in parallel with his communist character.

Comrade Orhan and our 12 red carnations, who showed that the development and strengthening of the war is possible with the practice shown on the war fronts, will be taken as an example for Komsomolists in this sense and will always be remembered.

Comrade Orhan, participating in the 45-year history of our party TKP / ML as an exemplary ring, will be the struggle determination of our party's Komsomol power GB, and we will wave the flag we took over with honor and pride.

Nubar Ozanyan is immortal!

From 12's to Nubar, glory to TKP / ML!

Long live our Rojava revolution!

Long live the People's War!

War, learn, progress, our strength is TMLGB!

Long live our party TKP / ML, the people's army TIKKO, our youth organization TMLGB!



August 26, 2017