The Situation in Turkey: Decay and “Collapse!”

The Situation in Turkey: Decay and “Collapse!”

Disclosure: The following article is taken from the 2022th issue of Communist Party of Turkey-Marxist-Leninist Central Publication Organ, dated May/76.

The general situation in Turkey has progressed in the direction indicated in the 1st Congress of our party and the PMK meetings held afterwards. In the last period, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, in particular, deepened the crisis experienced by the Turkish economy. The deepening of the economic crisis, the gradual impoverishment of the people and the decrease in purchasing power caused the worsening and widespread conditions of hunger and misery. This situation led to an increase in anger and reaction against the power in the large masses, and a spontaneous consciousness was formed in the masses. The most important factor in this is that the gap between the broad masses of the people, the government and its environment, and the economic situation of large capitalists has grown so much that it cannot be hidden, and the government has exhausted its arguments to hide it.

It was the Covid-19 pandemic that left its mark on the process. It is not known exactly how the epidemic affected Turkish society and the number of people who lost their lives. Likewise, epidemic data were manipulated in the name of "national interest". Still, the Turkish state has created a disaster that will take the lives of 10 thousand people a month, make nearly 80 thousand people sick, and infect more than 1.5 million people, even with the figures announced. It should be known that we are talking about a government that has not produced any positive experience during the epidemic process and accelerated the spread itself. Turkey ranks first among the worst epidemic managements in the world, even according to official data whose accuracy is controversial. The situation is summarized clearly by the health professional organizations: “The Ministry of Health manages the perception instead of the epidemic. Although it is obvious that there is not enough vaccine available, it opened appointments for new age groups, made its announcement and then closed the vaccine appointment system.” (TTB, April 2021)

The epidemic was used in the interests of the Turkish ruling classes. While the Turkish ruling classes and their spokesmen, who are all attached to the imperialist capitalist system, want to turn the pandemic into an advantage for themselves,as the product of their own ignorance and stuckness– they have caused the epidemic to grow even more. A series of practices, from "lebaleb congresses" to crowded congregation prayers, from the inability to provide vaccines to the employment of the working class and laborers during the full shutdown period, have been implemented as "specific" policies for our country. These policies further increased the impact of the virus, causing the spread of the epidemic and more deaths.

The figures announced about the dimensions of the epidemic do not reflect the truth. It has been expressed by some health organizations and opposition scientists that these figures are not correct and that they should be multiplied by several times. Moreover, Turkey has been one of the 3 countries that gave the least support to the public during the epidemic period. According to the IMF report, Turkey is in the group of countries that give the least support to their people compared to the national income of the countries. It is in the same group as Mexico and Albania. (27 April 2021)

It has emerged in many practices experienced during the epidemic process, where the Turkish ruling classes and their spokesmen consider their own interests, not the people. The corruption of those who did not distribute masks to the public at the beginning of the epidemic, gave an IBAN number under the name of support, and forced the working class and the public to work by saying "full closure" has emerged one by one.

For example, it was publicized that the former Minister of Commerce sold disinfectants from his own company to his ministry at high prices. Corruption and favoritism continued in vaccine procurement. Although it was announced that there was no intermediary company in the vaccines purchased from China, it was revealed that an intermediary company was used, and furthermore, the prepayment of the vaccines was covered by the state and the aforementioned company made a high profit. A similar emphasis was also experienced in preventing the BioNTech vaccine from being sold to Turkey without an intermediary company. It has been revealed that sending the vaccine to Turkey without an intermediary firm was not accepted by the government. In short, the government has endangered public health for the benefit of its affiliated companies, and prioritized class interests by fulfilling its class character rather than fighting the epidemic.

The epidemic directly affected the working class and the working people. DİSK Research Center (DİSK-AR)'s “The Impact of the Pandemic on Workers in Its 2nd YearIn the research report published with the title ”, it is stated that 58 percent of the workers have increased their household expenses during the pandemic period, while 26 percent partially agree with this view. (11 March 2022)

In the report; “55 percent of the workers said that their debts increased during the pandemic period, 27 percent said they had difficulty in paying their bills, and 25 percent could not pay their credit card debt.” is called. The working class has reduced its expenditures in order to live and make a living. “66.4 percent of the workers stated that they reduced their expenditures, while 49.6 percent of them stated that they preferred cheaper food. 32.4 percent of the workers participating in the survey stated that they use credit cards more. The main source of assistance for workers during the pandemic has been their families. 39 percent of the workers declared that they received help from their families. The total rate of those receiving short-time working allowance and unpaid leave allowance was 32.5 percent.” determinations are also from the report.

Research has also confirmed the fact that Covid-19 is a “working class disease”. In the research "46 percent of the workers or their colleague caught Covid-19, 30 percent of the workers stated that although a Covid-19 case was seen in the workplace, the works were not stopped and the production continued.” is called. (March 11, 2022) The reason why workers have a high rate of catching Covid-19 is of course the policy of continuing production even during the most intense period of the epidemic. What matters for the bourgeoisie is not the worker's life, but the surplus value it produces. As a matter of fact, in the written statement made on the occasion of the second anniversary of March 11, the OHS Assembly said:In the second year of the epidemic, at least 1.400 workers, most of them health workers, died due to Covid-19“It includes the determination.

The epidemic has not only led to the slaughter of the working class and toiling people and worsening their living conditions, but has also made the poor poorer and the rich richer. According to the 2020 Wealth Report of Swiss Bank Credit Suisse, the number of dollar millionaires in Turkey in 2020, in the heaviest period of the pandemic 21 bin with an increase to 115 thousand people is elevated. Again, while the share of wealth of the richest 1 percent of the population increased to 42.8 percent, the share of wealth of the 95 percent remained at 37.8 percent. This means that 1% of the population in Turkey has seized almost half of the wealth.

According to the "Billionaires List" published by Forbes Magazine, the number of billionaires has increased by 660 worldwide and reached 2 during the epidemic process. There are 755 names from Turkey in the list. (Euronews, 26) In short, the working class was worked to death in the interests of capital in order to add profit to the profit of the bourgeoisie during the epidemic period. The epidemic has made the rich richer and the poor poorer. It has further increased the income and wealth disparity, and inequality has been scaled. On the one hand, the rent, plunder and collapse of the Palace; on the other hand, there are more than ten million unemployed, indebted and poor families. The epidemic policy of the "collapse regime" has deepened corruption, hunger and poverty.


Economic Crisis, Unemployment, High Inflation and Misery…

The working class and laborers are fighting for their lives in conditions that are no longer an economic crisis and turn into an "economic collapse" with the effect of the epidemic. In conditions where unemployment has grown like an avalanche and exceeded tens of millions, working conditions and living standards have visibly declined, poor people have to collect leftover vegetables and fruits in the markets and buy stale bread from bakeries for half the price.

While the economy is collapsing at the hands of the AKP-MHP fascist government, the decrease in the value of the Turkish lira and the increase in the exchange rate continue to make the bread on the people's table even smaller. In conditions where half of the workers in Turkey earn the minimum wage, the minimum wage melts, the purchasing power decreases, and the cost of living increases with high inflation.

Even the official institutions of the state cannot hide this fact. State-supported institutions had to explain inflation as 61.14 percent. The Inflation Research Group (ENAG) announced it as 114.87 percent. (February 3, 2022) This figure was determined by ENAG in April 2022. percent 156 has been revised. This means that in addition to high bills, every product is increased due to high inflation in the bazaar-market, and the purchasing power of the people decreases. When unemployment is added to this situation, the table is completed. As a matter of fact, DIS-KAR's “Unemployment and Employment Outlook-2021According to the report, the real number of unemployed has increased by 1.4 million compared to the pre-epidemic. Of the 63.7 million people of working age, only 19.7 million appear in formal and full-time employment, the report said. While the broad definition of unemployment is recorded as 8.8, this figure is expressed as 43 percent for young people. While only 100 out of every 16.7 women participate in formal and full-time employment, the broad unemployment rate for young women is 54 percent. (24 March 2022)

Russia's invasion attack on Ukraine deepened the economic crisis in Turkey as well as in the rest of the world. The hike in all consumer goods, especially basic needs, is obvious. A great poverty and privation is imposed on the working class and the people. In another survey, people were asked “how they took precautions against the economic crisis” and 50.3 percent of the participants stated that they reduced their meals, and the rate of those who stated that they were hungry from time to time was 31 percent. (MetroPOLL Research Company, 8 April 2022)

The agenda of the working class and the working people is in the cheap bread queues from the angry voices in the bazaar-market.we didn't deserve them” can be easily understood from his statements. While all the cliques of the ruling classes are fighting among themselves, the working class and the working people are in danger of unemployment, poverty and even starvation.

In the conditions under which these working and living conditions are imposed on the working class and the working people, the fascist government has declared the minimum wage for 2022 as 4.250. It has been propagated that the minimum wage, announced by RTErdoğan himself, has received the largest increase in recent years. It is clear that this is a big lie, that the TL continues to depreciate and that what is experienced in conditions of high inflation is not a raise in the minimum wage, but the opposite. As a matter of fact, the minimum wage in January 2021 at $385, 4.250 lira announced at the current stage 275 dollars corresponds. It is seen that this figure will decrease further under conditions where the depreciation of TL continues. In short, the share of workers and toilers fell to grappling with misery in conditions of hunger and poverty.

As a solution to this situation in which the working class and the people are ensnared, the opposition ruling class parties show the "ballot box" as a remedy, and they do the "act" of not paying the electricity bill symbolically, as the "main opposition" leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu did. Even though K.Kılıçdaroğlu's “revolutionary move”(!) ended by paying the bill a week later, the people who could not pay their bills still live in darkness.

According to the statements of Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources himself, in the first 2020 months of 10 53 thousand 840 electricity and 123 thousand 657 natural gas legal action has been initiated against the subscriber because he or she could not pay their bills; It was stated that 2 million 530 thousand electricity bills and 579 thousand 642 natural gas bills were not paid in the same period, so these subscribers were temporarily cut off.

In his speech at the Extended Meeting of Provincial Presidents before the Ukraine attack, RTErdoğan said, “Since we all benefit from the country's gains, we will shoulder the burden together.” he said. (February 17, 2022) What this "burden" means is better understood with the latest reports and figures.

The number of households in the country that cannot pay for their natural gas is 3 million; The number of unemployed has exceeded 10 million. 5 out of 4 households live below the poverty line, 2 out of 1 households live below the poverty line. It is the poor working people who bear the burden, and the palace power who enjoys it!

Moreover, it is certain that these figures have increased and will increase with the latest price hikes. As a matter of fact, due to this economic collapse, workers and laborers now choose suicide in the vortex of poverty and debt spiral. According to the data of the Ministry of Interior, between the years 2015-2020, a total of 10 thousand 94 men, 3 thousand 281 women and 155 18 under XNUMX years old. 14 bin 530 The person committed suicide. (September 6, 2021)


The Working Class and the Strikes: “People's Opposition Overtakes Political Opposition”

According to the report published by the Labor Working Community, 2022 strikes and at least 108 protester workers were identified in January-February 17.000. If we include the participation of 8 thousand workers in the 5 February public hospitals strike and 13 workers in the 1.500 February family physicians' strike, in addition to the workers, the number of those who went on strike in the first two months of 2022 approaches 24 thousand. In other words, the working class and laborers respond to the imposed working and living conditions with strikes.

This situation, which was interpreted by some circles as "the opposition of the people surpassed the political opposition", brought the working class to the stage. The working class took action against high inflation and exorbitant increases in wages and the right to organize unions. Fascism responded to this uprising with dismissals and police attacks. In general, the spontaneous actions of non-union workers or the actions carried out by the unions, some of which resulted in gains and some of which were not concluded, are not only remarkable, but also instructive in terms of seeing the situation of the working class.

The strikes experienced also give a certain idea about the change of the working class and working conditions with the pandemic. According to the report of the Labor Studies Community (EÇT); “One legal and 26 actual strikes in 1 days reveal that we are facing a serious strike wave. Although we are most attracted to couriers with 32 cases, hosiery workers in Istanbul with 7 cases, textile workers in Antep with 8 cases and metal workers with 5 cases are other prominent groups. In cases such as the BBC, Divriği Iron Mines, Trendyol, Alpin Çorap, Kıraç Metal, the workers made net gains, in many other cases the strikes were ended on the promise of the bosses, some of them are still ongoing or there is no clear information about the results. Determining the number of striking workers is a difficult issue, but with a conservative estimate, we can say that 5-33 thousand workers participated in 6 strikes.” (Alpkan Birelma, 8 February 22) Finally, a total of 12 strikes were carried out between 10 January and 56 February.

As an example, the spread of workers' actions against low wages and working conditions in Antep can be given. In Antep, where there are approximately 240 thousand workers, workers carried out 5 strikes between February 2 and February 11 in 18 different organized industrial zones. 10 actions ended with the gain of workers. (11 February 22)

Again, in the report of EÇT, “There were 2015 actual strikes in 151, 2016 in 80, 2017 in 99, 2018 in 122, 2019 in 89 and 2020 in 93. In other words, one-third of all the actual strikes in 26 were made in 2020 days.” is called. (February 8, 2022)

The resistance of Trendyol workers, which resulted in gains in these workers' resistances, is not only remarkable, but also gives an idea about the resistance and actions of the working class in the upcoming period. The actual and legitimate resistance of the Trendyol workers and the result of this resistance by gaining wide social support is extremely important and is full of extremely rich lessons for the resistance practice of the working class in the coming period. It should not be forgotten that; Businesses like Trendyol are the products of capitalism's widespread use of this mode of work, which stands even lower than subcontractors, with the slogan of "become your own boss" in order to save the capitalist capital from some partial rights granted to workers by labor laws through neo-liberal policies. And the actual and legitimate resistance, massiveness and determination in this sector made the boss take a step back. Moreover, the resistance of Trendyol workers has mobilized other workers in the same sector, and they have also started resistance. This shows us that the actual and legitimate resistance of the class will increase in the coming period, despite the design of capitalism in the labor-exploitation models for the working class in order to prevent resistance-strikes.

The de facto and legitimate resistance of Trendyol workers has set a good example of what a practice based on the street, which does not rely on union bureaucrats, does not compromise on its own rightness and legitimacy, has also set a good example.

Again, for example, the resistance of the courier workers, how the growing transportation sector due to the pandemic exposes workers to exploitation under the name of “artisan courier”; It also showed how the neo-liberal policies of capitalism were brutally implemented in this business line decorated with the slogan of "being your own boss".

As another example, it is necessary to underline the resistance of Migros Warehouse workers. Trendyol, Yemek Sepeti etc. This resistance is important in terms of the support of the people towards the resisting workers, as in the examples, but this time also in de facto. In order to support the resistance, the supporters of the strike, who entered Migros stores, invited the public not to shop with agitation and shared these on social media. It is also clearly seen in the videos that people who pay at the cash registers support by leaving their bags and leaving the store. Although some of these de facto support actions were organized by the activists of various institutions, especially women's organizations, they started to be carried out by the unorganized segments of the people later on. This point is important in the resistance of the working class in general and the success of the strike of Migros Warehouse workers.

Altogether, it is valuable that these actions were carried out in conditions where, as it were, stabbed to death. It is spontaneity in general that marks the actions. The leadership of some actions by some unions does not change the color of the work. Although these actions show that the wind has started to blow in favor of the working class, they are of course still insufficient.

The workers' resistances that took place in the last month were generally experienced by the mobilization of unorganized workers outside of the "traditional" unions. These small but militant and widespread resistances occupy an important place as they result in gains in some sectors. With the effect of the economic crisis, it can be predicted that the actions of the working class will increase in the upcoming period.

Undoubtedly, it is important that some workers' actions have resulted in gains. Every worker's resistance that can make a gain, even if it is small, leaves positive traces on its participants. People learn from action, transform through action, gain a level of class consciousness. The importance of these actions for the mass awareness of the working class is obvious. Apart from everything else, this is the most important achievement of the last process.

The actions of the working class at the beginning of 2022 are the harbingers of a new storm. İbrahim Kaypakkaya evaluated the working class actions carried out in Istanbul in his own historical conditions with the following expressions -this evaluation also sheds light on today-: “The surging waves of the working class struggle herald a new storm. It is especially important to mingle with the working class, to be its student without being a teacher, to grasp the concrete demands and needs of the working class deeply, to intensify the revolutionary propaganda within the working class and to subordinate it to the path of people's war, to work for the worker-peasant alliance.” (İbrahim Kaypakkaya, 2 March 1971, All His Works, p. 136)


Women in the Grip of Murder and Deepening Exploitation

While drawing this picture economically, politically and socially, on the other hand, there are segments who experience this picture more severely. It is the murders of the patriarchal system, to which the painting gives way, to the extent of massacre, the women and LGBTI+s who are in the grip of the chain of exploitation, and the youth of the people who lose their hope for the future, whose schools they attend have no value, and who go back and forth between abroad and suicide "options".

The difficulty of participating in the working life for women and LGBTI+'s has increased with this period. According to World Bank data, Turkey is among the 2019 countries with the lowest rate of female labor force participation among 200 countries in 25. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), women's employment participation rate in Turkey is the last among the member countries. While it is 77 percent in Iceland, 73 percent in Germany and 59 percent in the OECD average, this rate is only 26-29 percent in Turkey (OECD, 2021).

On the other hand, according to the International Labor Organization (ILO), when the difference between male and female employment rates is analyzed, it is seen that the employment rate of women is less than half of men (approximately 47 percent). (World Bank, 2021). While this rate is 30 percent in MENA countries, it is 77 percent in OECD countries. Looking at the general outlook in the labor market, it is seen that the labor force participation and employment rate of women, who make up half of the total population, remains at very low levels.

It is understood that the economic crisis and pandemic conditions have increased both the participation of women in the workforce and the problems they experience in the workplace. It is obvious that the economic difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic further regress the disadvantaged position of women in the labor market. In other words, it would not be wrong to say that the devastating effect of the economic crisis is more effective on women.

In addition, the only problem to be considered in the issue of women's employment is not the insufficient participation of women in the workforce. The main branches of economic activity in which women participating in the labor force are concentrated and the way they take part in working life are equally important. Because the situation of women at work, the fields in which they operate, the quality of the jobs they are employed in and the income they earn from these also give important clues.

In Turkey, women find employment only in certain fields of activity. More than 50 percent of women work in the services sector, 25 percent in the agricultural sector and nearly 15 percent in the industry sector. The majority of women working in the service sector are employed in education, human health and social work activities, and wholesale and retail trade. 16 percent of women find employment opportunities in the manufacturing industry.

In agriculture, where 25 percent of women's employment is, 75 percent of women are employed as unpaid family workers. In other words, three-quarters of women who find employment opportunities in the agricultural field are unpaid family workers. This is a large rate and it is an indication that these women cannot earn any income as a result of an activity they labor and remain dependent on their household income.

On the other hand, informal employment is also common among women. According to the data published by TURKSTAT, approximately 2019 million of the 8.9 million women employed full-time and part-time in 3.8 and approximately 2020 million of the 8.3 million women in 3.1 are working informally. This is especially true in the agricultural sector. So much so that almost all of the women in agricultural activities (95 percent level) are unregistered. It is seen that only one fourth of working women in non-agricultural sectors are unregistered. (Assoc. Prof. Ayşe Aylin Bayar, The article "The Place of Women in the Labor Market and Policy Recommendations", 17 November 2021 was used.)

This reality is also reflected in the militancy level of strikes and resistances directly organized by women workers, as in the case of women in the foreground or the Farplas resistance. Family, children, patriarchal norms etc. of women workers. The importance of being at the forefront in these difficult processes, in which they participate by breaking the chains, increases even more.

The increase in violence and murders against women who reject the traditional roles of the patriarchal system individually or socially, and LGBTI+s who are already outside these roles, completes this picture.

As a matter of fact, in the process we left behind, we have witnessed a lot of massacres and hate speeches against women and LGBTI+s. According to the data of the We Will Stop Femicide Platform, 2021 women were murdered in 280 and 217 women were found suspiciously dead. (January 4, 2022) In the first two months of 2022, 98 women were killed. Even the withdrawal of fascism from the Istanbul Convention with a night decree summarizes the system's view towards women and LGBTI+s.


Those Who Steal the Future of Youth Continue to Destroy Even Hope

The process we left behind also includes examples of how the future of the popular youth was stolen by the ruling classes. This situation causes the youth of the people to worry about the future, and a large mass of youth finds the solution by going abroad. According to research, 76 percent of young people reveal that they want to live abroad; While one out of every two young people expresses that they are not happy, 77 percent believe that hiring is more effective than talent. (Yeditepe University, MAK Consulting, “Youth Research)

Regarding the accommodation and scholarship problem faced by university students last year, why young people do not want to live in the country, RTErdogan said:Let your hand hold your tongue” (September 19, 21) and “Recently, a very ugly campaign has been going on about university students. Since we came to power in our country, we have increased the capacity of the dormitories more than ever before. We are a government with a dormitory capacity of almost 1 million. Without seeing this, they continue campaigns by putting people who have nothing to do with it on the benches and saying 'There is no dormitory'. You lie, your life is a lie. Our homes are in the middle. Our capacity is in the middle. In these dormitories, we host our students in double or triple rooms. It can be easily understood from the fact that it targets students by making a statement. (25 September 2021)

The accommodation and scholarship problem that university students face burning shows once again that the state organization is used not for the interests of the people, but for the interests of a handful of parasites. Plundering nature, putting dozers in every green area, filling the stream beds with concrete,we built roads, we built housesInstead of producing solutions in the face of concrete problems, the government, which is making propaganda, resorts to heroism in a familiar way and accuses university students of being "terrorists" and those who voice their just and legitimate demands.

The loss of hope of the public youth for the future also brings the increase in youth suicides to the agenda. With the rise of the economic crisis, those who cannot live, who are crushed under the burden of debt, etc. While it is a fact that he sees suicide as an "option", the use of this "option" by younger people is also an important sign. Although the administrators try to explain the fact that the age of suicide is in the 15-24 age range as “adolescence”, the fact that the suicide is concentrated in the poor youth shows that the main reason is the lack of hope for the present and of course for the future. The fact that TÜİK has started to disclose suicide data within the scope of "death statistics" since 2017, that is, the censorship of the data is not enough to hide the increase in suicides, especially youth suicides. In fact, suicide is the second leading cause of death in all age groups, from the age of 10 to adults.

It is also necessary to think about the handicaps in reaching the young people of the organized revolutionary youth movement. Unless a youth movement is created like the movement created by women and LGBTI+'s directly with their concrete agendas, it is clear that young people, who are the future of the revolution, will continue to be lost between abroad and suicide. At this point, the activity peculiar to Enes Kara, who committed suicide due to the Bosphorus resistance, whose actions and effects went beyond the campus, and the pressures in the "community dormitory", is important. The issue is not that the youth have turned their backs on the street, but that the street is not used with agendas that will embrace and comprehend the youth of the people.


Rent-Talan Attacks Against Nature and Environment Continue

We have left behind a period in which capitalist exploitation, looting and plunder of nature and the environment continues at full speed. Last year, we experienced the last examples of this exploitation, plunder and plunder. Turkey has witnessed floods and forest fires. Floods and forest fires caused the death of hundreds of people, the death of thousands of animals, and the burning of millions of plants.

The flood disaster in the Western Black Sea Region and especially in the Bozkurt district of Kastamonu set a concrete example that the AKP-MHP government has become a “security problem” for the Turkish people at the current stage. What happened during and after the flood disaster not only showed the state of the Turkish Republic, but also caused the people to be left to their own "destiny" and the real losses still remain unexplained despite the time elapsed. Fascism works like a crime machine against the people; moreover, it resorts to manipulation through the pro-media and turns the facts upside down.

It is misleading to attribute the cause of forest fires and flood disasters only to “climate change”. Moreover, as seen in Bozkurt district, this serves to cover up the real responsible and criminals. Of course, the reason for the increasing number of “natural disasters” in recent years is not independent of “climate change”. However, “climate change” is a result and it is the imperialist capitalist system that created this result.

While the capitalist system based on excessive profit greed causes such dangers and consequences around the world, the effect of this change is seen in our country as well. However, these effects lead to more serious consequences due to the public-hating fascist character of the Turkish Republic. For example, although it is known that forest fires will occur with the heat, the state does not make any preparations for possible forest fires. While 13 planes were bought to the Palace by saying, "Reputation cannot be saved", there are no fire extinguishers to fight forest fires. It is understood that the ones obtained later were left to rot in the hangars.

Far from putting out forest fires, fascism is trying to "turn the crisis into an opportunity", on the one hand, to open the burning areas for construction, and on the other hand, to show the Kurdish people as responsible for the fires. He aims to ensure the continuation of his power by fueling racism and chauvinism. He blames the local authorities in the areas where the fires broke out in order to hide his responsibility.

So much so that the AKP-MHP is not concerned with its failure to put out forest fires, but because this failure is being discussed.

The fact that fascism is an enemy of the people and resorted to disinformation campaigns was not only revealed in forest fires. It also emerged in the disaster that turned into a complete massacre in the Bozkurt district of Kastamonu. We are talking about a town established on the river bed for the sake of plunder and plunder. As long as central and local administrators give development permits to stream-river beds, it is natural to experience such massacres! For this reason, what happened in Bozkurt is not a "natural disaster", on the contrary, it is the natural result of the "looting-looting and collapse" order. RTErdogan in the face of this massacre "America and Russia still could not get over the fires. Thank God we survived 20 days” can explain.

A report published by Greenpeace showed how Turkey is a "trash can" for the imperialists. In the published report, it was stated that approximately 40 percent of plastic waste in England was exported to Turkey and was illegally collected and incinerated. According to the report, it was stated that the plastic waste exported to Turkey in 2020 amounted to 210 thousand tons. (BBC, May 17, 2022) In other words, it is not enough for the Turkish ruling classes and their political spokesman AKP government to pollute the country with their own waste, they also export the UK's garbage and turn the country into a giant garbage dump.

On the other hand, the propaganda that the issue is only about the AKP in the face of forest fires, floods and turning the country into a garbage heap is also wrong. The problem is a system problem and it was experienced before and during the AKP rule and will continue to be experienced after. As long as the system does not change, the people and all living things will continue to be killed under the name of natural disaster.


An Important Agenda of the Next Process: Refugees!

One of the agendas that has come to the fore in the last period has been the refugees. Although it is not known how many refugees there are in Turkey, figures between 5 and 10 million are pronounced. The Turkish state does not consider asylum seekers as "refugees". The attitude of fascism towards refugees is also hypocritical. Those who supported the jihadist gangs in the Syrian civil war and caused the migration of millions of people, on the one hand, use the refugees as a "bargaining" element against the European Union and take bribes worth billions of Euros, on the other hand, they employ the refugees in an insecure way as cheap labor.

On the one hand, by saying "they are our guests", it gives the appearance of owning the refugees, on the other hand, it also states that it is used as cheap labor. As a matter of fact, Özhaseki from AKP: “Asylum seekers keep the industry afloat in some cities. They can't find workers, these men are working" is in the statement. (July 27, 2021) Minister of Interior S. Soylu also stated in a TV program he participated in, that there are 3 million 762 thousand Syrian refugees in Turkey and 200 thousand 950 people are Turkish citizens.Employ Syrians in your factory, exploit them, do not insure them. Then step on your feet and say 'what will happen to these Syrians'. A million people will go. Do you know who will rebel? Those business owners” he declared. (May 5, 2022) In other words, the country's interior minister admits that asylum seekers are employed illegally and without insurance.

While refugees are exploited as cheap labor, on the other hand, they are used as a tool of blackmail. It is known that a few years ago, asylum seekers were used to be sent to Europe, and they were transported to the borders by buses with the state organization. The European imperialists saw this blackmail of the Turkish state and opened their mouths and started to use Turkey as a “prison for asylum seekers”.

The Turkish state has acted as a semi-colonial of imperialism since its establishment. He acted as the gendarme of imperialism in the region he was in, both for his own people and for the peoples of the region. In return for this duty, it received approval from the imperialist centers and continued its financial and military dependence. Recent developments seem to confirm this fact once again.

For example, the visit of the representatives of EU imperialism to Ankara in April 2021 showed this quality of the Turkish Republic. EU imperialism once again backed the Turkish Republic. The Times newspaper wrote that in the meeting between EU leaders and RTErdogan on 6 April 2021 in Ankara, the EU offered Turkey more money to prevent a new wave of migration. TR has agreed to keep the refugees in the country in return for 6 billion dollars. In other words, the EU imperialists printed the money and got what they wanted. It is clear that this money will not be spent on refugees and will fill the pockets of supporters. The imperialists positioned the Turkish fascism as a "border sergeant major" in exchange for money, and in return for fascism.From Istanbul to Diyarbakir, from Metina to Afrin, wherever you are, whatever you do.“They gave their permission.

While fascism, which is supported by the imperialists, is positioning the refugees inside, it continues its invasion and annexation attacks against Rojava and Iraqi Kurdistan outside the border. The Turkish Republic acts so recklessly in its aggression that, for example, Interior Minister S. Soylu visits occupied Afrin and Ezaz and says,from now on we will go to iraq and syria on foot” can be declared.

In the last period, the statements made by the ruling class parties one after another against the refugees, especially the Syrians, are also noteworthy. The statements made by a racist fascist named Ümit Özdağ, who is indisputably a counter-guerrilla element, point to the potential of the Turkish Republic to organize provocations over refugees in the upcoming period. As the election process approaches, ruling class parties of all colors will carry out "election work" on refugees. Moreover, counter-guerrilla-induced racist chauvinistic attacks and pogroms against refugees are also possible. When the history of the Turkish state is evaluated, it is known that such attacks are frequently carried out.

As a matter of fact, the racist fascist attack on Syrian refugees in Ankara Altındağ on August 11, 2021 set an example of this danger. It is not only the rulers who are responsible for the increasing fascist and racist attacks on refugees, especially Syrian refugees. All bourgeois ruling class parties, with their power and opposition, are responsible for the attacks.

The entire opposition, especially the CHP, is responsible for the racist attack in Altındağ, which thinks that the AKP can take advantage of the reaction created by the refugee problem, which it has been using for its own interests for 10 years, for its own interests. The racist attack experienced was organized by the asparagas news of the counter-guerrilla, accompanied by demagogic rhetoric and statements raised by these circles. It is clear that the attack was a planned and controlled counter-guerrilla action, that it was carried out on demonstration after provocations, and moreover, it was a rehearsal of what will happen in the upcoming period.

This attack is taking shape as the policy of the AKP-MHP fascist government in the new process, just like the "collapse action plan" launched against the HDP after the June 7 elections, and the "counter coup" against the July 15 coup attempt. Sedat Peker, who once served as a counter-guerrilla apparatus, expresses this fact in his disclosures and confessions.

In the attack in Altındağ, fascism used a "handy tool" like refugees to intimidate anyone who opposes it, especially the Kurdish people, and was successful in this. It is highly probable that such racist attacks will increase in the coming period. Lynch culture, racism and chauvinism will strengthen fascism and consolidate its power. This is what is aimed.

It is a revolutionary duty to oppose such attacks of fascism and to be against racist and chauvinist aggression against all segments and the environment, especially refugees.

The approach towards refugees is a litmus paper for the revolutionary movement. Turkish fascism is primarily responsible for the Syrian refugees fleeing the war in the region. Those who do not oppose and support this policy of the Turkish state, which first became involved in the Syrian civil war with the gangs it supported, provided them with all kinds of logistical support and then occupied it with its own soldiers, and those who remained silent today complain about the refugees. Obviously, The reason Syrians are in Turkey is because Turkey is in Syria.

It should be foreseen that racist and fascist attacks against immigrants and refugees, especially Syrian refugees, will increase in the upcoming period. The fact that racist and discriminatory posts against refugees are carried out in a systematic and planned manner using social media tools is a sign of the extent of racism and chauvinism created in society by the ruling classes. Fighting racism and chauvinism, standing against racist and chauvinistic attacks against Syrian refugees, other refugees and immigrants will serve to remove the ground on which fascism is built.


Crash Regime!

There have been many examples showing that the TC was a complete collapse regime in 2021. These examples occurred in two senses of the word collapse. first The AKP-MHP fascist government was increasingly squeezed. The economic crisis brought the fascist alliance to the point of collapse. Of course, the regime will not collapse on its own. As a matter of fact, the fact that it came to the stage of collapse also mobilized the opposition ruling class clique and caused it to take action for restoration. Let's give an example of the "collapse" regime by expressing that we will also touch on the restoration of fascism under the name of the "reinforced parliamentary system" proposal by the bourgeois opposition;

One of the practices in which the "collapse regime" was seen best was experienced when the fascist government increased the exchange rate with interest rate cuts, and then fixed the exchange rates by giving treasury guarantees. The developments that started with the depreciation of the Turkish lira against the exchange rate resulted in the government's giving treasury guarantees to the foreign currency accounts. First, 128 billion dollars of the treasury was taken inside, and then a big hit was made overnight. In short, the state deceived its own citizens. He also made this clear.

For example, Nureddin Nebati, Minister of Treasury and Finance:Those who buy dollars from 15 liras, 16 liras and 17 liras are not big financiers. Big financiers know that this is going to turn around somehow. But who was hit? Small investors” he says. (24 December 2021)

We are faced with the enemies of the people who not only robbed and robbed the people, but also boasted about it. The government, by emphasizing the savings of the lower-middle classes with economic speculation, sold foreign currency to them at high exchange rates, and continued the collapse economy with a last hit against the people who were crushed under high inflation and heavy taxes.

LatterUnder the conditions in which the fascist dictatorship changes the Chairman of the Central Bank every four months, the economy, which is dependent on imperialist finance capital, has become even more dependent. Even the regime's own institutions express this openly. Foreign debt stock data of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance for the last quarter of 2020 reveal that the debt burden has become heavier, while also revealing the gravity of the crisis in the economy. According to the Ministry's statement, the gross external debt stock of the TR, which was 435.1 billion dollars in the previous period, increased by 3.5 percent to 450 billion dollars. This external debt corresponds to 62.8 percent of the national income. Net external debt stock, on the other hand, increased by 262.2 percent compared to the previous period's value of 2.5 billion dollars and reached 268.9 percent. The ratio of this to national income was 37.5 percent. The meaning of these numbers is that not only the present but also the future of the Turkish people has been stolen by the imperialists and the Turkish ruling classes.

The policies of fascism that favor its supporters from top to bottom, especially the "gang of five", and the distribution of tenders and incentives have created a full economy of corruption and theft. The practice of taking part in the board of directors and supervisory boards of banks, which would enable AKP-MHP representatives to receive high salaries just like in the "barley" of the Ottoman Empire, was extended and continued. Bureaucrats who unconditionally pledge allegiance to RTErdogan receive high salaries from three or five places at the same time. Not only high-level bureaucrats, but also the luxurious lives, money bales, and drug addictions of those who are involved with the regime in one way or another come to the fore. Alongside the economic collapse, there is complete corruption and decay.

While the AKP-MHP government created every opportunity and opportunity for its supporters for the interests of the ruling classes it represents, it increased the fascist aggression against the working class and the people. Attacks on the Kurdish movement and its legal institutions, attacks on the gains of the women's movement with the declaration of the exit from the Istanbul Convention, exposing the youth to fascist aggression as in the Bosphorus Resistance, declaring the LGBTI+ movement as heretical, continuing the systematic oppression of Alevis, etc. has been continued.


There is a Class Preference!

The economic policy pursued by AKP-MHP and especially by RTErdogan is a conscious and class choice. With the policy it has followed, the government is trying to impoverish large masses while making a handful of supporters rich and condemning labor to misery wages. While a handful of public enemies swim in wealth and luxury, the broad masses are condemned to conditions of severe misery and poverty.

The crisis situation in the Turkish economy is structural and is the continuation of the economic crisis that started in 2017. Contrary to popular belief, the cause of the economic crisis is not RTErdogan. Of course, the RTErdogan-AKP government is responsible for the deepening of the crisis, the impoverishment of the working class and the working people, and the fact that the masses are faced with the danger of starvation. However, behind the economic crisis is the structural situation of the Turkish economy.

The Turkish economy has a structure dependent on imperialist financial exploitation. This situation causes the economy to enter into a crisis from time to time on the basis of dependence on imperialist financial capital. The dependence of the Turkish economy on imperialist financial capital inflows causes it to be directly affected by the crises and developments in the imperialist financial markets. This situation, combined with the high dependence of the economy on foreign debt and imports, causes the economic system to be highly fragile and open to exploitation and rent by imperialist finance capital.

Under the "one-man" administration defined as the "Turkish-style Presidential regime" and under the conditions of fascist dictatorship, the Turkish economy "managed like a company" has collapsed on the basis of dependence on imperialist finance capital, under conditions of all kinds of theft, plunder, nepotism and corruption.

It is known that RTErdogan ruled the country like a company in favor of the classes he represented. RTErdogan expresses this fact at every opportunity. For example, at the "Balıkesir Economy Awards 2015 Ceremony", he addressed business people as follows:Don't you want this country to be run like a businessman? You know what's wrong with me? Turkey should be managed the same way a joint stock company is managed.. "

At the current stage, RTErdoğan has enriched the classes it represents, especially his own family and supporters, by managing the country "like a joint stock company". For example, in the Pandora Papers Pandora Documents of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), 220 people from Turkey are named. These are well-known figures who smuggle their wealth abroad from all kinds of tender corruption, bribery, exploitation and plunder, and in this sense gain unfair advantage. An example of how this wheel of exploitation and pillage works and the extent of the unfair profits is the activity of Rönesans Holding, one of the "favorite" companies of AKP-MHP.

According to the Pandora Papers Documents, Rönesans Holding, which has won 16 tenders worth approximately 10 billion liras in the last five years, according to the details of the tenders announced to the public, has transferred some of the profits from the public projects paid by the taxes of the citizens to the British Virgin Islands in order to evade taxes. Swiss Kendris Ltd., who manages the accounts of Covar Trading Ltd. In the report prepared by Covar Trading Ltd. on 30 June 2017, it is seen that 2015 million 105 thousand 524 US dollars were entered into the accounts of Covar Trading Ltd. in 132. And in the report, it is seen that 105 thousand 484 thousand 952 dollars came out of the company account under the name of "donation" in the same year. Although it is stated that it is not known where this donation went, it is understood that the money in question was transferred by Rönesans Holding to those who provided them with “honey tenders”. To put it more clearly, Rönesans Holding "donated" to the AKP-MHP government and RTErdoğan in return for the public tenders given to it.

It is seen that Rönesans Holding, which built the Presidential Palace with the taxes collected directly and indirectly from workers and laborers, transferred 210 million dollars to the tax haven in total. In return for this privilege granted to it, the Holding "saw" those who made the privilege and made "donations" to them. It is stated that if 40% of the income tax of the mentioned money were paid, approximately 750 million TL would enter the treasury's safe. There is a multi-layered case of profiteering, looting, bribery, corruption and unjust enrichment.

In return for this wealth, the people became even poorer. In other words, RTErdogan's "joint stock company" has collapsed.

The characteristics of the situation in the Turkish economy also show that although AKP-MHP is removed from power, it will not be resolved in an orderly fashion. Unless the dependence of the economy on the imperialist finance capital and the exploitation of the imperialist finance capital are ended, the economic crises will continue to be repeated, the policy of condemning the working class to misery wages and educating the working people with poverty, unemployment and hunger will be persistently maintained. The problem is not only AKP, MHP or RTErdogan, but the regime.

Fascism, besides showing that it was in a deep economic crisis with the effect of the epidemic, tried to raise the bill at every opportunity to the working class and working people. This is even expressed by the representatives of the capital itself. Simone Kaslowski, Chairman of the Board of TÜSİAD, stated that the unemployment figures continued to increase rapidly and the broadly defined unemployment rate rose to 28 percent.Unemployment and high cost of living threaten not only our present but also our future. We need serious steps and progress in these areas.” explains. (27 April 2021)

Of course, the meaning of this statement is that the dominant classes increase their attacks on the working class and laborers in order to secure their own future. The way for the ruling classes to "secure their own future" in conditions where unemployment is increasing, inflation figures cannot even be concealed by official institutions, hunger and poverty are deepening, and the economic crisis is driving people to suicide, is to prioritize their own class interests and formulate policies accordingly. Workers, women, young people, and Kurds are attacked. Indeed, this is exactly what has been done.


Regime Reality: Peker's Confessions and Counterinsurgency

The period we left behind was also characterized by a counter-guerrilla element gang leader making various statements-confessions through videos. Although some developments and the responses to them, which were implicitly disclosed in the videos published by Sedat Peker, serve to inform the broad public about the nature of the Turkish Republic, it should be noted that what was revealed was not a surprise for revolutionaries, communists and patriots.

Known by the revolutionary communist and patriotic movement, who was used by the Turkish state and finally the AKP as a counter-guerrilla element, S. Peker was scrapped in parallel with the power balances and alignments within the regime and lost his "duty" to another counter-guerrilla apparatus, Alaadin Çakıcı. scumbag” caused him to confess, so to speak, through “a tripod and camera”.

Although the statements made by a counter-guerrilla pawn, who are hostile to the people, are not new to the revolutionaries, the information that has been revealed has led to the situation being more understandable and debatable in the eyes of the broad masses.

For example, S. Peker; Former Interior Minister and counter-guerrilla element Mehmet Ağar openly stated that he had "collapsed" into Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina by threatening businessman Mübariz Mansimov. M.Agar, on the other hand, made this disclosure.What will be done when you get us away from here is obvious, the mafia will collapse here” he replied. Similarly, S.Peker announced that he had a role in the collapse of the Demirören family to the media group owned by Aydın Doğan and the printing of the Hürriyet newspaper building in 2015 upon a request from an AKP deputy. Such examples were revealed as examples of the character of the regime, the relationship between the Turkish ruling classes and the "collapses".

On the other hand, it should be emphasized that; Although S.Peker made other disclosures apart from these examples, he carefully avoided mentioning his real crimes.

Although what happened and its consequences are propagated as the collapse of the regime, especially by some liberal circles, this approach is extremely wrong. Again, approaches such as "the mafia was a partner in power during the AKP-MHP rule" serve to justify fascism and hide its nature. Similarly, it is misleading to describe what has been revealed as "deep state's actions". What has emerged and what has happened is in line with the fascist character of the Turkish Republic, the strife and strife among the ruling classes, and it is not surprising at all. It is known that continuity is essential in the Turkish state and there is a historical continuity from Special Organization to MIT and counter-guerrilla, from Bahaddin Şakirler and Topal Osman gang to S.Peker.


Continuity is Essential in the State: The “Collapse” Continues!

First of all, it should be noted that; TC is a “slump regime”. And "collapse" is not new. Based on what has happened in the last period, the thesis that the "collapse regime" emerged and developed against the social and national liberation struggles of the 12 September Military Fascist Junta and its aftermath is extremely wrong. The approach that a "collapse regime" was organized against the Kurdish National Freedom Movement, especially in the '90s, by using "unconventional warfare" techniques, is related to not being able to analyze the TR and the foundations on which it was built.

TC was built on "collapse" while it was being established. All wealth, especially Armenian, Greek and Assyrian goods and wealth, has been "collapsed". The source of the wealth of the Turkish ruling classes comes from this “collapse”. For example, when the source of Sabancı and Koç's wealth is examined, it extends to Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians. The Turkish bourgeoisie and landlords made their first savings on Armenian, Greek and Assyrian lands, goods and wealth. The Turkish fascism itself was shaped by the "collapse" along with the genocide.

In this sense, there is a continuity from the establishment of the regime to the present. State-mafia relations, which were brought to the agenda through Susurluk in the 1990s and now through S. Peker, are in reality nothing but an apparatus of the counter-guerrilla organization used by fascism in its war against the people. It is known that TC uses mafia-gang elements, which are embodied in the person of S.Peker, or in other words, treats such personalities as "operation tools" against the public. In this sense, S.Peker is aware of his duty. Indeed, he said, "He passed his life in the state, he passed in intelligence, he passed in the police, he passed in the military, he passed in the streets, he passed in politicsdefines it as …”.

In the war against the progressive, revolutionary, communist and patriotic movement, the people, under the name of "fight against communism", where the concept of unconventional warfare was formulated together with the NATO membership of the TR, and the tradition of the Special Organization, which the TR had practiced since its establishment, was blended and reproduced with imperialist strategies. It should not be forgotten that massacres were carried out. The regime financed this war against the people with all kinds of illegitimate commercial activities, especially drug trade, legitimized it with the slogan of "homeland-nation-flag", and justified all kinds of "collapse" actions as "survival problems".

In this sense, it is understandable that S. Peker, who did not have a single official duty known throughout his life, stated that he spent his life in the state, intelligence, police and military. TR uses such personalities as an element of unconventional warfare in the war against the revolutionaries, the Kurdish movement and the people, and throws them aside when the time comes. At this stage, S.Peker objects to the AKP being put aside after being used in the clique fight within the regime, in the "collapse" works and against the people.

We do not know whether S. Peker's public confession played a role in reshaping Turkish fascism in line with the new orientation of US and EU imperialism. What happened seems to have developed mostly due to the change in the balance of power within fascism after the 2015 coup attempt. After the AKP government's liquidation of the Fethullah Gülen Community, S. Peker's confession came to the fore as a result of the conflict between the counter-guerrilla cliques as a result of his coalition with the MHP and the Vatan Party. The photo frame given in Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina reflects a reality in this respect.


“Unconventional War” Against Opponents and People

S. Peker's confessions contain clues about how the counter-guerrilla organization was used in the war against the people. In a TV show attended by S. Soylu, who knows this situation well, "An asymmetrical and symmetrical response was given to all asymmetrical and symmetrical attacks in Turkey. (…) We made the asymmetrical moves. We brought the presidential systemIt is not in vain that he uses the words ". (May 17, 2021)

If it is recalled, the moves to transform the regime into a presidential regime started after the 7 June 2015 elections and counter-guerrilla methods were used in the war against the progressives, revolutionaries, Kurdish movement and the people until the 1 November 2015 elections. It is known that fascism panicked especially after the HDP's success after the 7 June elections, and by ending the "solution process", it entered into an intense fascist aggression against the people. The bomb attack on the HDP rally on 5 June, which is claimed to have been carried out by ISIS for the "Presidential Regime" attacks, but with a strong possibility of counter-guerrilla actions, the 20 July 2015 Suruç and 10 October 2015 Ankara Massacres, and the 7-9 September, which is very clear that it is a counter-guerrilla organization. It is known that fascist attacks against HDP buildings across the country and a comprehensive fascist aggression against self-government resistances in 12 provinces and 2015 districts in Kurdistan after August 4, 15.

In short, during this period, an “asymmetric and symmetrical response” was given to the revolutionary, communist and patriotic movement. Fascism waged war by using counter-guerrilla methods against the people to protect its power. As one of those who knew this fact best, Prime Minister of the time Ahmet Davutoğlu later said “If the books on the fight against terrorism are opened, many people will not be able to come to the surface. Those who criticize us today cannot come to the surface.It is not in vain that he uses the words ". (24 August 2019)

Since its establishment, the TR has been a "terrorist" regime against the working class, peasants, women, LGBTI+s, oppressed nationalities and beliefs, especially the Kurdish nation. This regime used all kinds of methods to maintain its power. One of these methods is unconventional warfare techniques and counter-guerrilla methods. People like S. Peker played a role in the conflict within the system and its attacks against the people. These are judicial personalities who do the "dirty work" of the "clean" bourgeoisie and are put aside when the time comes.


Roleplaying in Imperialist Interests and the Restoration of Fascism

The policy change of US imperialism with J.Biden is also effective in the fight of both cliques of the Turkish ruling classes. The Turkish ruling class clique, which represents themselves in the CHP-IYI Party, has seen this situation and is following a policy in line with it. After the calls for early elections, especially after the CHP delegations' contacts with Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu's documentary work (Mr.There is a Kurdish problem that the political establishment has not been able to solve for 35-40 years. Erdogan confronted the state with an illegitimate actor in Imrali. HDP can be accepted as the legitimate body” statements were deliberately brought back to the agenda.

The extent of the impact of this debate shows us that the regime is preparing for restoration by the CHP-IYI Party. Fascism is preparing for the aftermath of AKP-MHP rule. While the disintegration of the AKP-MHP's base is being propagated by the results of the surveys announced one after another in the last months, new developments are taking place within the bureaucracy.

The agenda and widespread discussion of the CHP leader's statement in context of the Kurdish issue should be evaluated in this context. The Kurdish question stands in an important place in our country with its horizontal and vertical cross-cutting of the main contradictions. AKP-MHP power partners, "There is no Kurdish problemIt is compatible with the policies of the US imperialism towards the region to bring a past statement of the CHP leader to the agenda and make it discussed against the statement. Time will tell whether there will be a new "solution process". However, it should not be forgotten that; The real solution to the main contradiction between the oppressor nation and the oppressed nation, which is defined as the Kurdish problem in our country, is through the democratic revolution. Every other way and method means nothing but seeking a "temporary" solution to the problem and taking dressing measures.

On the other hand, all bourgeois parties, especially the AKP-MHP wing, are preparing for the 2023 presidential and parliamentary elections. Although the election (in the absence of an early election) will be held in June 2023, the country has been brought into an election atmosphere. AKP-MHP does not hesitate to pass new laws by using all the means of the state to win the election. Against the AKP-MHP fascist bloc, which is preparing for the elections as the "People's Alliance", the "Nation Alliance" formed by 6 parties is another front.

On the other hand, HDP also said “3. The "Democracy Platform", which was formed with some revolutionary and progressive parties and groups, continues its activities.

When we exclude HDP, it is a fact that there are only quantitative differences between all bourgeois parties. The target that the "People's Alliance" wants to achieve is to become more authoritarian and to increase the system of exploitation and oppression in 2023, in case of winning the election. On the other hand, the "Nation Alliance", which revived Kemalism, portrayed it as a liberation, and promised "a radical progress" in "democracy and human rights" if they won the election, stated that they would switch to the "parliamentary system", that they did not have a goal of democratizing the country and came together. It is evident by the nature of the 6 parties that came. For example, it is not a coincidence that in the document presented by the "Nation Alliance", which announced the election program with a huge show, not a single sentence was mentioned regarding the Kurdish people or Alevis.

Expressing that the first 4 articles of the constitution have "red lines" and that they will not make any "concessions", these 6 parties advise Kurds and Alevis to be content with what is given progressively. Fearing the AKP-MHP fascist bloc, not meeting with the HDP, and opposing the attacks and massacres against HDP buildings, it has been revealed that the 6-party alliance sees the Kurds as a storehouse of votes, and it is clear from past experience that the Kurds will not be betrayed.


Attacks on the Working Class and the People Will Increase

The state of being stuck in the AKP-MHP fascist government and the deepening of the economic crisis with the pandemic process has given birth to a crisis of inability to manage. With this crisis, fascism is doing what it knows best, on the one hand, it goes to space, for example, with baseless and extreme propaganda, and on the other hand, it cannot even intervene in forest fires. While this situation causes more exposure, the government does what it knows best in order to fend off this fact, in addition to increasing its attack against the people, it provokes racism and chauvinism at almost every opportunity.

As the economic crisis deepens, as the anger and reaction against the government accumulates in the working class and the people, an increase is observed in the attacks of fascism against the people. Attacks and arrests against HDP and BDP continue. Next is the move to close the HDP.

The decision of the "Gezi Case", which has been announced recently, shows that fascism applies the law not only against revolutionaries, communists and the Kurdish people, but also against everyone, from the most liberal to democrats and "leftists" who call themselves Kemalists. The Gezi decision should be defined not only as a retrospective but also for the future, as a fascist attack decision taken against possible new Gezi protests. This decision of the court, which could not even be adapted to its own laws, has been recorded as a note in history.

One of the issues in which the anti-people face of all ruling class parties, with their ruling and opposition parties, is best revealed is the Kurdish issue. The best indication that the main opposition is no different from the government is revealed in the aggression against the Kurds. K.Kılıçdaroğlu, who was elected as the representative of "peace" because he said no to the resolution vote, openly supports the invasion attack against Iraqi Kurdistan. When it comes to the survival of the Turkish Republic, bourgeois opposition of all colors line up behind the government.

However, there are increasing signs that the invasion attack in Iraqi Kurdistan is not going as expected for fascism. Turkish elements, who were hit hard against the guerrilla, activate the KDP and use chemical weapons. It can even be understood from the number of dead that TC has taken a heavy blow. Considering the loss of soldiers concealed for the public or those alleged to have died due to traffic accidents and diseases, it is seen that he suffered a complete defeat. This situation will make Turkish fascism even more aggressive inside.

It should be noted that in our evaluation, no evaluation was made on the Kurdish national question under a separate title. The reason for this is that the Kurdish national question is effective in all contradictions and conflicts, both horizontally and vertically. Therefore, besides the agenda items mentioned in the whole evaluation, there is definitely the Kurdish national problem. This feature will continue to be effective in the agenda of our country and the revolution in the upcoming period as well. For this very reason, HBDH and KBDH continue to maintain their importance.


Situation in the World: Capitalism is Leading Humanity and the Planet to Destruction

The worldwide economic crisis brings the deepening of inter-imperialist contradictions and the re-sharing of markets. This is the cause of imperialist wars. The imperialist-capitalist system cannot provide stability in the economic and political arena. The current system cannot radically intervene in the destruction of capitalism and the resulting problems. On the other hand, although the wars of occupation are continued as a solution to the crisis, each war of occupation creates new problems and deepens the existing ones.

While the international market competition, hegemony and geopolitical struggle among the imperialist states and monopolies escalate, the process of market redistribution clarifies the polarizations among the imperialists. And all these also pose a threat and an element of aggression for the peoples of the world. They are being targeted, the bill is being charged to them. The bill of the imperialists' quarrel is being brought to the peoples...

Today's conjuncture has brought the US and European imperialists face to face with the Chinese and Russian imperialists, who came to the stage of history after them, as rival powers. So much so that the conflict of interest and influence between these powers escalated to higher dimensions. As a result, they entered a turning point in which military elements were more prominent against each other. When the USA threatened to take Ukraine –with its political and economic dependency-militarily under its command and to spread the NATO borders right under Russia's nose; Russia launched an invasion attack on Ukraine. In other words, Russia responded to this attempt of the USA, which did not want it to open up to other markets and wanted it to stay in a narrow area, with an imperialist occupation.

Thus, once again, the price of the fight for the international market and hegemony was brought to the peoples. As a matter of fact, as a result of this attack, tens of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians were killed and injured, their houses were burned and millions of Ukrainians were forced to migrate.

All of this is the result of the fight between international monopolies, banks and states, which is getting hotter among themselves, for quarreling, pillage, plunder and geo-political dominance. Therefore, this invasion and attack cannot be considered in isolation from the escalation of the re-distribution of markets in the international arena. Otherwise, the ideologists of the imperialists serve to hide the truth. The current international system that made the world this way is camouflaged.

However, the dialectical materialist point of view clearly shows the bare reality. Western imperialists led by the USA, "globalization", "neo-liberalism", "unipolar world", "new world order" and so on. The virtual world, which he put on the market with labels, went bankrupt. The contradictions, problems and destructions of international capitalism have become more aggressive. The resulting problems have grown, class contradictions, political pressure and sanctions have reached the upper stage.

Before starting this subject, it is useful to mention the recent past of Ukraine, which stands out geo-strategically and geo-politically in terms of imperialist outbreaks. We will see how the two countries within the Soviet Union, which was established with the October Revolution, which was once led by the proletariat, took place in opposite poles when they entered the hegemony of capitalism.

As it is known, like other Soviet republics, the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was included in the Soviet Union in 1921. It continued to exist as a socialist republic in the socialist Soviet Union until 1956. After that date, bureaucratic state capitalism, marked by the modern revisionism that the Soviet Union evolved, became dominant in Ukraine as well. And after 1989-91, a handful of oligarchs, who seized the wealth, opportunities and possibilities of the previous order through mafia-like ways, left their place to the capitalism of the bourgeoisie. And today has come…


The Self-Reorganization of Russian Imperialism

As we mentioned above, after bureaucratic state capitalism collapsed, it was replaced by capitalism marked by private property. The compulsion and imposition of historical evolution and current conditions pushed the previous bureaucratic capitalism to such a change in its internal structure. The lack of private property in the face of other classical capitalists, the contradictions between private property and state property, the deepening of the contradiction created by bureaucrat state property and surplus-value exploitation, the further destruction of the system by the contradiction between state capitalism and classical capitalism based on the private sector, bribery. , corruption, the gradual increase in bureaucratic relations and the resulting contradictions and problems between the official bureaucrat new bourgeoisie and the working class brought about the obstruction and collapse of the functioning of the internal structure of state capitalism.

As a matter of fact, the states corresponding to state capitalism in the Soviet Union, China, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans left their places to western countries, which were marked by private property, with the collapse of the 1989-91 period. As a result, separate states were formed. The Warsaw Pact against NATO was also dissolved on 1 July 1991. With the disintegration of the military pact involving Ukraine, the US intervened in its favor in the economic, political and military space. Thus, the Balkans and Eastern European countries immediately came under the rule of the European imperialists and the USA. Destroyed from within, Russia could not prevent the oligarchic bourgeoisie of these countries from being subordinated to the western imperialists. To put it more clearly, the USA and Europe took the markets lost by rival social-imperialism in the market fight to their hegemony in the economic and political arena. Although Russia had stipulated that states in Eastern Europe and the Balkans not be included in NATO, although the USA and Western European states "accepted" this, they did not comply in the following dates. They expanded their military borders to the very nose of Russia by making Eastern European and Balkan countries members of NATO.

But despite the Eastern European and Balkan states, a significant part of the former Soviet societies did not immediately enter the magnetic field of the western states due to their past ties. They were first included in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The CIS is a community formed as a result of the agreement signed between Russia, Ukraine and Belarus on 8 December 1991. With the formation of the CIS, the Soviet Union was also “officially” destroyed. Later, the former Soviet countries except Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia signed this agreement on 21 December 1991. Georgia signed this agreement in 1993. Thus, in 1993, 15 of the 12 republics of the former Soviet Union were included in the CIS. However, Turkmenistan in 2005, Georgia in 2009 and Ukraine in 2014 left full membership. As a result of the coup carried out in Georgia in November 2003 under the name of “Rose Revolution”, pro-US Mikail Saakashvilli took over the administration. And at the insistence of the USA, he wanted to join NATO. Russia, which did not accept this situation, did not accept Georgia's landing of troops in South Ossetia, which declared independence on 1994 August 8, by breaking the ceasefire agreement signed in 2008. In return for the Georgian soldiers, Russian soldiers also entered this region. After eight days of war, a ceasefire agreement was signed. Russia became the first country to recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia on August 26, 2008. He even established military bases there. And he also rejected Georgia's NATO and EU membership. Thereupon, on 17 August 2009, Georgian parliament left the CIS with its decision.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which are not included in the CIS, were included in the Baltic Sea States Council (BDDK), which was established on 5-6 March 1992. BRSA is the council that also includes Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Poland and Russia. As can be seen, after the legal disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Baltic states, which are members of the BRSA, took the first and most obvious stand against Russia. Although Russia is included in this Council, it mainly forms the backbone of the CIS.

The purpose of this council in the post-Cold War period was to respond to the post-war geo-political developments and to establish relations between states.

As can be seen, the recent geo-political position and international conjuncture change in the current period have pushed the economic, political and military relations and the ties they formed between states to change. As a result of this, just as the relations of states such as the USA, England, Germany and France are shaped according to the new international position; States such as China and Russia are also developing a new network of relations in line with their own interests in the new process. As a matter of fact, we entered the period in which the relations between the imperialists were redesigned and steps were taken for opposing poles, new alliances and new ties.


The Final Scene of the Inter-imperialist Contradiction: Ukraine

Sudden and rapid developments were experienced in Ukraine, which had good relations with Russia until 2014. Pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown in a coup between February 18 and February 23, 2014. Over a hundred people lost their lives in the conflict that lasted for a week.

As we mentioned above, the basis of these conflicts was the hegemony struggle of the western imperialists and the alliance of Russia and China. This struggle, which became more and more sharp, escalated to the upper levels over Ukraine. And as a result of this, the President of Ukraine, who is close to Russia, Yanukovych, and the part supported by the USA and Europe, came face to face. As a result of this, the Ukrainian government's refusal to sign the IMF policies imposed by the pro-Western and the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement, preferring instead to get closer with Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union. As a matter of fact, this situation triggered the problem. Thereupon, the Yevromeydan (Independence Square) protests, which started in November 2013 with the support of Western states, spread to the country.

Neo-Nazi groups formed in these movements came to the fore. In Kiev, they knocked down the statue of Lenin. “Ukraine is Europe' slogans were shouted. Neo-Nazi groups took the lead with their slogans, banners, clothing, fires, attacks, threats and racist attitudes. Bigoted and racist politicians, journalists, television officials, and famous people also took part in this movement that spread throughout the country. Televisions, press institutions and all media elements were mobilized and mass rallies, marches and demonstrations were held. Speeches containing admiration for the west were made during the marches where the flags of European states and the USA were waved. In short, all populist figures were fueled.

While Yanukovych was on his way to Kharkov, the convoy was fired upon. It was attempted to be overthrown by the attack. Thereupon, Yanukovych fled to Crimea and subsequently to Russia with the support of Russian official forces. Along with him, other officials were purged. He was temporarily replaced by Oleksandr Turchinov. Petro Poroshenko, known as the oligarch, won the 25 May 2014 unilateral elections and took office on 7 June 2014.

All these developments were organized by the USA and its foreign organization CIA, as well as England, France, Germany. Thus, Ukraine under the control of Russia was drawn to their side by the western states.

Thereupon, with the counter move of Russia, the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine left Ukraine on 18 March 2014 after the referendum and it was decided to join Russia.

With these developments, it was aimed to put pressure and privileges on Ukrainian citizens of Russian ethnic origin in the eastern provinces of Ukraine. Russian is banned. Racism against the Russian nationality was fueled. The Regional Languages ​​Act was repealed. In particular, the people living in the Donbas and Lugansk regions, where the majority of them are of Russian origin, took a stand for the abolition of this law and against racism. Against the incitement of racism through the CIA-supported administration, riots broke out in the provinces of this region. Cities such as Kharkiv, Kherson, Nikolayev and Odessa, especially Donetsk and Luhansk, also witnessed demonstrations and riots. As a result, government buildings were seized, especially in Donetsk and Lugansk, and Russian flags were planted instead of Ukrainian flags.

Depending on all these conflicts and developments, in 2014, the Donetsk People's Republic was proclaimed on 7 April and the Luhansk People's Republic on 27 April. And as a result of the decisions they took, a total of 21 representatives, 28 from Donetsk and 49 from Lugansk, were accepted as deputies at the meeting they held. The republics of Donetsk and Lugansk united on 26 June 2014 to form the "People's Union Republic". Oleg Tsarev was appointed Speaker of the Parliament. Russia took these republics under its protection, but accepted their independence demands on February 21, 2022, just after the Ukraine War began. The war between Ukraine and Donetsk and Lugansk has continued to this day.

Zelenski, who officially became the President of Ukraine on May 20, 2019, maintained relations with the USA and European states and acted depending on them. He took part in the ranks of the USA and European states in the war that started with the provocation of the USA and the invasion of Russia. However, the Donets and Lugansk civil war has turned into a war between Ukraine and Russia under the rule of western imperialists, which has gained an international dimension today.


The Status of Donetsk and Lugansk and the Right to Secession

We touched on the war between Ukraine and Donetsk and Lugansk. While addressing this, we also emphasized the historical backgrounds and the relations between them and the origin of the problems that occur today.

Related to this, another point is that the Ukrainian bourgeoisie, who seized power with the 2016 coup, banned the languages ​​of Donetsk and Lugansk, prevented their schooling and education, denied their national existence, and subjected them to assimilation and oppression.

The MLM point of view opposes and takes a stand against the attacks, massacres, oppression and bans committed by the Ukrainian bourgeoisie and state, which is dependent on US imperialism, on Donetsk and Luganska. Because these oppressions and attacks deny the right to self-determination of the nation's Right to Free Separation, subject it to assimilation and subordinate it to fascist domination. The attitude that is opposed and taken is these attacks and pressures.

The Right of Free Secession of the Donets People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic, which fought against the fascist power of Ukraine and declared their own autonomous regions, must be respected. The fact that these autonomous republics are pro-Russian, that they want to join Russian imperialism, that the principle of the right to secede freely is defended is something else. The "use" of these republics in the interests of Russian imperialism should not be confused with the uncompromising defense of the principle of the Right to Separate Freely. In this context, the invading policies of Russian imperialism should not be backed up. The Right of Free Secession of these autonomous republics must be defended, Russia's imperialist invasion and annexation attack must be openly condemned.

Lenin emphasized that in such a situation, the people would either be willing to live under this reactionary regime, under the rule of the bourgeois government, or they would start a new revolution by rebelling.

However, this should not mean that the US and European states will ignore the fact that they are directing the Zelenski government in line with their own interests. anyway The occupation of Ukraine and the war is not a domestic problem, it is a war of international imperialist division and hegemony. An objective attitude cannot be taken without seeing the content of this war. However, as in every national question, Donetsk and Lugansk have the right to secede freely, and this right is defended unconditionally. Otherwise, the nationalism of the oppressing nation will be acted upon. To deny the right to secede freely and establish a separate state is to fall into social-chauvinism. It means ignoring the national attacks and invasion attempts. In short, like every nation, the Russians in Ukraine have the "right to leave freely".

As we mentioned above, Donetsk and Lugansk regions used their right to secede and decided to establish a separate state. However, this decision was taken in conditions marked by the conflict of interests between the imperialists. Therefore, Donetsk and Lugansk could not act independently under these conditions and acted under the guidance of invading Russia. Therefore, their "independence" decision is actually an "independence" that includes dependence on Russian imperialism. The national problem, which lacks subjective conditions anyway – or where the leadership is weak – cannot be resolved independently. Such a conjuncture puts these problems in the whirlpool of imperialist states. Indeed, this is the case in Ukraine and in Donetsk and Lugansk.

But in conclusion, the right of free secession of Donetsk and Lugansk, whose national position is not recognized, denied, attacked, must be defended unconditionally. Without the recognition of the Right to Free Separation, the unity of nationalities becomes a coerced one.


NATO Enlargement, Inter-Imperialist Market and Hegemony Conflict

The previous international geo-political position, referred to as the “Cold War” by bourgeois ideologists, resulted in the USA's superiority over Russian Social Imperialism. The supremacy of the USA, which was presented to the public with formulations such as "unipolar world", "globalization" and "new world order", continued for a while. With this move, the USA acted as a "super power" that took a step alone in international politics from the 1990s to the 2005s. However, it was not possible to continue until the end of this period. International markets were fixed, and the export of capital required the redistribution of fixed markets. This market fight was inevitable. Therefore, it was not possible for the imperialist states to take place in the continuous phase of reconciliation and in the "unipolar" conjuncture. Because the imperialist system's fight for market and hegemony would impose itself eventually.

True, the defeat of Russian Social Imperialism in the market fight tied the markets in Eastern Europe and the Balkans to Europe and the USA. In addition, the military Warsaw Pact formed under the leadership of Russia was dissolved. As a result, the USA, taking advantage of this gap, established NATO bases in these countries, expanded NATO's borders to the east and towards Russia, and went as far as Ukraine today. Thus, the USA was planning to squeeze Russia through NATO and prevent it from opening to large areas. As a result of this, the states that were in the Warsaw Pact of Russian Social Imperialism in the past, now took place in NATO headquarters under the leadership of the USA. The Eastern European states of the Warsaw Pact, which was established against NATO created by the USA, have changed their ranks today.

The USA, which could not prevent Russia's attempt to come to the fore during the Obama and Trump era, has once again made this attempt with the Ukraine-Russia war in the Biden era.

Despite all these attempts of the USA, the contradictions and alignments between the imperialists could not be prevented. So much so that the contradictions have gradually developed and escalated to the extreme today. In this competition, China and Russia gradually came to the fore. By turning to the market areas of imperialist states such as the USA and England, Germany, France and Japan, they brought the world into a process in which the struggle for the redistribution of markets gained momentum. So much so that with the One Belt, One Road Project prepared by China, it started to open up to the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. In addition, China, which opened up to the Latin-American continent, especially disturbed the US imperialism. This discomfort has gradually brought the gap between the USA and China, and today, as this market fight develops, the contradiction between the imperialist camp led by the USA and the other imperialist camp formed by China and Russia has escalated to sharp dimensions.

As a result, the US imperialism threatened Russia by including Ukraine, which it had made dependent on itself with the coup d'etat in 2016, into NATO. Especially the last President Joe Biden brought the NATO membership of Ukraine, next to Russia, to the fore and placed Ukraine at the center of the international agenda. Thus, the situation in Ukraine became strategic. And finally, Russia entered into a hot war by starting the invasion war against Ukraine. As a result, in this political atmosphere, European capitalist-imperialist states embraced NATO under the leadership of the USA with the mood of the “Cold War” period.

The other plan of the USA is to wear out Russia, which is at war, and weaken its relations with China. Their aim is to disrupt this move of China and Russia, which they could not prevent from opening up to market areas. For this reason, they want the occupation of Ukraine to last a long time. In the background of this attack lies the use of the Ukrainian war as an element of pressure on Russia, weakening its influence and severing its ties with China. In this way, they plan to leave China alone, or at least weaken their relationship.

Afterwards, in the Greater China Sea (Pacific Ocean), on the islands, in the straits, on the land, the Taiwan problem, Hong Kong, etc. to bring new places to the agenda, to create new problems and to prevent China from the hegemony it has created around the world by wearing it down... To confine its rivals to a narrow space... Thus, with the conjuncture, to hinder, undermine China's One Road, One Belt Project and to eliminate it in the market fight. dominate your projects…

These are the imperialist aims of the USA. Therefore, on September 16, 2021, a military pact against China was formed by Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States in Asia-Pacific. This military pact, which was named AUKUS with the abbreviation of the names of the three countries, was needed as a kind of NATO function. The purpose of this pact is to curb China in Asia-Pacific and render it ineffective in its struggle for hegemony. For this reason, it is to weaken the alliance of China and Russia, which are the rivals of the USA, to weaken their relations with each other, to render them ineffective, to narrow their maneuvering areas, and to prevent them from opening up to large market areas and geo-political areas. This goal is in the background of the Russia-Ukraine war. Wearing Russia down by keeping it at war and weakening the Chinese connection… And then putting China into war in the Asia-Pacific and wearing it down over the problems it created… As a matter of fact, the attempt to bring Taiwan and Hong Kong problems to the agenda is the result of these plans!..

Therefore, while the number of NATO member states was 16 at first, this number increased to 30 after the Warsaw Pact was dissolved. Its expansion of its own military composition is the result.


The USA and the UK Played Provocative Roles in Disrupting the Pre-Occupation “World Peace”

The contradictions between imperialists are getting deeper in every field today. Especially in the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific Ocean, the US and EU imperialists are trying to plan political and military operations against China and Russia and try to put these plans into practice. After invading Syria with the Greater Middle East Project (BOP), the US imperialists' plans to seize Iran's natural gas and oil, and then Kazakh, Turkmen, Azeri oil and gas, fell through when Russia joined the war against the US and Turkish jihadists on the side of the Syrian state. , discontinued.

Moreover, with the US imperialists losing their influence over the Arab-Islamic Union countries to Russia, it paved the way for Russian companies to dominate the market more in the markets of the Arab-Islamic Union countries in the Middle East. And since the EU countries have not yet formed their own military forces (the European army), they have the opportunity to realize these plans, as the then US President D.Trump made statements that "NATO is unnecessary" against the efforts to position NATO against Russia in Eastern Europe. they could not.

J.Biden, the new president of the USA, who took office in January 2021, decided to use NATO, more precisely, NATO member countries, especially the UK, before the economic and military attacks against China and Russia, contrary to what was done before - during the Trump era. Departing from the necessity of taking the . And from this meeting “NATO 2030; Togetherness for a New Age” led to the publication of a report. At this meeting, it was decided to start an economic war against China and a war against Russia in which military attacks could be carried out, as well as an economic war, under the leadership of the US imperialists led by J. Biden. China and Russia have been identified as target countries.

In the NATO statement, which was announced at the end of the NATO summit held in Brussels and continued with the statement "Our main concerns are Russia, China and Terrorism...", the US imperialism's strategy of "encircling Russia with NATO member states" became a NATO strategy through the strengthening of the NATO military structure in Eastern Europe.

Declaring China and Russia as enemies and surrounding/encircling Russia with NATO member states from the east in the final declarations of the G7, NATO and EU meetings that followed are also NATO's strategy documents.

The United States and NATO have been deploying missiles to Russia's borders for many years. They organize large-scale maneuvers in these areas. They fly bombers carrying nuclear weapons over Russia's borders.

Most importantly, in 2014, the US and NATO jointly carried out a coup in Ukraine - the Square Coup - overthrowing the pro-Russian president and government, and brought a government that was pro-Russian to power. And after this date, it was ensured that the forces in Ukraine were equipped and trained with modern weapons for a possible war with Russia, and not content with this, pro-Nazi forces from Europe and America were trained in Ukraine and included in the Azok Battalions formed by the Nazis there. All this preparation is part of the process that prepared the Ukraine war.


USA Wants to Restore Its Decreasing Situation

The economic development of China, its capture of most of the African markets, and its turning from Asia to the European and Middle Eastern markets with the “One Way” project have greatly disturbed the US imperialists. At the same time, since Russia has come to the fore in market sharing as an economic and military power and upset the plans of the US imperialists in Syria, the US imperialists firstly Britain and the United States to reverse this situation and mobilize their military and economic power, as in the past, to ensure its dominance in the world markets. then, taking NATO with him, he took action to pressure China and Russia.

US imperialists; By taking the G7, NATO and EU meetings, especially NATO and EU countries with them, they want to put Ukraine back into the war by provoking Russia against Russia, to put Russia back in military and economic. For this reason, they provide all kinds of heavy weapons and materials and serious economic support to Ukraine. According to the statements made by the USA, 800 million dollars of unrequited aid was given only for armament. Military experts and intelligence officers of NATO and the USA provide all-round support to Ukraine's military forces on the ground. We can say that the US imperialists are waging a proxy war through Ukraine.


The Ukraine War is an Imperialist War of Sharing Between the US-EU and Russia

It will be easier to understand the present by starting from history.

"The real policy pursued by the two giant capitalist groups – Britain and Germany, in competition with their allies – in the years before the war must be studied and fully grasped. says Lenin.

"This policy shows us only one thing, the constant capitalist competition between the world's two biggest giants, two capitalist economies. On the one hand, the one who owns a large part of the earth and is in the lead in wealth, and who obtained this wealth not by the labor of his own workers, but by the exploitation of his numerous colonies, and controlling billions of rubles with three or five English banks that took over all the other banks, while doing this control, us without exaggeration; There is not a single country in the world that this capital does not hold its fist on, and there is not a single inch of land on earth, there is England that makes you say that it is not caught by the British capital..''…

“In 1871, a new robber, a new economic power emerged. This power developed much faster than England. This rapid development of capitalism in Germany was like a young and vigorous robber coming to the Union of European States and saying: 'You destroyed the Netherlands, defeated France, devoured half the world; now please let's get our share.'” (V.I.Lenin, National Liberation Movements in the East, p. 276, Method Publications)

“German imperialists, English imperialists, enough of your exploiting the world! They started the war for the redistribution of the colonies by saying that we want to get a share from here too.” (I. The Outbreak of the Imperialist War of Sharing)

Today, China and Russia, who stand up against the US and EU imperialists, are young, strong robbers who stood against Britain years ago. They impose on the USA and the EU that we should get our share from the world markets.

War is the continuation of politics by other means. When the struggles between the oppressor and the oppressed classes intensify, the classes have to carry out their politics with weapons. Every war has a class content. So, as long as there are oppressing and exploiting classes and oppressed and exploited classes on earth, there will be wars.

"But wars will become impossible if we overthrow and defeat the bourgeoisie, not in one country, but throughout the world, and take their possessions.” (Socialism and War, Lenin)

The wars we have seen and will see throughout history are wars of classes. A war is waged between the oppressing classes, either because of their share of exploitation, or between the oppressed class and the oppressing class, on the one hand, as a continuation of the exploitation and oppression policy of the oppressing class, and on the other hand, as a continuation of the policy of destroying the existing regime of exploitation and oppression of the oppressed classes.

Wars can only be called "Down with war" etc. cannot be prevented with dry slogans. There are concrete causes that lead to wars. Wars will not disappear unless these causes disappear. On the abolition of wars, Lenin says: “What is needed is not to prevent war, but to take advantage of the crisis created by the war to hasten the overthrow of the bourgeoisie.” (On Imperialist War, p. 9)

The main problem in the debates of the socialists on the attitude towards the war is this; Why is it fought? What classes are those who stage the war and manage it? That is, the socialists must explain to the masses that the only way to get rid of them is to overthrow "their" government and for this purpose they must take advantage of the difficulties their governments have fallen into in this war. (ibid)

In a reactionary war, a revolutionary class cannot help but want its government to be defeated, nor can it ignore the increased possibilities of overthrowing the government by its military failures.

It is clear that the aim of this war over Ukraine between the US, UK and EU imperialists and the Russian imperialists is to control the dominance of the region and the markets. Therefore, the invading and annexationist attempts and attacks of the US, British and EU imperialists, as well as the Russian imperialists on the other hand, must be opposed.

It is a reactionary and unjust war. It is the people and peoples of Ukraine who will be most affected by these conflicts between the two imperialist camps.

The correct solution to such wars between imperialists is to organize the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world, to fight against imperialism and the rulers of their own countries.

Communists are faced with the task of imposing just wars against those who impose unjust war, occupation and annexation on the oppressed oppressed people. It is the duty of communists to raise the banner of just wars against unjust wars.


Controversies and Hopes for Russia

The discussions that started with Russia's attack on Ukraine are noteworthy. Many parties, groups and circles that have expressed their opposition to the US side with Russia and see Putin's attack on Ukraine as legitimate. They sided with Russia, arguing that the US's warmongering and expansionist policy could only be "stopped by Russia" and that the Ukrainian invasion was a response to the US and European imperialists. Another justification of these circles is based on the thesis that Ukraine is included in NATO and Russia is surrounded, against this, Russia has a “survival problem” and it is legitimate to declare war on Ukraine in order not to endanger its own future.

On the other hand, the correct attitude is that Russia is an occupying power and its attack on Ukraine is untenable. It is true that the USA, Britain and European imperialists made plans to neutralize Russia by seeing Russia as the enemy at the NATO and G7 summits. To this must be added China. Russia and China, as two great enemies for the USA, Britain and European imperialists, are seen as the biggest obstacles to the re-sharing of markets.

The contradictions within the imperialist system are getting more and more intense. The fact that it finds its expression in Ukraine today does not mean that everything in other geographies of the world is dairy. In all geographies of the world, the contradictions between the imperialists, conflicts from place to place, occupation and coups continue. Ukraine came to the fore as the weakest link in this process. The process combined with the warmongering of the USA resulted in Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

As long as the imperialist system exists, the contradictions between the imperialists will continue to exist. Expressing the economic and political reasons for this in his article in which he drew attention to the danger of war, Stalin says:What is most characteristic of this growth of production and trade of world capitalism is the unevenness of development. Development is not as a silent and balanced advance of capitalist countries one after another, without disturbing and crushing each other, but rather a life-or-death sustained for market domination between continents and countries – through the repulsion and collapse of some countries, their replacement and rise by others. takes place as a war. This is the basis of the growing irreconcilable contradictions of modern capitalism. This contradiction between the growth of production possibilities and the relative stability of markets is why the question of markets is now the main problem of capitalism. The sharpening of the question of market markets in general, and the sharpening of the question of foreign markets in particular, the intensification of the question of markets for the export of capital in particular – this is the present state of capitalism.” (Stalin, vol. 10, pp. 234-35)

Stalin's II. This determination, which he expressed in the early years of the Imperialist War, is still valid today. With the Ukraine war, the contradictions between the imperialists have increased and the process continues with mutual showdowns.

The communists' attitude towards this war is clear. Russia as an occupying power should immediately withdraw from Ukraine. This war is of no use to either the Ukrainian people or the Russian people. The struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Russian occupation is legitimate. The problem here is that the Ukrainian ruling classes leading this war are tools of US and EU imperialism. This objective situation constitutes the most strategic and weak point of the defense of the homeland of the Ukrainian people.


The Expulsion of Fascist Parties and Groups to War in Ukraine

Fascist groups, parties and circles have always been a reserve force of imperialists and the servants in power. The use of the Taliban against Russia in Afghanistan and the use of ISIS against Assad in Syria are examples that still stand in mind. Fascist parties have always been used as a reserve force, as a constant in civil wars and uprisings. There are only quantitative differences between fascist parties being legal, taking place in parliament, and operating underground. The bourgeoisie has always driven these mobs, whose duties do not change when appropriate, to the front as a reserve force or used them as a paramilitary force in civil wars. It is no secret how reactionary and fascist groups were used by the USA in the uprisings in Tunisia and then the Arab Spring.

Another force used against the Russian imperialist power in the Ukraine war was fascist groups and parties. These circles, which call themselves Neo-Nazi, are actively being fought against Russia. By sending neo-Nazi gangs to Ukraine, where it could not send troops directly and openly, NATO is trying to close the troop deficit, albeit partially, through these fascist gangs. These fascist groups, who went to Ukraine from Germany, England, France, Hungary, Poland, committed countless massacres.

The neo-Nazi movement in EU countries has a power beyond what is known. It is also known that these groups are in cooperation and solidarity among themselves in the international arena. These fascist groups also intimidate the society by coming together from time to time, holding meetings and organizing marches.

There is a serious fascist power in EU countries. It is known that governments are behind this fascist movement, which is getting stronger in all other countries, especially in Germany. The power behind the NPD (National Democratic Party), which was repeatedly asked to be closed in Germany, is the German state itself. The main problem behind the fact that this fascist party, which massacred dozens of immigrants by carrying out hundreds of actions, was not shut down, is that the German state uses these fascist groups when the time and place comes.

Many legal fascist parties in EU countries are in government today. All of these fascist parties are also used against the increasing influx of immigrants. Intelligence organizations are behind these parties' actions against immigrants and their massacres. The main reason for the decision of confidentiality in the trial held after the capture of some members of the NSU (National Socialist Underground) in Germany, years after they murdered 10 immigrants, is the fear that the role of the German state will be revealed. Germany sent thousands of Neo-Nazis to Ukraine in the Ukraine War and drove these fascist groups to the war front. The same is true for other EU countries. Great Britain, France, Poland, Greece, Hungary, etc. The same is true for countries. All these countries, opening their doors to Neo-Nazi groups, went to war in Ukraine comfortably and without any legal binding.

Zelenskiy, the spokesperson of the Ukrainian ruling classes, who are fighting for the interests of the US and EU imperialists in Ukraine today, has been closely involved with the fascist gangs in Ukraine since 2019. It provided great opportunities for the fascist movement. It removed all legal barriers to their organization.

The biggest of these fascist movements is Azov/Azak. It is known that this fascist movement, which also has a military wing, is also effective in the Ukrainian army. Also known as the Azov Battalion, this fascist group openly defends Hitler, using Nazi symbols on their uniforms and flags. This fascist group was supported by groups from France, Belarus, Canada, Slovenia, Italy and Sweden. This group, which has 20 thousand members, was actively used against Russia in the Ukraine war.

Another is the Swobida movement. The Swobida Movement, which calls itself "Operation Freedom", has been active since 1991. This fascist movement, represented by 2014 deputies in the parliament until 37, worked under Zelensky as a paramilitary force against Russia in the Ukraine war. The fascist organization called Prawyj Sector also took an active part in the "Maidan Protests" period. One of the most actively fighting groups against Russia.

Since the war began, all Ukrainian ambassadors in Europe have been turned into recruiting centers. Many European Neo-Nazi groups voluntarily turned to Ukrainian Embassies to fight. The approved ones were delivered to Ukraine under the supervision of the EU. It is estimated that about 20 thousand Neo-Nazis from all European countries reached Ukraine, of whom 10 thousand were German Nazis. The most active of the German Nazi groups is the NPD.

Ukrainian Neo-Nazis, World War II. They have always been active since the imperialist war of division. So, II. These fascist groups, which sided with Hitler during the Imperialist War of Division, are also responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews in Ukraine.

Fascist groups in Ukraine massacred thousands of Russians in the region after Donetsk and Luganks declared their independence in 2014. After the Donbas region declared its independence from Ukraine, although Ukraine signed an agreement to discuss the status of this region with the Minsk Agreement, Ukraine did not comply with this agreement and had neo-Nazi groups attacked Donbas and had a massacre. A total of 14 thousand people were killed in these massacres.

The USA and the Western imperialist powers continuously supported these fascist movements before the war. When the Maidan events broke out in 2014, the USA again supported these fascist movements. The leaders of many fascist groups were hosted in the USA. These groups overthrew President Viktor Yanukovych with the support of the USA in the 2014 uprising and replaced him with Oleksander Turchenov.

All over the world, the bourgeoisie has always kept the fascist movements as a reserve force. Where the bourgeoisie could not suppress the developing social movements, it activated the fascist movement. It tried to suppress social movements by committing massacres, trying to intimidate the people, and carrying out extrajudicial executions through these gangs. In Italy, Mussolini's Blackshirts murdered thousands of insurgents and brought Mussolini to power.

In Turkey, the MHP has always been the reserve militarist force of the state. MHP was used to suppress and destroy the revolutionary movement that developed before 1980. Maraş, Çorum and Sivas massacres were carried out by the MHP. The MHP was also used to suppress the Kurdish national liberation struggle. All of the special forces were formed from MHP members. This paramilitary force is responsible for the murder and torture of thousands of Kurds. Civil fascists from the MHP were sent to the war front to fight against the Armenians in the Armenia-Azerbaijan War and massacred hundreds of Armenians. Likewise, MHP members were driven to war against the Kurds in the cross-border operations of the Turkish state and in Syria. Today, the MHP runs the state together with the AKP, with a different mission.


How Close Is the Third World War?

Another controversy that started with Russia's invasion of Ukraine was the III. The imperialist War of Division is increasingly becoming a tangible phenomenon. It is another fact that, against the thesis of some circles that "there is already a third world war going on", those who argue that war has gradually become the main trend hold a significant share. Although the revolution is the main movement against this, there are also those who defend the thesis that the danger of war is increasing.

The thesis that wars are inevitable as long as imperialism exists still maintains its validity. II. Against those who claimed that imperialist wars had become impossible at the end of the Second World War, Stalin referred to this statement of Lenin and said that such an idea was anti-Leninist. Indeed, imperialist wars are an artifact of monopoly capitalism. It arises from the competition between monopolies and is a phenomenon independent of the will of the monopolies. To argue that imperialist wars in general will disappear without destroying imperialism is to revise Lenin's basic thesis on this subject. “And this balance sheet shows that as long as private ownership of the means of production exists, imperialist wars will be absolutely inevitable on this economic basis.. "

Two great wars of division are sufficient proof of this. II. The changing situation in the world after the Imperialist War of Division played an important role in postponing the imperialist wars. The Soviet Union's burying Hitler's fascism in the dustbin of history, the establishment of a number of people's republics in Eastern European countries, the victory of the Chinese Revolution, the 1968 youth movement, the social liberation movements, Vietnam's defeat of the United States, and the worldwide popular movements that pushed back imperialism. There have been developments. Stalin, "If it were not for the communist parties that were fighting a determined struggle against imperialist wars, the imperialists had already been at each other's throats. By saying (Stalin, vol. 9, p. 255), he was underlining a fact with thick lines. We can say to all of these that the increase in nuclear weapons has a partial effect on postponing the war.

World today II. It is not one and the same as the post-imperialist War of War. The absence of a socialist state and a socialist bloc provides great opportunities for the imperialists to play horses. During the Soviet Union period, the "peace" policy and the calls for "disarmament" were of strategic importance to corner the imperialists. Today, there is neither a socialist world nor socialist countries that we can defend individually. This shows that there is no “world in which we can live in peace”. The strategic task today is to wage an all-out struggle against imperialism.

As long as imperialism exists, an imperialist world war is not impossible. The struggle for the market is a strategic issue that imperialists can never give up. The constant increase in production and the inability to find a market for the goods produced are also the cause of inter-imperialist wars.

The economic crisis that has emerged throughout the world in the last twenty years is still not fully overcome. This is the biggest impasse of the imperialist system. The housing crisis that started in the USA in 2008 turned into a global economic crisis by affecting the whole world in a very short time. This was followed by the crises in 2009 and beyond. Along with the pandemic, the looming crisis brought with it a series of crises around the world. Increasing unemployment, food crisis and health crisis still continue to trigger each other. Although the imperialist countries tried to prevent bankruptcy by allocating billions of dollars from their central budgets in order to prevent the imperialist monopolies from sinking, the crisis has not been overcome as a whole.

The imperialist system as a whole and the imperialist countries as individual parts of this system continue to fight for the redistribution of existing markets in order to overcome the crisis. Conflicts between imperialists continue mainly with regional wars today. In recent history, the occupation of Iraq, the Syrian civil war, the occupation of Libya and the ongoing process with the Ukraine war should be read like this.

The most basic feature that distinguishes the Ukrainian war from other regional wars is that it continues on European soil. The development of other regional wars outside of Europe did not make the process so controversial. The reason why those who are not so interested in a war far away from themselves, who close their eyes to the massacres, looting and massacres in the occupied countries, show such interest in Ukraine today is that the war is taking place in front of their “own door”. Despite the US occupation and massacres in Iraq, Syria and Libya, the massacres committed by Germany, France and Britain in Afghanistan in the recent past, their swarming with Libya, and reconciliation by sharing these countries among themselves, the war on Ukraine, the US and the Western imperialist powers are read as Russia's covetousness to its own market.

Another phenomenon in the increasing danger of war is the changing world balances. Panicked in the face of rising Chinese imperialism, the US, UK and European imperialists are constantly developing strategies to curb China. It cannot be said that they were completely successful in this. We are faced with a world reality where the balances have changed with the cooperation of China and Russia. With the Ukraine war, the alliances between the imperialists have become clearer. The USA, together with J. Biden, took action to re-establish its "leadership", which was declining on a world scale. The USA, which puts China and Russia at its center, announced the purpose of encircling and neutralizing Russia and China, which are their new strategic targets accepted as 7 in NATO and G2030 meetings before the Ukraine war.

Playing the provocative role played by Russia before the invasion of Ukraine and backed by NATO, the USA took an important step towards reinforcing its eroded and diminishing “world leadership” by drawing the European imperialists along with it. Despite the fact that all the imperialist powers that take a stand against Russia act as a bloc, China and Russia have come face to face as another imperialist bloc.

Another fundamental fact that increases the danger of war is the increase in war budgets. It should not be underestimated that all countries spent billions of dollars on armament immediately after the Ukraine war. Armament alone is not enough to start the war. Internal fascism in Europe, the fascist parties becoming governments and their increasing numbers, the enactment of new police laws, the development of strategies to ensure the rear of the front, and accordingly the redesign of semi-colonies, the change of governments through coups can be read as preparations for war. Although war is not the main trend at the moment, it is a fact that the danger of a third division war is closer than ever.


“Either Revolutions Prevent War or Wars Lead to Revolutions!”

So the only force that can prevent wars is revolution. Peace tactics to be used for the preservation of relative peace may delay or even prevent this or that war, but cannot destroy the imperialist war as a whole, since imperialism cannot destroy the source of war.

The slogan of the "World Peace Front" policy is clear for the communists. When we determine that the war has become the main trend, important changes occur in the tasks and tactics of the proletariat. Before the outbreak of war, the strategic task of the communist parties in all countries is to fight against the imperialist war. At this point, the dual task of the communist parties emerges; turning war into civil war in imperialist countries and defending the revolution; in semi-colonies, if the country's bourgeoisie is involved in the war, to target the revolution by turning the war into a civil war.

The slogan of "defending world peace" today is not wrong, but it is just a tactical policy. The destruction of imperialism, which is our strategic goal, should not be read as a secondary situation. World peace must be defended in conditions where the proletariat needs to gather forces to prepare for war, to organize, to establish anti-imperialist troops/fronts around the world. "It depends on whether we succeed in delaying the war, which much is inevitable for our construction with the capitalist world, but which can either be delayed until the moment when the proletarian revolution has matured in Europe, or until the moment when the colonial revolutions have fully matured, or finally when the capitalists clash with each other over the distribution of the colonies." We mustn't forget what he said. The maintenance of peaceful relations with capitalist countries is therefore an indispensable task for us.'' (Stalin, vol. 10, p. 247) This determination is also valid today.

In the face of all these developments, the fragmented stance of the communist movement continues. There is no common unity on what kind of strategy and tactics will be followed around the world against the danger of war. Although the statements of individual communist parties stand in an important place, we are faced with the task of combining all these correct attitudes on a common ground and presenting them as a perspective to the oppressed peoples of the world.

With this task, the conditions for the establishment of anti-imperialist fronts against imperialism and the danger of war in every geography stand on a much stronger ground. Although the war at Europe's doorstep limits the masses to take a stand against Russia for the time being, its reversal will increase as the danger develops. It doesn't just happen by itself. It is among the duties of revolutionary, progressive organizations and parties to tell the masses about the destruction, poverty, hunger and massacres brought about by the war.

In conclusion, let us conclude our evaluation by mentioning an important detail. The invasion of Ukraine by Russian imperialism brought along anti-Soviet and anti-communist propaganda. At the present stage, aside from the fact that Russia has no similarity with the Soviet Union, it is known that Putin himself insulted the Bolsheviks in the person of Lenin. Putin does not represent the Soviets, but "Tsarism"!

However, why do the US and EU imperialists resort to anti-Soviet and anti-communist propaganda? The reason for this is the class interests of the US and EU imperialists. Although the contradiction between the US-EU imperialists and the Russian-Chinese imperialists has hardened and turned into a hot war in Ukraine, the imperialist-capitalists are aware that the real danger is communism. That is the reason for this counter-revolutionary propaganda.