Florence’s Lorenzo, Rojava’s Tekoser was Immortalised

Florence’s Lorenzo, Rojava’s Tekoser was Immortalised

The internationalist fighter Lorenzo Orsetti was sent to immortality on June 23rd with a farewell ceremony, which was also attended by TKP-ML activists in Europe.

Lorenzo’s comrades and friends did not leave him alone on his journey from Baghouz to Florence. The comrades of the internationalist fighter Tekoser, who was immortalised against ISIS barbarism for people he had never seen before and on lands he had never been before, showed their love to him by making their ways to Florence.

A Partisan Lorenzo Orsetti on the streets of Florence

The farewell ceremony for Lorenzo, who was buried in the Partisan cemetery in the land where he was born in, began with a march. Hundreds of people who participated in the march shouted slogans, such as “Down with Fascism” and “Lorenzo will continue to live in our struggle” in various languages. On the back of the car the YPG, the Anarchist and the TIKKO flags were hung and not only slogans from all languages, but also Italian and Turkish marches, such as Ciao Bella, were vocalised by his comrades.

After a half-hour walk, Lorenzo’s body was carried on the shoulders of his comrades to the area where the ceremony took place.

The commemoration began with a minute of silence for all those lost in the struggle for revolution and communism. In addition to Orsetti’s father, representatives of organisations and internationalist fighters have speeches. Following the message sent by TKP-ML TIKKO Rojava Command, internationalist fighters, who fought with Orsetti, held speeches.

In their speeches, they talked about Orsetti’s attachment to the struggle with happiness.

“Lorenzo is the name of moving hope forward”

It was the main theme of many speeches that Lorenzo was the name of hope in Florence at a time of intimidation and despair. Speeches also included emotional poetry and stories telling.

In particular, a young student’s words, “Lorenzo is the name of moving hope forward and I will be a part of moving that hope forward” excited the entire audience. The ceremony ended with Italian marches and “Sehid Namirin” (martyrs are immortal) slogans. Lorenzo’s body was left for a long time with hundreds of his loved ones who wanted to say goodbye.

Italian Internationalist fighter buried in Partisan cemetery

The event, which was attended by revolutionary, democratic, patriotic, anarchist organisations and comrades of Lorenzo, continued on June 24th. Lorenzo, who was immortalised in Baghouz on March 18th, was buried at the Tekoser Partisan Martyr Cemetery after a ceremony.


Letter from Lorenzo Orsetti’s comrades in Rojava:

“Dear friends, dear comrades,

We salute you all with our partisan spirit. It’s an honour to be with the family, friends and comrades of our comrade Tekoşer who is now back in his country where he’s born and grew up.

Amazing narratives start in two different ways; with a journey of one person or an arrival of a stranger in a city. We witnessed the journey, the path of a hero who made the cities which he entered more beautiful. Do not have any doubts that the story of comrade Tekoşer will be told from mouth to mouth. We see his consistency in his life, his courage of the Italian Partisans against the Nazi occupation in the fight against fascism of Daesh. In a region whith limitless cruelty, comrade Tekoşer showed us how to keep the spirit of internationalism alive with his life and struggle. Comrade Tekoşer emphasized that the way to change the world is to escape from individualism and to choose to sacrifice yourself for others. He was the one who was aware that this is the only way to create a meaningful life. That’s why as a consistent and sincere anarchist, comrade Tekoşer fought fearless in a place he’s never been before for people he’s never seen before and become immortal. We have a lot to learn from him, from his life, from his struggle and from the letter that he left us. We won’t forget his words ‘don’t give up, don’t loose hope, never!’ during he hard times and we will keep his laugh warm with our barrels, spirit and consciousness.

We will hold to the memories and ideals of heval Tekoşer and all the other martyrs of the revolution. We will live like them and we will die like them.

Comrade Tekoşer will live in the struggle of the Partisans!

Lorenzo Orsetti is immortal!

Glory to them who have fallen for a free world!

Long live our party TKP-ML, people’s army TIKKO, youth organization TMLGB and Woman organization KKB!


TKP-ML TIKKO command Rojava

23 Haziran 2019