The fascist Turkish state dictatorship has been attacking and occupying the territory of Rojava/North and East Syrian Autonomous Administration (NESAA) since 9 October under the leadership of the AKP-MHP coalition. The ISIS surplus gangs, which Turkish government trained and nurtured militarily, re-launched under the name of “Free Syrian Army” declared to the world that they wanted to drown the Rojava lands with blood.

Fascist dictatorship; Armenian, Greek, Syriac, Chaldean, Assyrian and today on Kurdish nation, the fascist dictatorship is on the eve of adding new genocide to its own history.  The fascist dictatorship wants to curb the deep crises period its in by destroying the gains of people of various nations, ethnicities and belief who live together in peace on Rojava territory, also trying to turn this into opportunity as it aims to blunt all social opposition.

People’s working towards building more freedom, fair and democratic life in these lands is the first target of fascism and the imperialists use the fascism as their gun. During the Rojava Revolution, the people’s heroically fought against the Turkish backed ISIS, and liberated the lands of Rojava with 11,000 martyrs. For the Middle East people, the gains of the Rojava revolution have already taken its place on the stage of history. The Rojava revolution process, which is an important experience and gains, has not been accepted by the imperialists or the fascist and reactionary states of the region. On the contrary, from the very beginning of the revolutionary process, they have gradually developed plans for strangling this revolution.

The power that attacks the people’s freedom ideals life, it’s not limited to the fascist Turkish state and its gangs. It is also the imperialist governments; Russia and USA supported these attacks. Those who account to exploit the overground and underground resources of the freed land, once again they are using Turkish state fascist characteristic to destroy the democratic gains of the people and make them dependent on them again. The government model that is intended to be created is away from democracy but a butler state model dependent on imperialism.


The Turkish state, which become a symbol of fascism, has not achieved it targets which was to drown people’s dream of freedom in this invasion. On the contrary, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the YPG/YPJ together with the revolutionary-communist and internationalist forces are demonstrating a tremendous example of resistance, and the invading fascist gangs have been heavily hit.

In addition to the great resistance, it is understood that certain diplomatic negotiations and tactical moves should be made in terms of observing the balance of power, ensuring the security of the people, defending democratic gains and regressing fascism. This is by law of war. It is understandable to hold diplomatic-military negotiations unless they give up their ideals of freedom and organizational independence. What is essential is armed resistance against the occupation. The reorganization of the people, revolutionaries are taken more active positions, strengthening the unity between the revolutionary and progressive forces are necessary to ensure the resistance. To this extent, all resistance in the Middle East, especially in Rojava, will ensure the liberation of the people.

For the expulsion of the imperialists and the occupying fascists from this region, it is a historical duty of revolutionaries and communist to develop common struggle of the people on an anti-fascist and anti-imperialist basis. The revolutionary duty of the moment is to defend the people of Rojava against the fascist occupation and to raise and organize against the imperialist siege. Our primary revolutionary duty is to repel the occupation. This will enable us to fulfill all our duties in the most urgent and meticulous manner. Demonstration to support and ownership of Rojava against the invasion from all around the world have been powerful source of morale for the fighters and the peoples on the resistance front, this also has impeded the plans of the imperialist powers. This should be known; our claim is that; fascism will be eradicated from these lands with the people’s war against the fascist Turkish state and its gangs.  The Democratic People’s Revolution will take place in Turkey, will be breathed to the Middle East; it will make the dreams of common living together of people from various nations, nationalities and belief come true.

Long Live Rojava Resistance!

Biji Berxwedana Rojava!

Fascism will lose, the oppressed people will win!

Long Live People’s War!

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

General Command of TKP-ML TİKKO

1 November 2019