Sri Lanka Maoist Revolutionary League: On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Turkey Communist Party – Marxist Leninist Revolutionary internationalist greetings form Sri Lanka!

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Turkey Communist Party – Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML) Revolutionary internationalist greetings form Sri Lanka!

Red Salute!

Dear comrades,

We send our warmest revolutionary greetings to 50th anniversary of legendary communist party of turkey, TKP-ML which are waging revolutionary people’s war against reactionary government, capitalist class and imperialism during last 5 decades. We send our warmest internationalist revolutionary wishes to its central committee, its cadres in all rank, followers and to the revolutionary masses of the Turkey.

Under the leadership of the comrade Ibrahim kaypakkaya, TKP-ML and TIKKO the armed people’s army of the workers and peasants was built. Since then prolonged peoples war started and it became the guidance and inspire for oppressed people in the turkey.

People’s war in turkey is very important high level proletariat struggle in the world.

Comrades of turkey and TKP-ML and their liberation army, TIKKO and popular fronts play key role in this prolonged struggle.  The heroic internationalist legacy of comrade Ibrahim kaypakkaya remember us light of the great proletariat cultural revolution. His internationalist and ideological contributions expand to level of international communist movement via RIM and many other activities.

We inspired from your struggle, your sacrifice, and your heroic resistance, and your ideological contributions. The scientific proletariat views and teachings of kaypakkaya’s thoughts will inspire every revolutionary struggle and national liberation movement in the world.

The martyred comrade Nubar Ozanyan international brigade who fought against ISIS in kobani is waving example of proletarian internationalism which helping to Kurdish people, protecting from invaders and upholding self-determinations rights of the oppressed people.

Also TKP-ML was expression of the anti-revisionisms struggle at the very beginning. It fought against modern revisionism and uphold the teaching of comrade Mao-Zedong and defend Maoism. Also TKP-ML contributed to international communist movement, applying the teaching of our great teacher comrade Mao Zedong and upholding the fruitful lessons and greatest experience of great proletariat cultural revolution which is highest peak of the class struggle and reinforcing themselves with Maoism.

In the Kurdish area in many militant anti-imperialist battle has fought by comrades of TKP-ML even building coordinating activity with other anti-imperialist people’s militant groups especially in the brutal siege of the Kobani. Those example shows how genuine communist movement act in such situations. Thus comrades of TKP-ML always put forward comrade Mao’s slogan “Serve the people” in real world practice.

Your practice will be example for the class struggle. Your practice will be teaching for the class struggle.

To developing RIM as an international guidance TKP-ML had done significant contributions for the internationalism.

Today the world are bringing to the utmost crisis in every sphere on all over the world. Mighty capitalism and imperialism proved again and again their inability to resolve their own crisis built by their own interest and actions. On the one hand inter-imperialist contradictions are being sharpening and increasing their military efforts end expenditures to re-partioning the world and gain dominate power over the global people, proletariat, oppressed class and oppressed nations.  On the other hand oppressed and proletariat of the whole world are against to suppression and oppression launch by imperialist superpowers. Thus the contradictions between people and imperialist are become higher level contradictions. Expressions of the Class struggle in various level reflects this objective truth as crystal clear. In this contest international proletariat role of fighting for people are very important and only hope for the people and environment and this planet earth.

So the ongoing people’s wars are very important to weakening imperialism and its local rulers and lackeys. Also they inspire oppressed peoples and oppressed nations. Similarly those struggle organize people in to revolutionary guidance and courage to fight and win. The people’s wars are not just put Maoist theory into practice but they are guidance to throw away and fight against revisionism.

Many comrades of TKP-ML sacrifice their heroic lives for the people’s war and the revolution in Turkey. Also still some comrades are facing torture and suppression in the hand of reactionary capture.

Under the leadership of TKP-ML, its liberation guerilla army- TIKKO, and masses are valiantly waging revolutionary war against reactionary turkey government playing key role in the world proletariat revolution. Definitely they will take victory over reactionary, capitalist ruling class in turkey.

We honor those comrades and TKP-ML with utmost respect. We honor the revolutionary people who working for real liberation under the guidance of Maoism with utmost respect. We honor the memory of comrade Ibrahim kaypakkaya who was the founding leader of TKP-ML with utmost respect.

On the occasion of 50th anniversary of communist party TKP-ML, we offer revolutionary greeting and red salute to central committee of TKP ML, its cadres and members in all ranks, its peasants and workers liberation guerrilla army and oppressed masses in Turkey!

Long Live Peoples war in Turkey!

Long Live TIKKO!

Long Live TKP-ML!

Death to reactionary ruling classes and capitalists!

Death to Imperialism!

Long Live proletariat internationalism!

Long Live Marxism Leninism Maoism!


Maoist Revolutionary League!

Sri Lanka