MARTYR NUBAR OZANYAN ARMENIAN BATTALION: “We Condemn ISIS Agression and the support of the Turkish State”

We Condemn ISIS Agression and the support of the Turkish State

The occupier and murderous Turkish State’s Army has attacked Armenia with gangs  camoflaged in Azerbaijan uniform. As if the attacks on Libya, Idlib, Rojava and Southern Kurdistan were not enough now Turkey attacks Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh). This attacks reveals in public Turkey’s enemy flag once again. By attacking Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia, the Turkish state took another step in accordance with it’s historical and contemporary racist-fascist revenge policy. The Turkish state has once again revealed itself as the enemy of not only the Turkish-Kurdish people, but also the Greek-Armenian-Arab nations. We as Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Armenian Battalion condemn the Artsakh (Karabakh) aggression of the Turkish state and it’s gangs. This war will benefit neither the Azerbaijani nor the Armenian peoples. For days, fake news has been produced in written and social medias that the Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Armenian Battalion has sent fighters to Karabakh. In fact, it has been undeniably exposed that the AKP-MHP fascist administration sent it’s mercenary gangs to Azerbaijan. It was revealed that some of those killed and captured by Armenia were not Azerbaijani soldiers but members of the ISIS-SNA gang. The AKP-MHP dictatorship, which tries to hide it’s own crimes and lies through fake news about our battalion, cannot convince anyone with pride and conscience. The main task of our battalion is to protect the Armenian-Kurdish-Arab-Syriac-Assyrian peoples in the land of Rojava. The Turkish state and ISIS gangs under its control in Armenia will not escape their fate in Rojava.

Fascism will surely drown in the blood it spilled!

Down with the invading murderous Turkish fascism!

Down with the fascist AKP-MHP administration!

Long live the full and rightful equality!