Message from Georges Abdallah on the 50th Anniversary of TKP-ML

Message from Georges Abdallah on the 50th Anniversary of TKP-ML

Dear Comrades, Dear friends,

Sharing with you the enthusiasm inherent in your gathering today is more than invigorating, especially when one have been in these sinister places for a few decades…

In this time of crisis, pauperization and great struggles, of imperialist and inter-imperialist wars, of devastations, and of inter-regional tensions intimately linked to the crisis of regimes in place to serve imperialism and its criminal manipulations, to have in sight, the long course of struggle of the communist movement in Turkey, is now proven to be more than necessary, especially for all the protagonists of this mass mobilization that has been shaking the Arab world for the last ten years…

Certainly, the TKP-ML, one of the most resolute expressions of the communist movement in Turkey, is more than ever called upon to fortify more and more the global dynamics of the anti-imperialist/anti-capitalist communist solidarity in this region… Of course, the “Martyrs’ Party”, has never disregarded the necessity to root itself more and more in the most advanced strata of the workers in Turkey; and it has not spared any effort in this respect.  There have been successes and there have been retreats and failures; still, it is according to this rooting that it could fortify more and more the global dynamics of communist solidarity in the region and thereby advance the anti-imperialist/anti-capitalist struggle and for communism.

Several times the main leading cadres were decimated and the party stood up again anyway, and continued the struggle in all its forms. It never capitulated and threw down the flag of communist struggle. Honor to these men and women who, by their determination, dedication and self-sacrifice, have set themselves up as torches of the struggle, guiding our steps on the various paths of the revolution towards the victory of communism.

From Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and Ali Haydar Yildiz to Ahmet Cicek and Mehmet Demirdag, hundreds of leading cadres and other activists have fallen with their weapons in their hands assuming the main role of the communist vanguards without hesitating or wavering at any time. They remain forever, alive in the hearts and minds of the popular masses and activists as flames that illuminate the path of freedom and emancipation.

Dear Comrades, Dear Friends,

As you can see, the Zionist soldiers and their hordes of settlers and other supremacists are carrying out the worst atrocities in Palestine these days. Every day young and less-young people fall as martyrs. The expropriation of land and the demolition of houses are constantly expanded…this policy in fact has never stopped, sometimes it slows down and sometimes it speeds up; it will only stop with the dissolution/destruction of this entity which in reality is only an organic extension of Western imperialism.

These days, the mobilization of the Palestinian popular masses and their fighting vanguards is equal to the stakes involved; thus, from Sheikh Jarrah to Gaza and to all the cities and towns of the West Bank and the territories of 48, the Palestinian men and women, of all ages, know better than anyone that nothing and no one will be able to eradicate this popular Intifada, which is so deeply rooted in the collective consciousness and so necessary to end the occupation. It is more than ever, the embodiment of all the dignity and all the hopes…

Naturally this popular Intifada of a particular type never really died out… perhaps it would be useful to recall once again that “the historical bloc of workers” is built and structured in the global dynamic of the struggle of all its components. Together, and only together, will the proletarians and the various components of the popular masses of our region win.

Let’s do our best to promote, comrades, the various processes of convergence of struggles at the local level as well as at the regional level and, even more so, at the international level.

Comrades and Friends, from behind the abominable walls, Ahmad Saadat and the thousands of comrades imprisoned in the Zionist jails send you their revolutionary greetings and draw your attention to what is happening in the territories of 48 and certainly they can count more than ever on you not to ignore or underestimate the scope of the ratonnades (racist and violent patrols hunting down minorities in the street) organized by the fascist and supremacist groups in Ramleh, Lydda, Haifa and Umm Al Fahm openly supported by the Israeli police…

This said, Comrades, the Palestinian popular masses engaged today in this ongoing popular Intifada, can count, and must be able to count on your mobilization and your solidarity.

The conditions of detention in the Zionist jails are getting worse day by day, and as you know, comrades, international solidarity is an indispensable weapon to face them…

Solidarity, all the solidarity with the Resistance comrades in the “type F” prisons.

Solidarity, all solidarity with the resistance fighters in the Zionist jails, and in the isolation cells in Morocco, Turkey, Greece and the Philippines and elsewhere in the world!

Down with imperialism and its Zionist watchdogs and other Arab reactionaries!

Capitalism is now nothing but barbarism, honor to all those who oppose it in the diversity of their expressions!

Together Comrades, and only together we will win!

To all of you comrades and friends my warmest communist greetings.

Your Comrade Georges Abdallah

Saturday 28th May