Rojava resistance | Call from Rojava!

From Rojava to those whom occupied streets and become voice of resistance


Rojava resistance is a repeat of a long-ago written testament, despite all the technological superiority of fascism, the biggest weapon of will and faith is continuing for 24 days.

Tomorrow while you are shouting the “Biji Berxwedane Rojava” slogan, the IFB fighters will continue to grow the resistance in fronts and all positions. The people of Rojava, who give their lands, places of faith, living spaces and the struggle of olive trees, will continue to defend the Rojava Revolution and the Rojava women’s revolution created 7 years ago.

“Those with only resistance in mind…”

The fascist Turkish state, which attacks the revolution and the women’s revolution, cannot break the resistance despite all kinds of technological superiority and unlimited imperialist support. The Turkish state doesn’t even follow own “ceasefire” decision and still tries to spread the occupation through their mercenaries. The resistance developed against the invasion, as in many places, continues with intense clashes especially on Zirgan, Til Temir, Serekaniye and M4 road. From the first day of this invasion, those who said “we will resist until the end” still haven’t taken step back from their positions, and those with only resistance in mind will write the history. The actions taken to date for the ones who make history with their resistance gave strength, the day of solidarity with Rojava on November 2, will also give strength for the actions.

Those who postpone the fatigue and grow the resistance by fighting every moment of their life gives power to all of us.

Here, everyone who is aware that the definition of victory over the invasion passes through increasing resistance are resisting. Here, internationalists are resisting with the spirit of solidarity slogans where ever the world. Here, all beliefs, Armenian, Assyrian, Chaldean resist massacrist mentality of the fascist Turkish state as unity.

With the slogan of victory will be those who resist be sure that your slogans echoing from the streets of Taksim, four parts of Kurdistan, from Germany to Switzerland and from France to all streets of the world; heard from the streets of Rojava. Be sure; your voice becomes power, solidarity and resistance. On the fronts, on the streets, in life not just being the solidarity but taking place in the war, all comrades who are the voice of the Middle Eastern proletariat, your voice is heard!

Tomorrow, on thousands of streets we will be the slogan of Long Live International Solidarity!

(A TKP-ML TİKKO guerrilla from Rojava)