Statement No: 2022/1


We continue to keep their memories alive, waving their flags and growing their struggles!


We set out with the motto “No matter how long the road is, the first step must be taken”. Our party was formed from the class struggle practice of these lands. We were fed by the strikes of the working class in the last years of the Ottoman Empire and the struggles of the oppressed people and nations. We were inspired by the October 17 Revolution, which took place under the leadership of V. I. Lenin, who was immortalised at the end of January.  When we stood up to unite with the struggles of the working class, the oppressed people, the oppressed nations, and faiths, we were massacred by a vile conspiracy.

It was aimed to bury the communist movement under the leadership of Mustafa Suphi in the cold waters of the Black Sea in the last days of January. In our first steps, 15 comrades became immortal. Comrade Maria Suphi was held captive and was murdered after being subjected to all kinds of torture. We were tested by the class and patriarchal hatred of our class enemies!

Our debut was answered with blood and torture. It was aimed to imprison communist thought in the depths of the Black Sea. The party was badly injured. Although the struggle of the working class and the oppressed people continued during this time, these movements could not be led by the Party. A deep fascist darkness was imposed on the working class, on the oppressed nations and beliefs. The massacres and torture continued mercilessly. We died and we died again!

This darkness had to end. And it did! Half a century ago, on April 24, 1972, we stood up again with the warmth of the “sun rising from the east”. We turned to the light of Chairman Mao. In the developing class struggle of the working class and the oppressed people, we obeyed the call of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. We were re-established with a limited number of cadres under the leadership of İbrahim Kaypakkaya and plunged into the vast sea of ​​class struggle with all our being. Just as Nazim Hikmet said: “We did not receive verses from the sky for the days to come. We promised it ourselves…”

We continued to be tested with death and massacre. January is the month we bid farewell to comrades Ali Haydar Yildiz, one of the first commanders of our people’s army, TİKKO, and Meral Yakar.

We have rebuilt our party in the vast sea of ​​class struggle with our labour, blood, and soul. And we continue to exist!

Our immortalized comrades became a mortar to the foundation of our party not only with their hard work but also with their live. They fell to the ground as living examples of Marxism Leninism Maoism in our country. And they sprouted as seeds. They made our party alive.

Since the founding of our party, hundreds of our comrades have unhesitatingly waved the flag of the international proletariat in the middle of the fight, on the mountain tops, in the dungeons, on the barricades, in the practice of class struggle in every field. They have become the essence and summary of our 50 years of party history.

We existed only with our martyrs, we continued our struggle with them and will continue to do so.

50 Years in the Footsteps of Our Immortals!

Our Party is Our Guiding, Inspiration and Source of Power!

The excessive profit greed and exploitation of imperialist capitalism is driving humanity and the planet to extinction. The destruction of nature by the capitalist system for more profit leaves humanity with epidemics. More than five million people have died due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If the imperialist capitalist system is not eliminated, the world is in danger of extinction.

Class struggle is in full swing in various forms and contents. The future is preparing new revolutions and popular uprisings, and those immortalized in this struggle deserve to be remembered with respect.

Our Party declared the last week of January as the “Party and Revolution Martyrs’ Memorial Week”. January this year is even more important for our party. The year 2022 is the 50th anniversary of the founding of our party. Our party celebrates its 50th anniversary with a campaign: “50th Year: Our Party is Our Guidance, Inspiration and Source of Power!” Our campaign will start in the last week of January, with the Party and Revolutionary Martyrs’ Memorial Week, and will continue until May 18, the anniversary our leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya.

For 50 years, TKP-ML has waved the communist flag, mostly in the hands of our martyrs, within the class struggle in these lands. This is a history full of defeats and victories, setbacks, and advances, but with the Party tradition it created along with its insistence on the armed struggle, resistance in the dungeons, the organisations within the working class, the peasant resistances it led, and many more. Let’s celebrate our 50th anniversary with all this in mind. Let us honour our immortalised in every field and every moment of the struggle! Let’s shout their names! Let us send a strong salute to our comrades and their struggles!


Party and Revolution Martyrs Are Immortal!

Our Party Is Our Guidance, Inspiration and Source of Power on its 50th Anniversary!

We Will Win with the Experience and Accumulation of the 50 Years!

Long Live Our Party TKP-ML, TİKKO, KKB, TMLGB!

Long live the People’s War!

Long live Marxism Leninism Maoism!


TKP-ML Central Committee

January 2022