TKP-ML Central Committee – Polit Bureau: Their Names and Heritage Shall Live in Our Struggle!

Statement No: 2020/01


Their Names and Heritage Shall Live in Our Struggle!


Those who declared “the end of history” those who said “Marxism was dead”, and those who talked about “the end of class struggle” all changed their mouths.

The life offered by the imperialist capitalist system to the proletariat and to the peoples of the world, the increasing stage of unemployment and poverty as well as increasing exploitation, deaths and mass immigration created by proxy wars, the dimension reached by racism and xenophobia have accumulated deep anger and reaction towards the system.

The imperialist capitalist system makes the working class and the oppressed peoples pay for the competition within itself. Finally, the struggle between the US imperialism and the reactionary Iranian mullah regime has brought the world to the brink of a new conflict. Once again, war, poverty, hunger, unemployment and migration are imposed on the working class and the oppressed world peoples.

In addition, the extreme profit ambition of the imperialist capitalist system brings our planet to extinction. The phenomena defined as “climate crises” is in reality the fact that “Capitalism will cut down the tree if it can’t sell its shadow”. The world has become inhospitable for its species and is lead to extinction by the imperialist capitalist system.

For the benefit of few, billions of people are struggling to survive in the grip of exploitation, poverty, hunger and unemployment. This concrete reality has led to the rebellion of the working class and the oppressed peoples of the world, and there have been mass demonstrations in dozens of countries.


Comrades, our people of Turkish and Kurdish nationalities, and various faiths and minorities!


Our country is not independent from these developments in the world. Our society consisting of Turkish and Kurdish nationals, people from various faiths and minorities are struggling with the heavy burden of the deep economic crises and on the other hand facing fascist attacks both within and outside the borders of Turkey. The Turkish ruling classes are experiencing one of the most aggressive periods in their history with the dream of benefiting from imperialist competition.

As a whole, due to the deep economic crises imposed on people of Turkey, bankruptcy and suicides have risen in numbers amongst the people. The killing of women LGBTI+ individuals have risen, oppression on Kurdish nation under the “trustee” attacks have risen both internally and externally, marking the house doors of Alevi community as well as torturing of political prisoners in prisons and at police stations continue to rise. Fascism cannot tolerate even the smallest democratic demonstration. In the name of overcoming the crises that they are in, “crazy projects” are in progress which lead to massacre of the environment. After the invasion attack on Rojava, Turkish ruling classes has set sail to the deserts of Libya. In summary, fascism becomes more aggressive as it is scared, and even more than it becomes aggressive. The ruling classes speak of the new “Gezi”(s) and the necessity of organizing paramilitary forces stemming from their fear of popular uprisings.

However, worrying will not change the outcome. The fact that the struggle against fascism in and out of the border continues in every field increases its fears even more. The fight against fascism continues and the revolutionaries and communists continue to immortalize. Those who give their lives without hesitation for the interests of the proletariat and the people continue to be concrete proofs of our struggle to win tomorrow and our determination to crush fascism. In this context, those who immortalized in the struggle of the proletariat and the oppressed peoples continue to be our road signs and polar stars in our struggle for a world without classes and exploitation.

While we are commemorating our immortals in the rightful and legitimate cause of the proletariat and the people, we reiterate that their precious memories and accumulations of struggle are one of our main sources of power in our struggle to create a free future.


We are in the footsteps of our immortals for Party and Revolution!

Long live the proletarian internationalism!

Long live Marxism Leninism Maoism!

Long Live our; Party TKP-ML, People’s Army TIKKO, Women Organisation KKB, Youth Organisation TMLGB


TKP-ML Central Committee – Polit Bureau

January 2020