TKP-ML Communist Women’s Union: We’re growing up against the male-dominated fascist order once more, from Rojava!

For the sake of the Rojava Revolution, the Women’s Revolution in Rojava, which flourishes in our hands, we continue to advance the revolt and build a new life.

The fascist Turkish Republic, by attacking the revolution and the new social order, is displacing the peoples of Rojava by force from their lands and wants them to bring them to their knees through massacres. It tries to destroy the gains of women in Rojava and to justify violence against women.

The last example of this was seen when YPJ warrior Çiçek Kobane was captured and wounded in a clash with Turkish gangs in the village of Mishra, Eyn Jesus on October 21. The women who were kidnapped by ISIS gangs and sold as slaves haven’t accepted the fate seen to them and have been trying to recreate life with their guns.

Attempts to invade Rojava actually mean the resurrection of male domination with all its reactionary instruments. For this reason, this attack on Rojava is an attack on women in the Middle East and all over the world, especially the women of Rojava.

We defend life and build our future with our own hands!

As the TKP-ML Communist Women’s Union, we speak from Rojava. We, women who placed in the resistance since the first day of the occupation, will continue to be the voice of women against the invasion of Rojava.

The occupying and the genocidal Turkish state and its gangs are attacking the existence of women with the ISIS mentality. We know that this attack was also an expression of fear from women who raised resistance.

The manifestation of this patriarchal reactionary mentality proved to us once again that the army of the fascist reactionary mentality attacked women through their sexuality at every opportunity.

We pledge to raise the slogan “Biji Berxwedana Rojava” of Çiçek Kobane shouting everywhere against whole fascist patriarchy which spreads fear on people and tries to suppress women; and we pledge to defend Women Revolution in Rojava to the end.

Long live Women’s Solidarity! 

Jin Jiyan Azadi!


TKP-ML Communist Women’s Union

26th October 2019