We condemn the brutal murder of Jina Mahsa Amini in custody, the suppression of mass protests and attacks on the people by the regime of the Islamic Republic!

We support the ongoing protests and just struggles of women, workers and other oppressed peoples in Iran!

Jina Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old young woman from Kurdistan, was tortured to death by the reactionary Islamic Republic of Iran and as a result of her injuries died in hospital on Friday 16 September. After Mahsa’s murder, mass protests, by women at the forefront, has now spread to more than 170 cities across the country, including the capital and other major cities. Slogans such as “Neither Shah nor Mullah!” are being chanted in all cities. The masses are directly challenging the leaders of the Islamic Republic and the entire regime.

The Mullah regime continues to violently attack demonstrations as an expression of its unease. It is restricting internet access in order limit the spread of the news and access to social media in order to launch a severe repression. As a matter of fact, according to a document leaked to the press, the regime sent orders to the army and police to suppress the demonstrations “without mercy and with great violence”. According to official statements, 84 people have lost their lives and nearly 2000 people have been arrested. A more realistic estimate currently puts these numbers as at least 300 deaths and over 20,000 arrests. Nevertheless, the revolt of the Iranian people continues.

During the past 43 years rule of the regime of Islamic republic, there have been about 20 uprisings against the Iranian mullah regime. These revolts were violently suppressed by the reactionary regime. Each time, the regime claimed that the rebellion was organised by “foreign powers”. It continues to use the same propaganda claiming the current rebellion as the work of “foreign powers”.  However, this is a great lie. The Iranian people are revolting against the imposition of a lifestyle (in accordance with Islamic rules), the dire economic conditions and poverty. The main point that distinguishes today’s revolt from its predecessors is that it directly targets the very foundations of the regime. The Iranian people and especially women do not accept the patriarchal fascist religious lifestyle imposed on them.

The uprising of the Iranian people and especially of women against the reactionary Mullah regime is of course not independent of the impact of the worldwide economic crisis. The deep contradictions of the Iranian regime with the “great devil” US imperialism led to the economic sanctions of the West, which worsen the living conditions of the people.

Although the anti-US line of the Iranian regime is propagated by some as the “axis of resistance” and anti-imperialism, the Mullah regime has never been anti-imperialist. The Iranian regime’s billion-dollar agreements with France in the past, Russia today and China recently are the most important proof of this. The Mullah regime’s relations with the Russian and Chinese imperialist powers have increased even more in recent years. This situation shows the relationship of the Islamic Republic of Iran with imperialism.

The fascist persecution, torture and massacre policy of the Iranian mullah regime against the peoples of Iran from various national minorities has not and will not stop the resistance and struggle of the people. The resisting and struggling peoples will surely win. The struggle of the Iranian people will send the reactionary fascist mullah regime to the dustbin of history.

We stand in solidarity with the militant struggles of workers, other toiling masses and all oppressed sections of society in Iran.

Long live the struggle of the Iranian people and women of various nationalities!

Down with the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Down with imperialism and all reactionaries!

Long live proletarian internationalism!

Communist Party of Turkey – Marxist Leninist

International Bureau

October 2022