TKP-ML TIKKO General Command: Our Party Continues to Enlighten Our War; Support it! Strengthen it!

Our Party Continues to Enlighten Our War: Support it! Strengthen it!

52 years ago, a new era was launched in the liberation struggle of the oppressed people of Turkey of various nationalities and beliefs. Our people raised a flag against the handful of comprador bourgeoisie, landlords and imperialism that exploited, plundered and occupied them. Under the leadership of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya against imperialism, fascism, feudalism, patriarchy and all kinds of reaction, the Communist Party of Turkey- Marxist Leninist (TKP-ML), took its place on the stage of history.

Our Party, the vanguard detachment of the proletariat, put forward its claim to be the vanguard organization of the People’s War as the hope of liberation of the exploited working class and the oppressed peasant masses, the massacred women and LGBTI +, the Armenian and Kurdish nations subjected to national oppression and genocide, and the youth, and continues this claim today.

TKP-ML has declared that the liberation of all the oppressed can only and only be achieved through armed struggle and that this is possible with the protracted People’s War Strategy within the conditions of our geography, and started its struggle for this purpose. Our party continues this struggle in practice with determination today as it was yesterday.

We, as fighters of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Liberation Army of Turkey (TIKKO), continue to walk on the red path that our Party has laid out for 52 years and continue to advance with more determined steps than yesterday. We keep this determination with hundreds of our immortals since the path of the revolution was laid out by Comrade Ibrahim.

April 24, 1972 is the date of the foundation of our Party and under its leadership  the declaration of TIKKO. In this sense, 52 years is both the struggle of our oppressed people for the Democratic People’s Power and the name of this freedom struggle to be won with the People’s War. Our People’s Army continues its struggle under the leadership of the Proletariat Party. As long as the plunder and massacres of imperialism continue, the liberation war of our Party and our people will continue. Our Party will continue to lead this process and our People’s Army TIKKO will continue to wage this war.

In this process in which the imperialists are preparing for a new sharing war, they turn the Middle East region into a bloodbath. Against the genocide of Zionist Israel against Gaza, the Palestinian national struggle forces continue their resistance with determination. In the face of the glorious resistance of the entire Palestinian nation, the Zionist state of Israel is only slaughtering and carrying out massive destruction. All human values have been trampled underfoot. Israel is massacring all the Palestinian people and even violating their own laws. The fascist Turkish state, on the other hand, does not hesitate to provide the biggest aid to Israel with crocodile tears. In this sense, all our people whose hearts are really beating for the Palestinian people should know that those who massacre the Palestinian people are primarily Israel and the USA, the Turkish Republic and the reactionary Arab states. Especially without the full support of the Turkish state, it would not be possible for Israel to massacre 40 thousand people / commit genocide.

In the words of Karl Liebknecht, “The real enemy is within us”. Our real enemies are the imperialists and a handful of comprador bourgeoisie and landlords who feed them. Although the ruling class clique AKP-MHP has been significantly exposed in the eyes of our people, the alternative to these fascist murderers is not the fascist Kemalist CHP. CHP is a party from the system that established the Turkish state. In the words of our people, “the one who comes will be worst than the one who goes”. The CHP cannot be the answer to our people’s demands for liberation from exploitation, for freedom and independence. It cannot be the answer because this is contrary to its existence.

While the Turkish state massacres the peoples outside, it proves that it is the state of the bosses by oppressing working class inside, and does not hesitate to suppress the workers’ struggle for their rights. It is the state of the lord against the peasants. It is the state of the Sunni religious order in power against Alevis and all oppressed beliefs. The Turkish state system is a patriarchal state organization that continuously produces the killing of women and LGBTI+. Unless the rulers and their state apparatus, the fascist Turkish state, which drags the entire people into poverty, despair and futurelessness, are destroyed, the liberation of the people cannot be achieved, and the threat of genocide continues in our country and in the Middle East.  We see everyday that the mentality that subjected the Armenian nation to genocide 109 years ago continues today. The Turkish state is responsible for the second genocide and deportation in Artsakh, the occupation attacks against Kurdistan, the threats against Rojava and all aid to the state of Israel. Today, the Turkish state is a fascist mechanism that threatens Armenia, Kurdistan and Palestine and does its best to destroy them.

The fascist Turkish state is the state of the imperialists and their local collaborators, not of our people of Turkish and Kurdish nations, various nationalities and beliefs. It has nothing to offer the working class and all oppressed people except poverty, genocides and exploitation. This reality will not change no matter who comes to the head of the state apparatus, no matter which party or alliance forms a government. Those who rule the Republic of Turkey will not hesitate to drag the people of Turkey into a big war so that their reign and their glorious order can continue. This has happened dozens of times in historical practice. The destruction of this order is the only solution and the way to do this is to strengthen our Party and our People’s Army under its leadership, to raise our war, to increase resistance and struggle.

The April 24 sun illuminates our path…

Let us raise the People’s War to overthrow this rotten order!

Let us strengthen the People’s Democratic Revolution against imperialism, feudalism, fascism, chauvinism, patriarchy and all kinds of reaction!

Let’s expel imperialism from our country, destroy the collaborator fascist system, establish People’s Power!

Claim the Party! Strengthen the People’s Army! Shoulder the war!

Long live our Party TKP-ML! Under it’s leadership TIKKO, KKB, TMLGB!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long Live the People’s War!

TKP-ML TIKKO General Command

April 2024

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