TKP-ML TİKKO General Command: The people’s fighter are immortal!

The people’s fighter are immortal!

We learned that Ka Laan by his name Benito Tiamzon, chairman of the central executive council of the Communist Party of the Philippines, and Ka Bagong-Tao, by her name Wilma Austria- Tiamzon, general secretary, and eight commanders and fighters of the New People’s Army were murdered by the fascist philipines state.

Comrades, we, as the commanders and fighters of TIKKO affiliated to our party TKP-ML, want you to know that we feel the deep pain of the working class of the Philippines and of the valuable fighters and commanders of the New People’s Army, with great hatred and anger.

After the passing away of Comrade Ka Joma, the immortal leader of the Philipine working class and the Communist Party of the Philippines, the loss of Comrades Ka Laan and Ka Bagong-Tao, who dedicated their entire lives to the liberation of the Filipino people, is only a blip in our great struggle for communism. We believe that in 55 years of uninterrupted struggle for the new democratic revolution, comrades Ka Laan and Ka bagong- Tao have educated thousands of cadres and fighters under the guidance of Ka Joma.

We believe that thousands of Ka Laan and Ka bagong-Tao flags are now flying high in the islands of the Philippines. Millions of workers and peasants will become the hammer and sickle that will explode in the brains of the fascists. As long as the peoples of the Philippines and the world seek freedom, dozens communists will continue to shine like red stars. Now we have more reasons than ever to fight against imperialism, fascism, feudalism, patriarchy, comprador capitalism and all forms of reaction. Already a great fear has gripped imperialism and its local collaborators.


The fact that the Communist Party of the Philippines has survived the struggle against the multiples attacks of the counter-revolutionary, revisionist and opportunist fronts, and has come to the present day as one of the few parties that adhere to the ideals of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, proletariat-led revolution, socialism and communism in general, and continues to raise the struggle for political power with determination, inspires the international revolutionaries  and communist movement.

The people’s wars developing in South Asia, one of the important storm centers of our globe, as in other geographies, continue to pose a great threat to the imperialists. The way to encircle the capitalist centers, to destroy it and create a new world is through developing armed struggle and people’s war in every field we are in. The uninterrupted people’s war in the Philippines has brought important experiences to the international communist movement.

Imperialism is in a great crisis and chaos. The worldwide economic crisis brings the deepening of inter-imperialist contradictions and the redistribution of markets to the agenda. This is the cause of imperialist wars. The imperialist-capitalist system cannot achieve stability in the economic and political spheres.

The current system is unable to radically intervene in the amount of problems of capitalism. On the other hand, although wars of occupation are waged as a solution to the crisis, each war of occupation creates new problems and deepens the existing ones.

While the international market competition, hegemony and geopolitical struggle among the imperialist states and monopolies is escalating, the process of redistribution of markets is making the polarization between the imperialists clearer. And all this constitutes a threat and an element of attack for the peoples of the world. They are being targeted, they are being charged with the bill. The peoples are billed for the imperialists’ quarrel.

However, the dialectical materialist point of view clearly shows the naked truth. The virtual world launched by western imperialists, led by the USA, under the labels of “globalization”, “neo-liberalism”, “unipolar world”, “new world order” and so on is bankrupt.

The contradictions, problems and destruction caused by the international capitalism has become more aggressive. The amount of problems has grown, class contradictions and political pressure and sanctions have reached the highest level.

Our party TKP-ML sees the world panorama on this basis and determines that the course is evolving towards the third imperialist war.

NATO’s move to encircle Russia, led by the head bandit USA, resulted in the outbreak of war in Ukraine. With the Russian imperialism’s invasion of Ukraine, it can be said that the inter-imperialist trade rivalry has evolved into a sharing war.

Similarly, the NATO imperialist states are targeting China, which they consider as the main global threat. As in Ukraine, Chinese social imperialism is wanted to be neutralized and weakened by drawing it into the war over Taiwan. The fascist state of the Philippines is one of the outposts of US imperialism in this region. The Philippine state has a mission in provoking the inter-imperialist war in the region.

What will break the war wheels of imperialism will be for sure the People’s Wars that develop under the leadership of the Communist Parties. Under the scientific guidance of Marxism Leninism Maoism, South Asia is like a volcano ready to erupt like the region of the Pacific and the Middle East. It is obvious that the chaos and confusion under the firmament is perfect for us.


It is precisely for these reasons that our class enemies continue to attack using all kinds of brutal methods. As our teacher and leader Chairman Mao said, if our class enemies are attacking, the situation is good. This shows that we are on the right path. Fascist Philipine state has seen its own end in the eyes of dozens of communist comrades.

Comrades; As the martyred fourth general secretary of our party, Mehmet Demirdağ said, “the situation is good because; the facts are revolutionary, what is bad for us are not the facts it is to not be able to discover them. The situation is good because; we are dealing with facts, not dreams, we are concentrating on our real problems, not in steril conflicts. The situation is good because we are on the path of solution and not of insolvency, of unity and not of division, of hope and not of pessimism…”

Today the situation is good because we are on the path of the great cause of humanity. The situation is good because we know very well that we will avenge our comrades who have been torn from us by throwing the imperialist capitalist system into the trash of history.

Comrades; This year is also the 50th anniversary of the immortality of the communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya, the founder of our party. We are aware that the best way to commemorate our communist leaders is to raise the people’s war, this is why we have been continuing our struggle without interruption for 51 years on this path.

Comrades, Ka Laan, Ka Bagong-Tao, Joel Arceo, Ka Yen, Ka Jaja, Ka Matt, Ka Ash, Ka Delfin, Ka Lupe and Ka Buting will live with us forever. “There are deaths higher than Mount Tay, there are deaths lighter than a feather. To die for the people is higher than Mount Tay, but to die for the fascists is lighter than a feather”. Dozens of communist comrades have carved their names like a red ribbon beyond the vast peaks of the Philippines.

The people’s fighter are immortal!

Mabuhay Ang Partido Komunista Ng Pilipinas At Ang Bagong Hukbong Bayan!

Mabuhay Ang Digma’ang Bayan!

Mabuhay Ang Marxismo Leninismo Maoismo!


TKP-ML TİKKO General Command

May 2023