TKP-ML TİKKO General Command: The Victorious Voice of the Revolution is Now in Our Hearts!

The Victorious Voice of the Revolution is Now in Our Hearts!

Comrade Gonzalo, the leader of the Communist Party of Peru (CPP), joined the caravan of the immortals due to the serious illness he was caught. The US imperialism and its puppet, the Peruvian state, implemented all the severe isolation conditions on President Gonzalo, ensuring that his illness was not treated, and carried out a “kill” plan that spanned time. The imperialists and their puppets, the states, will sooner or later give an account of these policies.

President Gonzalo never made any concessions from the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism he defended throughout his life and continued to fight until his last breath, despite all the counter-revolutionary attacks and severe isolation conditions.

Comrade Gonzalo achieved significant success by launching the People’s War against the fascist power in Peru, at a time when post-modern and modern revisionist attacks against the People’s War strategy and Chairman Mao were at their peak. The CPP, led by President Gonzalo, has proudly waved the MLM flag in the face of the slavery imposed on the Peruvian people, their dependence on imperialism. He brought hope of victory to the oppressed peoples of Latin America and the world, especially the Peruvian people.

The fascist power of Peru under the domination of the USA, which could not prevent the winds of hope from spreading from Peru to the world, could not bring the captured comrade Gonzalo to his knees. His voice was tried to be silenced by being locked in cages or put in a dungeon under the sea, and the communist personality/leadership was tried to be darkened with various propagandas. President Gonzalo, who succeeded in adapting the MLM ideology to the Peruvian specificity until ’92, never gave up his struggle after being captured by the enemy, and continued his life of fighting as the shining star of the revolution in the conditions of captivity for 30 years.

The working people and working class of Peru will never forget this respected commander, Maoist leader and shining star of the CPP and the world communist movement. The flag left by him will continue to be carried in the bastions of the Andes Mountains. We have full confidence that the Peruvian communists will shout louder the International Anthem that he sang in the dungeons and courts of the enemy.

Our loss is heavy, but our faith in the revolution is great. The fire of revolution burning in the hearts of the Peruvian people and all the oppressed of the world is getting hotter. Comrade Gonzalo left a great legacy to all the oppressed peoples of the world with his life of fighting. This legacy offers us great hopes and illuminates the path of the revolution. We promise to keep Comrade Gonzalo alive on the red course of our fight, on the banner of our war, on the mausoleum of our anger.

Chairman Gonzalo is immortal!

Long live the honorable struggle of the Peruvian people!

Long live the People’s War!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long live Proletarian Internationalism!

TKP-ML TİKKO General Command

September 14, 2021