Central Committee of the (new)Italian Communist Party: “Long live to people’s war in Turkey! We will win!”

“Long live to people’s war in Turkey! We will win!”

April 8, 2022

Dear comrades,

First of all we thank you for the invitation you sent us. We congratulate you on the 50th anniversary of the founding of TKP-ML you will celebrate on April 24, 2022. We unreservedly share the thesis that the conscious and organised communist movement must and can be reborn on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism – the highest stage reached so far by the communist conception of the world – which is the science of the activities with which men make their own history. This thesis guides our activity, aimed at advancing in Italy the protracted revolutionary people’s war that will make ours a new socialist country. All over the world, like you in the progress of people’s war in Turkey, communists are fighting for the establishment in their own countries of a communist party united on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, capable of mobilising the proletariat and the rest of the popular masses in the second and final world wave of the proletarian revolution (socialist and new democratic). In this context each communist party, the “national department” of the working class’ vanguard, promotes and directs the revolution in its own country.

The epoch of black and unrestrained reaction that followed the exhaustion of the first world wave of the proletarian revolution (1917-1976) with the associated development since the mid-1970s of the second general crisis due to absolute overproduction of capital and the revolutionary situation that followed, with the rot of the social system dominated by the bourgeoisie particularly in the imperialist countries, confirms the truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and calls on communists all over the world to correct the errors and overcome the shortcomings in the understanding of the conditions, forms and results of the class struggle that led to the exhaustion. As you well say in your document released on April 3, 2022, “the cause of our failures is our ideological inadequacy”: well, we will succeed in solving this problem the more we assimilate the communist conception of the world and transform reality consistently to the laws that determine its objective movement.

The current stage of the world is characterised by the transition period between the exhaustion of the first world wave of the proletarian revolution and the development of the second. The rot of the society dominated by the International Community of EU, USA and Zionist imperialist groups has worsened and the catastrophe is looming over all humanity. Today, to put an end to the world imperialist system has become a question of planet and the whole humanity’s survival.

This course of things is also confirmed by what has been happening internationally over the last two months: the military intervention of the Russian Federation (RF) in Ukraine is a response to the attack that the USA, by far the biggest imperialist power for 75 years, directly and through its armed wing NATO, have been waging against the RF since Putin’s group, ousted Yeltsin, put an end to USA freedom of intervention in the territory of the RF and most of the rest of the former Soviet republics. The USA attack on the Russian Federation is part of the effort that the USA military-industrial-financial complex is deploying to gain free access to the territories of the RF and the other states that emerged from the dissolution in 1991 of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), the first socialist state, whose centenary of proclamation (December 30, 1922) we are celebrating this year.

Concerning Italian communists, our main contribution to international communist movement is the summation of the first world wave raised by the victory of the October Revolution in 1917 in Russia and the building of socialism in the Soviet Union under the leadership of the Russian Communist Party (Bolshevik), led first by Lenin and then by Stalin. This summation is synthesized in chapter 1 of the Manifesto Program of the (new)Italian Communist Party and in Four Main Issues to be debated in the International Communist Movement (available in Italian, English, French, Spanish and a not verified translation in Russian). Concerning Italy – an imperialist country subjected to USA and the Vatican’s headquarter – we have drawn an action line that takes into account the lessons of the past and the situation created among the masses (1) by what we inherit from the past (among the masses and internationally), (2) by the defeat suffered by the communist movement in Italy and abroad, (3) by the dissolution of the USSR, (4) by the evolution of the imperialist system and in the enemy camp after the victory on Nazi-fascism reached in 1945.

The following is the struggle plan (tactics and strategy) we have elaborated to achieve the establishment of socialism in Italy:

  1. to support and promote claim struggles of the popular masses and to take advantage of each of them to promote the constitution of workers’ organisations (the GKN Factory Collective of Campi Bisenzio in Florence is a meaningful example) and popular organisations in each company, institution and territorial area;
  2. to ensure that each of them, in its own context, plays the role of a new public authority to the maximum extent that its strengths allow, that its level rises, that they coordinate one each other up to make the country ungovernable by the bourgeoisie and the clergy, that they form a network of organisations of the new power in the country until they form their own emergency government and make it swallow the bourgeoisie and the clergy.

The installation of such a government (we call it People’s Bloc Government) will open up a new stage in the class struggle within our country and in our relations with foreign countries. Already today, we have been preparing so as to arrive, at the end of the struggles in Italy and against the aggression from abroad, to the establishment of socialism.

Fulfilling this task is also the most important contribution we can make to help communists in other countries and develop proletarian internationalism. The first imperialist country that breaks the chains of the International Community of EU, USA and Zionist speculators, murderers and warmongers will start the fire that will free the world from the imperialist system.

We wish full success to the celebrations of the founding of the TKP-ML and we honour the eternal memory of comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya, who fell for the emancipation of the popular masses of Turkey and communism.

Long live to people’s war in Turkey! We will win!

Central Committee of the (new)Italian Communist Party

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