CPI (Maoist) CC: Fascist BJP Government Devised a Treacherous Plan to Disrupt Social Harmony Among Religious Communities


Central Committee

Press Release

1 April, 2023

With the election in Karnataka around the horizon, the Fascist BJP government of Bommai has come up with a nefarious plan to disrupt the social harmony across the religious communities.

Motivated with its ideology of Brahmanical Hindu- Rashtra, BJP- RSS and corporate nexus is all about to communalize the political discourse for the aggravation of their selfish political gains.

Central Committee of CPI (Maoist), strongly condemn the fascist decision to abrogate the 4 percent OBC reservation for the Muslim community in Karnataka and alloting them reservation in 10 percent EWS category. The logic of BJP for denying Muslims reservation in the OBC category stems from the fact that OBC reservation is not based on religious angle. But, the reservations for the Jain’s, Sikhs and Buddhist continue to exist in OBC as before. We are not against the inclusion of them in the OBC list.

But, Picture is clear here that the target for BJP is Muslims and it stands for their total subjugation by transforming them into second class citizen. Any abrogation or addition of the community in the reservation criteria has to be done through an empirical study by the backward class commission and the BJP government has totally over sided the required procedure. BJP totally denies the Sachar Commission report that depicts the pathetic conditions of Muslims in India. In Karnataka BJP is facing innumerable corruption charges that is fuming people’s anger against the BJP government in the state.

Also, the Modi’s anti people, anti- farmer and pro Adani and Ambani policies has alienated the people from their life. To cover all its failures, BJP in Karnataka is hiding behind the bush of communalism and appeasement of Lingayats and Vokkaligas castes by allotting them quota of 2 percent reservation each. But, the people of Karnataka are not going to be deceived by this Neo divide and rule policy of the BJP and majority of the people even from the Lingayats and Vokkaligas are opposing this ill desired act of the Bommai government. BJP government in Karnataka has remained an abode of communal fascist attacks on the minorities in the past few years. The political strategy of BJP in Karnataka and elsewhere is to centralize the Hindu votes and make the Muslim votes ineffective in the electorate system. In order to achieve this, BJP is organizing the subalterns as its foot soldiers against the Muslim community.

Karnataka, the land of the great philosopher Basavanna, poet Tyagraja, anti-colonial fighter Tipu Sultan and many other revolutionaries and personalities, is today facing the fascist onslaught where seeds of hate redness are been trying to sown right from schools to every locality and in the hearts of every individual. This darkness that prevails over Karnataka is a reflection of what is happening in the entire nation and this darkness has to be fought with the light of revolt and protests by the masses.

In this regard, CC of CPI (Maoist) party gave call to all democratic and mass organizations, women’s, workers, peasants, students, intellectuals, Dalits and minorities organizations in Karnataka and all over India to Protest against the BJP decision to remove Muslims from the OBC reservation in Karnataka.

Today they have done in Karnataka and tomorrow they are going to do in all the states of India.

Comrades and friends, we should remember that future lies in the present and our silence will lead to our own grave. In order to overcome such situation it is pertinent that we should build a militant a mass movement. Abhay


Central Committee

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