CPI (Maoıst) CC: Observe 14 April as Anti-Brahmanical and Anti-Capitalism Day!



Press Release

10 April, 2023

Society does not remember every human being but, it admires those who commits one’s life for the betterment of society. One of that life took birth on the land of India on 14h April 1891, his name is Doctor Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar. Communist Party of India (Maoist) pay its revolutionary homage to Ambedkar who epitomized the value of struggle against injustices of the social order. He taught us that human sufferings are having social causes and it can only be removed through “Agitate, Educate and Organise”. Ambedkar’s contributions towards the construction of a democratic and a humane society, both in his thought process and social praxis is immense.

Today Ambedkar jayanti is being celebrated at a time when the danger of Hindutva fascism has almost encircled the nation. He is that light from which the darkness of Hindutva is terrified of. RSS and BJP regime is a negation of Ambedkar’s thought and has completely thrown his principles of Equality, Secularism, Fraternity and Democracy in dust bin. BJP – RSS today represents “the sick men of India whose sickness is causing danger to the health and happiness of other Indians”. RSS and BJP project of saffronisation of Ambedkar is integrally linked to their agenda of Hindu Rashtra. BJP and RSS is planning to replace the constitution with Manusmriti. Today we are BJP is celebrating its foundation day from 6th April to 14 April and has taken several programs for Ambedkar Jayanti in order to bring

Dalits and people from oppressed castes into its fold. Bunch of misinformations has been produced by the RSS and BJP consciously about Ambedkar especially his views on Marxism. The right wing forces has declared an open war on Marxism and Revolutionary dalit politics with its effort of saffronising Ambedkar. But, it is a historical fact that the ideology that was much closer to Ambedkar was Marxism. But, the RSS and the BJP obfuscates the truth because truth is bitter for those who denies it.

CPI (Maoist) feels proud like every other individuals to perceive the highest statute (125ft) of Ambedkar in Telangana, but by witnessing the sufferings and pathetic conditions of Dalits in Telangana and in other parts of India, Ambedkar’s ideas and principal has been transformed microscopical in front of his own enormous statue. Ruling classes remembers Ambedkar because they see him as their easy deposits. KCR and BRS is on the path of appeasing the Dalit sections. As Modi – RSS rule has engulfed over India, the atrocities on Dalits and on other oppressed castes has surmounted. The fascist Cow vigilant are attackings and killing Dalits and muslims in the name of cow protection.

Discriminations in the education sector has increased which is leading to not only poverty of knowledge in society but, also to denial of knowledge to the Dalits students and oppressed castes. After the implementation of neoliberal policies by the comprador bourgeoisie the oppressed castes people have suffered the most. Landlessness among the Dalits have increased and still non- economic exploitation of Dalits and other oppressed castes is the norm in rural India. This depicts the hegemonic dominance of the Brahmanical fascist forces and the perseverance of semi feudal

conditions. The annihilation of caste which Ambedkar stood for is only possible by annihilating the semi-feudal and Semi-colonial social order of India. Ambedkar has rightly pointed out that Dalits have two enemies one as Brahmanism and the other as Capitalism.

Central Committee of CPI (Maoist) gives a call to all mass and class organizations, workers, peasantry, Ambedkarites, Dalits, OBCs, Women’s, Adivasi and intellectuals, writers, youth and students to absorb 14th April as a Anti- Brahmanical hindutva and Anti- Capitalism day and built a strong militant anti- caste throughout India.



Central Committee

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