CPI Maoist) Central Committee: Observe the Week of Remembrance of the Martyrs from July 28 to August 3, 2022!

Observe the Week of Remembrance of the Martyrs from July 28 to August 3, 2022!

Celebrate the 50th birth anniversary of the makers of Indian revolution, Mahapadhyayas, founding leaders of our party, Comrade Charu Majumdar, 40th birth anniversary of Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee with great revolutionary spirit and revolutionary determination!

Defeat the enemy’s strategic ʹSamadhanʹ – preemptive attack aimed at advancing India’s new democratic revolution!

Dear comrades, people,

Soon on the occasion of July 28 Martyrs Memorial Day, we are going to remember all the martyrs who laid down their precious lives for the liberation of the oppressed people of the country and the world with care and respect. What makes it special this time is that it is the 50th birth anniversary of one of our great teachers of Indian revolution, Comrade Charu Majumdar (CM). On July 16, 1972, he was arrested by the police at a house in Kolkata. He died on 28th July as he was suffering from asthma and was deprived of oxygen. Another one of our Indian revolutionary masters Comrade Kanhai Chatterjee (KC) left us forever on 18th July 1982 due to severe illness. With the immortality of these two, the Indian revolution suffered the biggest loss. Commemorating the 50th death anniversary of Comrade CM and 40th death anniversary of Comrade CM and Comrade KC on the occasion of July 28 Martyrs’ Memorial Day, the Central Committee humbly salutes all the martyrs who made the supreme sacrifices for the ultimate goal of establishing socialism and communism for the new Indian democratic revolution from the Naxalbari armed peasant struggle till today.

Comrade Gonzalo, the leader of the Peruvian communist movement, was imprisoned for a long time by the American-Peruvian fascist rulers who finally took his life. With this, the world communist movement lost a great leader. Comrade Ka Oris, spokesman for the New People’s Army of the Philippines, was assassinated by the US-Philippines fascist rulers. On this occasion, the Central Committee pays tribute to the beloved leaders of the people of the world, Comrade Gonzalo, to the Communist leaders of the Philippines, Comrade Ka Oris, and to all the heroes who have sacrificed their lives in the revolutionary movements and national liberation movements around the world, promising to continue their aspirations to the end.

During the last year, 124 comrades were martyred playing their part in the protracted people’s war aimed at making India’s new democratic revolution a success. During this period, our central and state leaderships suffered serious damage due to the brutal attack by the Indian dalari ruling classes and the unhealthy environment created by the imperialist system. The members of the Central Committee were Comrade Tapas Da (Pathit Pawan Haldar, Secretary of the West Bengal State Committee), Comrade Chintan Da (Narendra Singh), Comrade Amber Da/Gagan Da/Saheb Da (Poornendu Shekhar Mukherjee), Central Committee, Polit Bureau Members Comrade Ramakrishna/Saket Da (Akkiraju Haragopal), this Died in time. Central Committee member Comrade Deepak Da (Milind Baburao Tel Tumble) was martyred along with 26 PLGA adventurers after fighting the enemy forces for hours in the Matola-Parewa encounter.

Apart from them Comrade Rupesh Da/Vijay Yadav (Sandeep Yadav), members of Bihar-Jharkhand Special Area Committee Secretariat, Comrade Lala Da/Agni (Sahdev Rai Manjhi), members of East Bihar-Northeast Jharkhand SAC, Comrade Nakul, members of 2U SAC were killed in different enemy covert operations. Party senior worker Comrade Aluri Lalitha, DKS ZC Secretariat member Comrade Narmada (Uppuganti Nirmala), All India Revolutionary Cultural Movement leader Comrade Raj Kishore, Andhra Pradesh Janatayamandal artist Comrade Dappu Ramesh passed away. Bihar Regional Committee members were martyred in a fake encounter in Budeshwar. Senior leaders of the party. Tyagiji/Baba (Shiv Shankar Rajak) passes away due to illness.

Apart from these, four comrades in Central Regional Company-2, 8 in Bihar-Jharkhand (BJ), 13 in East Bihar-North-Eastern Jharkhand (T.B. – E.Jha.), 69 in Dandakaranyam (DK) were among those who died during this period. There are three comrades in Andhra-Odisha Border (AOB), one in Odisha, eight in Maharashtra-Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh (MMC), 13 in Telangana and two in Andhra Pradesh. There are 34 female comrades among them. 9 DVC/CYPC Level Comrades – Comrade Suk Lal (Ramsai Parchami, North Gadchiroli DVC Secretary, DK), Comrade Mantu Khaira (JD CM, BJ), Comrade Mahesh (Shivaji Gota, North Gadchiroli Divisional Commander in Chief, DK), Comrade Lokesh (Jogal Podyam, Company-4 CYCM, DK), Comrade Dilip Tulavi (Company-4 CICM, DK), Comrade Dharmu (Mangu Kalmu, Company-4 CICM, DK), Comrade Sunnu (North Gadchiroli Alternate DVCM, DK), Comrade Arun (Urasam Kamla, Uttar Gadchiroli Alternate DVCM, DK), Comrade Saket (Company-6 Commander, CYPCM, DK); 32 AC/PPC members, 32 party PLGA members, 21 comrades revolutionary public structures leaders/activists (RPC presidents/members, public association leaders, public militia commanders/members), there are 8 revolutionary sympathizers and revolutionary people. Out of them 69 comrades were immortalized in encounters, 19 in fake encounters, 27 due to illnesses, three comrades due to lack of proper treatment due to negligence of authorities and four comrades in accidents. The details of the immortality of the three comrades have not been received. Details of 17 comrades are to be received. Apart from them, many leaders, activists, intellectuals, revolutionary sympathizers and friends of revolutionary, progressive and democratic public organizations working in open movements across the country have passed away during this year.

Immortality is inevitable in class struggle and people’s war. The achievements of the party cannot be imagined without the sacrifices of public heroes. At present revolutionary conditions are increasing internationally and domestically. The exemplary and inspiring great revolutionary lives of the immortals give the party and all the revolutionary forces sufficient strength to make use of the growing revolutionary situation and advance.

In the memory of all these martyrs, the commemoration week from July 28 to August 3, 2022 should be celebrated with the spirit of their sacrifices and revolutionary determination, and on this occasion, the party ranks, PLGA forces, revolutionary public structures, labor, agriculture, Calling students, youth, intellectuals, all oppressed communities and special social sections.



Central Committee

CPI Maoist)

26 July 2022

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