CPI (Maoist): Revolutionary Greetings to the 53 rd Anniversary of Communist Party of Philippines (CPP)


Central Committee

Message to Communist Party of Philippines

15 December 2021

Revolutionary Greetings to the 53 rd Anniversary of Communist Party of Philippines (CPP)

Dear Comrades,

Red Salutes!

26th December 1968 stands forever in the history of the Revolutionary movement of Philippines. It is the day on which the Communist Party of Philippines (CPP) was founded in the light of the teaching of Comrade Lenin that ‘without a revolutionary party there is no revolution’. The Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist) conveys revolutionary greetings to the 53rd Anniversary of CPP that stood as one of the front rank revolutionary movements in the path of PPW. It strongly believes that the CPP that is building the revolutionary movement in the country for the past five decades, leading crores of revolutionary people of Philippines with thousands of Party Members, New People’s Army (NPA), National Democratic Front (NDF), strong mass base and building guerilla bases, shall advance the movement with several new victories and reach higher stages in achieving its goal. On the occasion, it conveys revolutionary greetings to the thousands of Party members, to NPA, NDF, the revolutionary people of Philippines and to friends and comrades of the revolutionary movement of Philippines in other countries. Our Central Committee pays revolutionary homage to all the martyrs of Philippine revolution who laid down their lives for its advancement.

CPP is firmly advancing the revolutionary movement of the country overcoming several ebbs, setbacks, defeating right and left trends and through twists and turns, It is also providing leadership to a few struggle organisations of the world. The US imperialists are intensifying military offensive together with the armed forces of Philippines in a bid to eliminate the revolutionary party. The Philippines comprador bureaucratic bourgeoisie, big feudal ruling classes and their representative Duterte collaborated with US imperialism and are unleashing cruel fascist policies eager to root out the revolutionary movement, They are transforming the country into prison. Human rights are violated. Aerial bombing is made targeting NPA guerillas and creating havoc in the mountainous areas and rural areas. There are inhuman murders of revolutionaries and leaders of revolutionary movement. Severe repressive policies are unleashed on the people and struggle organisations fighting for self-determination. The CC strongly condemns all these antipeople, anti-revolution bureaucratic policies of the imperialists and exploitive ruling classes. It demands the immediate withdrawal of the 5 US military bases still going on in Philippines.

CPP highlights Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, leads NPA and NDF and makes militant struggles in more than 70 provinces out of the total 80. It formed above 110 guerilla fronts all over the country. It deployed Company numbers (50-200) of forces in all the fronts and is widening and intensifying guerilla war in the path of PPW. The NPA is making untiring attacks on the armed forces of Philippines and is gaining significant military victories. It is building United Revolutionary People’s Committees in the guerilla fronts and is sustaining the people’s democratic power. It is fulfilling several needs of the people such as education and health. It is amidst the people, knows their problems and is working with great commitment to solve them, Philippines too is pushed into health emergency due to COVID-19 pandemic caused by the misutilisation of scientific knowledge by the imperialists leading to environmental destruction in their unlimited greed to mint profits. In such conditions it is commendable that the NPA guerillas in guerilla fronts such as Negros took up medical service to the people exposing the anti-people trends of the exploitive governments.

The CPP greatly upholds the right to self-determination of the indigenous people including Lumad Moro and Cordillera. With the basic Marxist policies of the CPP it is gaining the confidence of the entire oppressed people of the country. It is spreading the revolutionary movement of the country in great leaps and bounds, enhancing its guerilla bases and bases, Our party strongly aspires that CPP shall gain victory in the national revolutionary movement and declare. yes, we shall together declare that the 21st. century is that of the revolutionary movements.

Contradictions are on the rise in the world, Workers, peasantry and people of all sections are fighting for their fundamental problems all over the world. The US lost its hegemony. The number one enemy and war monger, President of the US Joe Biden is aggressively going towards forming several new war blocks to sustain the hegemony of the US. In the present multipolar worlds contention is on the rise than collaboration between the imperialist countries including the new Social-imperialist China and this is turning conditions favorable to revolution. Thousands of people demonstrated their protest in front Of the venues Of forums Of imperialist exploitation such as G7, G20 and COP 26. Solidarity and coordination are increasing among the people is struggles going on in the world. Let us strengthen this and consolidate in a new direction.

People are opposing the indiscriminate exploitive policies of the imperialists in the mire of crisis, Our Party believes that in such conditions favorable for revolution, the revolutionary parties and revolutionary movements developing and strengthening all over the world shall comprehensively utilize the opportunities to develop speedily. The responsibility of achieving greater unity with the revolutionary movements developing in the world and lead them, falls on our two parties that are in the forefront of advancing the world revolution. Let us together take up this great task. People shall achieve the final victory: Revolutionary people of the world shall definitely achieve victory in spite of any number of counter revolutionary military repressive campaigns of the imperialists and the ruling classes of the semi-colonial, semi-feudal, neo-colonial countries in a bid to overcome the mire of crisis. This is the era of revolutions. Countries want independence, nationalities liberation and people revolution.

Long live Communist Party of Philippines!

Long live New People’s Army and National Democratic Front!

Advance the Revolutionary movement of Philippines to new and higher stages towards victory!

Imperialists, especially the US imperialists and their lackeys must be buried in the success of Philippine National Revolution! Let us develop unity of world revolutionaries!

Down with imperialism!

Down with all kinds of revisionism!

Abhay Spokesperson

Central Committee

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