CPN (Revolutionary Maoist): To repeal the treacherous MCC agreement Let’s raise the struggle to a new height! 

To repeal the treacherous MCC agreement

Let’s raise the struggle to a new height!

Respected Masses of the people,

The Government of Nepal and the MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation) of the United States signed in 2017 a treacherous agreement that said to provide Rs fifty-six billion for the expansion of power transmission lines and roads in Nepal. And, the drum was beaten that this agreement is a very much advantageous, infallible medicine and the cure for Nepal’s development and poverty alleviation. There has been a lot of conspiracy and maneuvering to get this compact approved by the parliament. The protests against the agreement have been going on continuously all across the country. Now, the situation has reached a turning point.

Why is the MCC compact a treacherous one? It is because: –

This compact is not intended for the prosperity and poverty alleviation of Nepal. The so-called grant is based on the objective of attacking Nepalese national independence and looting Nepal’s national wealth by entrapping her in the web of neo-colonialism.

  1. The MCC is an integral part of the Indo-Pacific strategy related to the US Department of Defense and the security umbrella, not a pure financial grant. This is what the US officials themselves have been saying. The main purpose of this agreement is to misuse Nepali land to encircle China and to make Nepal a military battlefield.
  2. This treacherous compact is against Nepal’s non-aligned foreign policy and the principles of Panchasheel. If it is approved by the parliament, it could pose a serious threat that Nepal may have to remain under the US security umbrella forever.
  3. The MCC compact is above the law of Nepal. It states that the compact laws will prevail over the Nepalese laws, in case there is a conflict between them, and it will also be applicable for future US laws as well. This is a serious challenge to Nepal’s national sovereignty and self-respect.
  4. Extremely stringent conditions have been imposed on Nepal in this compact. For example, Indian acknowledgment has been made mandatory to implement this compact, Nepal is made ineligible to audit the MCC account, some provisions of the project will continue even after the expiry of the project period, the Nepalese law cannot punish any MCC staff in case of unlawful offenses, and no amendment will be made to this compact, etc. These are severe challenges to our national sovereignty.
  5. When opposition to such an agreement is growing in Nepal, the US officials including the US Assistant Secretary of State have openly warned that, if the Nepalese parliament does not ratify it, they will see the Chinese hand in it and will cut off all aids and grants to Nepal.

Thus, given the above facts, it is clear that the MCC compact is against the people and the nation. But the Prime Minister of the coalition government led by the Nepali Congress, subservient to the US imperialism, has turned a blind eye to the MCC compact and says that it is a purely economic aid and, if not ratified, will tarnish the international image of the country.

Patriotic masses of the people,

At present, the question of the protection of national independence has become desperately serious and sensitive. In this situation, our party heartily appeals to all the patriotic people and leftist parties who have taken to the streets to raise the struggle to a new height. At the same time, we request the patriotic parliament members to stand firm for the repeal of the treasonous MCC compact.

Date: February 26, 2022.

Central Office

CPN (Revolutionary Maoist)

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