Ang Bayan's interview with Turkish guerrilla forces

Ang Bayan's interview with Turkish guerrilla forces

May 22, 2022


TKP-ML (Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist) reported last week that its armed unit TİKKO (Workers and Peasants Liberation Army of Turkey) attacked Til Temir, the camp of the fascist forces of the Republic of Turkey in the Mennax region, on the morning of 17 May. According to their reports, the attack was aimed at a radar inside the camp. The armed action coincided with the 49th death anniversary of their founder İbrahim Kaypakkaya.

In line with this development, Ang Bayan posed some questions to TKP-ML TİKKO about the armed attack. Below are excerpts from the TKP-ML TİKKO General Command's response on May 21.

Ang Bayan (AB): Can you tell us more about the May 17 attack by TİKKO? Which unit of the enemy was attacked?

TKP-ML TİKKO General Command: Before answering your question and for a full understanding, we think it would be helpful to give a brief background. The area where we attacked the enemy is in the region called Rojava Kurdistan, which is occupied by the fascist Turkish state.

In 2019, the Turkish state occupied the city of Serekaniye, Gre Spi and its surroundings in Rojava with forces called the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a paramilitary force gathered from Syria. For nearly three years, an armed struggle has been carried out against the occupation of the Turkish state in this region.

At the same time, the Turkish state continues to occupy new areas in a state of constant attack.

Military units of the Turkish army are located along the front line of all the occupied territories. In some places they are found both together and separately. The Turkish army has commandos, fortifications, artillery and tank units in the area where we attacked. At the same time, paramilitary gang groups affiliated with the FSA remain in the Turkish army.

These are the forces we attack.

AB: What were the crimes of the attacked enemy unit?

TKP-ML TİKKO General Command: Occupation in itself is a crime against humanity. With this invasion attack, tens of thousands of people were displaced from their homes. Poor Kurdish and Arab peasants and workers were made refugees in their own lands, however, there are many crimes that we cannot count, such as extortion, plunder, rape, abduction and torture of people, drug and human trafficking, sabotage of people's production areas.

The fascist Turkish state and its army are not just any army. We are fighting with an army that has been involved in countless massacres and genocides throughout its history and is known in this way among the people. The crimes of the Turkish army, both currently and historically, are too numerous to count.

AB: What were the damaged enemy weapons/buildings?

TKP-ML TİKKO General Command: Our forces hit the katyusha with their heavy weapons in the style of grenade launcher, Doçka. The strategic positions of the enemy were destroyed, the radar station was destroyed, the transport vehicle was hit, its buildings were damaged. Since the enemy positions were not entered, the wounded and dead could not be clarified. It is understood that the attacks we made from the enemy attack, flying reconnaissance planes and intense howitzer shots were effective.

AB: What was the function of the radar?

TKP-ML TİKKO General Command: Radar station is a tower where the enemy reconnaissance and surveillance. Since the area where we attacked was the front line, the situation of being able to move comfortably in the positions and base points where the enemy attacked, as before, disappeared. As a result of both the actions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the assassination actions we have carried out recently, the enemy forces have started to act behind their positions in a way that does not give us an image.

AB: What other details can you share with us?

TKP-ML TİKKO General Command: Our party has adopted the TKP-ML people's war strategy and we, as TIKKO guerrillas, carry out tactical attacks on the enemy in line with our party's strategy.

The fascist Turkish state and its current representative AKP/MHP regime follow an expansionist-annexation policy in the Middle East. Its aim is to annex and annex other parts of Kurdistan that it could not have annexed a century ago. For this, it organizes an invasion operation in an area of ​​more than a thousand kilometers along its own border.

For us, this means a thousand square kilometers of front and battlefield. There is the Nubar Ozanyan Armenian Brigade, which we formed from people of Armenian nationality, under our command in the lands we are in. Our forces are positioned at eleven different points on the front line. We had martyrs and wounded comrades in the brigade in the face of recent enemy attacks. In addition to our recent tactical attacks, our forces are responding with retaliatory attacks in response to the enemy's attack on the positions of our brigade.

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